Indian Guy’s Hot Sex Incidents In USA – Part 2

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Hi Everyone! This is Surya. This is the continuation of my first story. People who haven’t read my first story, please read it.

Coming back to the story. The next day, my friend and I were busy getting ready as he told that he told me that we need to step out for shopping. We had some errands to do in the town. So, after that was done, we thought of having lunch in a restaurant.

When we were heading to a restaurant, I got a call from Shruti asking to come home for lunch. We decided to go there and have lunch with them. We went there, and by the time we got there, both the girls were waiting for us. I thought I never mentioned my friend’s girlfriend’s name. Her name was Manu.

So Shruti and Manu were serving food to Rakesh and me. They also sat with us, and Shruti was sitting beside me. Rakesh and Manu were sitting on the other side of the table. We were talking and eating and were planning what we will be doing today.

After finishing lunch, Manu asked, “Why can’t you stay at our place as nobody is there in the other room?” we liked the idea. We made a plan that we will go to the movie. While coming back, we will pick up the stuff and be back in the girl’s room.

As planned, we went to a Telugu movie in Kansas. The movie was ok to watch. We were sitting side by side and just holding the hands in the movie theatre. It was a very nice feeling. After the movie, we went to the room to take our clothes and went to our girl’s room.

As soon as we reached the place, Manu and Shruti were like, “Get ready, guys, we will prepare dinner.” In the meantime, we can take a shower and join them to help in the kitchen. So, we were taking turns to shower. And the rest who are outside were helping others in the kitchen.

The room is a double bedroom with a half bath attached to one bedroom. The main bathroom is in the living room. Whenever I get the chance, I was kissing Shruti on the lips and her neck. First, Rakesh took a shower, then Manu did. Later I went and followed by Shruti.

Manu and Shruti were wearing frocks, and we were wearing shorts. Around 9 PM, the dinner was ready. We ate together and were chit-chatting and laughing out loud, talking about various stuff. Shruti and Manu were cleaning the vessels, and we were organizing the vessels on the dining table.

Once everything was clean, we moved to the hall. Shruti was setting the bed for her and for me to sleep in the living room. The living room has a couch and TV. Manu and Rakesh were sitting on the couch. Shruti and I were sitting on the floor bed.

She had covered her legs with a comforter. I pulled the comforter also, and even I moved in. Shruti played a movie on her laptop while the others were talking. I was sitting leaning to the couch while Shruti leaned on me sideways. My short was till my thighs.

Now, she was sitting beside me and pulled the laptop onto her lap. I started feeling her legs. I was getting turned on. It was 11:30 by that time. I said I got to sleep, and I laid down near the couch. Shruti made space for me. It was like the couch was near the wall.

I was sleeping near to the couch, and Shruti was sleeping beside me. Next to her is a walk area in the living room. Then comes the TV. Rakesh and Manu were also tired, and they told they will sleep inside. When Rakesh and Manu were going inside, Rakesh rested his hand on Manu’s ass and went into the room.

He turned off all the lights in the living room and also in their bedroom. As soon as they went, Shruti and I were listening to some jiggling from the room. I turned towards Shruti. She was watching a movie on a laptop and was controlling her laugh.

I asked what? She took a panty from under the pillow and gave it to me. I couldn’t hold anymore. I closed the laptop screen and started kissing her while sleeping sideways. My hands were exploring her body, and slowly I was moving down to her thighs.

I stopped there, and I was moving slowly upwards, feeling her naked thighs. It didn’t take time for me to reach her ass. It was naked. I moved my hand to the front, and her pussy was completely shaved. As soon as I touched her pussy lips, she moaned.

I rubbed her clitoris and got onto her like in missionary and was kissing her neck and slowly moving downwards. I went to her boobs from the dress itself. I sucked the nipples she let a moaning out. I started moving down further, and I stopped at her pussy.

I could see her pussy a little due to the light present in the living room. As soon as I licked her pussy for the first time, she moaned. Realizing that she is enjoying it, I started tongue fucking and vigorous licking. She has widened her legs.

Due to continuous licking, she wrapped her legs on my neck and pulled me towards her pussy. She became so high, and she was like, “Please put your dick in me.” I was taking time to give her the comfort of sex. Her pussy was so wet, but her lips are so tight as she’s a virgin.

I put my forefinger slowly, and I was still licking her clitoris and pussy lips. When I put my finger, she was about to cry. I stopped inserting and went up to kiss. She didn’t cry and was kissing me. Slowly I came down and was licking her again. I was able to put the right-hand half of my forefinger.

On the other hand, I was playing with her boobs while squeezing them. I started stroking with my fingers very slowly. I was making her comfortable with my dick size. My dick size is 10 inches and is very thick. I didn’t want her to get scared of the size and scare the shit off while I started fucking her.

I ensured that she is always high and can enjoy my dick size when I am inside her. So, once she got used to my forefinger, I have inserted my middle finger also slowly. She screamed a bit when I inserted a little. I continued to do the same by licking her pussy while I was inserting my two fingers.

I made it wet again and slept beside her sideways and was finger fucking her while kissing her. It took 15 minutes to get used to my fingers. I thought this is the time, and I went in between her legs in missionary. I slept on her while kissing her and removed my shorts and underwear.

