How to use a library properly!

Hi all, I am back with another story. This story is based on a real event and contains zero fiction. So I will avoid the names.

I am working in the IT department of a famous FMCG firm. It was a weekday, and I had too many leaves, which would lapse by year-end. So I was forced not to waste my leave.

I was asked to take 2 weeks of leave. Initial 2 days (Sat & Sun) I had little other works so was occupied with that. On the night of Sunday, I was free and getting bored as I had nothing to do for the next 12 days.

Due to Covid, my travel was restricted at home. Furthermore, there were no new movies to watch. So I decided to hit the library, as reading is my favorite thing.

So I took a shower and left for the library at night 11. It’s a 24 hours library. As I entered, there were hardly a few people in the library as it was Sunday night.

On the right second table, I saw the girl whose hair was so long. I couldn’t take my eyes from her. Though I carried my book with me, ‘Dear John.’ (You can get it online – try reading)

I went and sat before her, facing her. Just to see how she look. She was so gorgeous with a dimple on her face, glasses, a bead made of stone fruit. In a word, she’s an ‘angel!’

I sat for two minutes after seeing her. Then I took my pen and wrote on the last page of the book I was carrying, ‘With specs and beads, you look gorgeous, MS.’ I moved it towards her.

The first time she raised her head to see who it was?

She wrote, ‘Thanks,’ closed the book and saw the name. She spoke, “Have you seen the movie?”

I will narrate the conversation between us. I’ll be addressing myself as M-me and her as S-she.

M – Yes, it was a great movie.

S- I love Channing Tatum.

M- Me too.

S- You really like Channing to just saying it to start a conversation with me.

M- If it were some other queue, I would tell the same, but I love Channing too.

Our conversation started the same way.

S- On Sunday night, why you came to the library instead of partying?

M- Due to lockdown, I vacated the city where I work and came to my hometown, and it’s boring here. How about you?

S- I have my exams coming in a couple of months. I need to prepare for that.

M- I work in IT. How about you?

S- I’m a medical student preparing for MD.

M- I couldn’t stop staring at your beads, never seen a girl wearing it. You look stunning with it.

S- Initially, I thought, why is he staring at my boobs? Then I realized his eyes weren’t pointing at my boobs. Lol

M- Haha, should I act like a good boy. Yes, I saw those as well, but your beads were not letting me divert.

S- All boys are the same. (with a cute smile)

M- Doesn’t a girl love the attention of guys? (I was moving my hands close to her fingers, our fingers touched)

S- Who doesn’t love attention. Are you single?

M- Currently, yes. (while saying this, I was holding her hand)

S- I broke up 6 months back. He was a dramatic person and always used to pamper me a lot. Initially, it was good, but I got bored by it soon.

M- Crazy thing you ever did?

S- You can go first!

M- Fun with my ex in the library. How about you?

S- So you came to the library in trying luck, lol.

M- No, no.

S- Relax, just kidding. I once sucked his dick in a lab. He was my senior. We escaped class, and suddenly another senior came. She realized what happened, but without uttering a word, she went.

I felt so embarrassed and kinky.

M- On the first floor, the last second row has few good books. You can check it if you wish.

S- Sure, thanks. I will check next time.

I was disappointed hearing that.  Suddenly she laughed.

S- I wanted to see your face dim for a second. Ok, I got some important books to be collected. Bye. I’m going to the first floor to check those. (with a wink)

I couldn’t express the amount of happiness I felt. While she was walking, I saw her hair was so long that it was below her ass. It was driving me crazy.

I followed her after two minutes. The librarian was staring with lusty eyes. As a local, I told him, “Wait here, I’ll be back with your gift.”

S – What took you so long? I’m not able to find the book. Can you help me?

M – You need to wait for the best.

She gave a wicked smile and pushed me to the wall, and started smooching me. Initial 5 minutes, it was just kissing. I was enjoying the way she was kissing. We were eating each other lips. Our hands were holding each other’s hands.

She is 5.3, and I am 5.11. The height was proper. After around 5 minutes, she stopped kissing. That’s when I opened my eyes.

S – I had a good kiss after long.

M – Same here.

Saying this, I kissed her again, and I was licking and kissing her cheeks, neck. She was going crazy. She was trying to hold my hand, my hand was down, so I flipped her hand down, like dominating her.

Likewise, she tried twice doing the same. This time, I pushed her hand down, took a 180-degree turn, and pushed her to the wall. I was having a solid grip now. She understood it. She saw in my eyes, I saw in her eyes.

S – Master, make me yours.

Those words were enough to ignite the fire in me. I started pressing her boobs and kissing her wildly.

Slave – Master harder.

Master – Ever had a master before?

Slave – I am fully dominant. My ex used to pamper me in bed. He was never hard on me. That’s the reason I had to break up with him, Master.

I made her turn towards the wall. Her boobs were pressing to the wall. I spanked her a few times.  I bent and kissed her hair. I pulled her hair tightly. She was in pain. I slowly inserted my hand in her pant from the front.

Her panty was wet. I was rubbing her pussy over panty and gave a hard bite on her ass. She was moaning like hell. I stood up. I asked her to remove her shirt. Without a second word, she removed it.

If we think of it now, it would be risky. But that time we enjoyed it so much. Always the naughty and kinky things give us memories.

I was sucking her areola, the ring of color. It is pinkish. I was sucking for a long time. Often gave baby bites and hard bites. She was enjoying it. I asked her to turn to the wall. I started dry humping her.

Likewise, I knew she needed my dick inside her. I asked her to lower her pant and not to remove the panty. I kept fucking her over the panty. I pulled her hair, asked her to kneel.

Slave – Sure, Master.

She took the cum inside her mouth and drank fully. I started rubbing her pussy over panty, was circling her pussy lips. I asked her to lie down.

Slave – Master, the floor is a little dirty. Can I sit on the table?

Master – Fine.

Slave – Thank you, Master.

She hugged me tight and kissed me.

Master – Sit on the table with legs wide open.

She sat the same way I told. I went near her, started fingering her. She was closing her eyes and enjoying it. How can I just give her pleasure? So I inserted three fingers and fucked her hard.

Slave – Master, it is hurting.

Master – Enjoy it, or should I stop.

Slave – Sorry, Master, please don’t stop.

I could feel her muscles r getting tight. She was about