We were able to hear a spanking sound made by thighs from the other bedroom. Shruti moaned, and she was like, “Rakesh, please fuck me!” in a very slow tone. I got up and rubbed my dick on her pussy lips. I paused a minute and made her naked by removing her frock.

We were in the plan. If Rakesh and Manu come out of the bedroom, we will quickly wrap up in the comforter. My dick was exactly on her pussy lips, and I slept on her. I was kissing her, and she asked me will my dick go in her pussy as it’s very big.

I was just kissing her, and while I was kissing her, she made me naked by removing my shirt. We both were now naked and were rubbing each other and exploring each other bodies, and rolling over on the bed. I made her sleep on her back and got into a missionary position.

I tried to insert, and her pussy was dry. So, I went down and licked her again till she is wet. She was like, “Come up and put it in.” I was making sure that she doesn’t say NO or stop once I am trying to fuck her. I told the same. She was like, “We will figure that out,” and she asked me to come up.

I went up and started kissing her. I have widened her legs and was trying to insert in her, and it was not going in. She was also bringing her legs closely, so my dick wasn’t going in. I told her, “Let’s go into the other room and enjoy it. Better there than in the living room as it’s her first time.”

She said, “Yes.” We grabbed the clothes and bedsheets, and comforters went into the other bedroom. We locked the door and quickly arranged the bed. I ensured that we are not using a comforter to cover us as we can enjoy watching our naked bodies.

I went down to lick her again to make sure she’s wet when I am trying to fuck her. She started moaning now and told me that my licking is taking her to heaven. I started kissing all over her body and went upwards slowly and kissed her both boobs.

I sucked them, went to her lips, started kissing her, and asked her to keep her legs wide. She did that. I was trying to put my dick in her. I was able to just push my end. She moaned. I was pushing till my dick head. I was kissing her and squeezing her boobs, and rubbing her body while giving slow strokes.

When I realized that she’s enjoying it, I pushed a little further. I pushed 1/4th of my dick, and she said its hurting. I took the dick out till my dick head and started kissing her neck to keep her high. I pushed the 1/4th dick inside and stayed still there.

She was like its hurting and don’t move. I kept kissing her. I told her that if she took my complete dick, it wouldn’t hurt her anymore. She’s supposed to take 3/4th more. But talking to her like this will make her feel that she doesn’t have to worry about the pain anymore.

I started taking out and in by making slow strokes. She was comfortable with the strokes. She has widened her legs completely which was the right moment for me to push my entire dick. I have pushed it completely.

She moaned, and I made sure that she can’t shout and locked her lips with mine and stayed put. she was closing her eyes in pleasure and kept on kissing me. I asked her after a minute does she like it. She said it’s touching somewhere, and she loves the feeling.

I was trying to make her comfortable to my size and started giving gentle strokes now. She got used to my strokes. I wanted her to enjoy it as well. So, after fucking 20 minutes in the same missionary position. I have asked her to come to a sitting position.

I sat by, pulling out my dick. She got up and was trying to sit on my dick. When I was trying to enter her, it was hurting her. In one position, it went inside. I was fucking her by lifting her by holding her ass, and making her sit on my dick.

She said that the first time I was trying to insert my dick, it hurt her. But, once it is inside, it is giving so much pleasure. I told Shruti that she will love it more in a sitting position and asked her to give the strokes. She was confused about how can she give strokes.

I had demo her how she can move her legs by moving her ass. She has widened her legs by relaxing them and tried to move her ass for the first time. She let out a heavy moan when she was moving her ass front and back. She used to moan loud when she was making forward moments.

She started stroking fast and moaned loud I was trying to hold her moan by covering her mouth. She squirts on my dick, and I could feel her juices on my dick. I slept on my back, and she slept on my chest. I have inserted my dick and made her ride in cowgirl.

She said she’s tired. But, I have asked her to ride me in cowgirl and had a demo of how she can enjoy in cowgirl position. I don’t know. I guess she liked the feeling and told her that my dick is touching her stomach. She started moving her ass front and back fast.

After 20 minutes, she released again, moaning loudly. It was time for me to release. I made her doggy and was fucking in Shruti in the doggy style. It was a very nice feeling while I was stroking her.

After 10 minutes of hard strokes continuously, I told her I am cumming. She turned back and started stroking my dick and released on her boobs. She gave me a blowjob by cleaning the remaining cum. We cleaned ourselves and slept naked, hugging each other.

When we saw the clock, the time was 4:30. Shruti was like, “We started at 11:30.” I was like, “Yes, I like long sessions where both partners will enjoy a lot.”

In the morning, she woke me up with a blowjob at 7 AM. We started fucking again, which ended at noon closely. We decided to get up and fresh up ourselves as we were very hungry due to long sex sessions.

I hope you enjoyed my first time with my girlfriend, Shruti. The next time I will tell you how I had sex with a common friend of mine. I had visited my friend’s place for a gathering, who used to live in Irving, Texas.

Girls or couples living in Dallas interested in having friends with benefits relationships or looking for a swap are welcome to email me to [email protected] No strings attached.

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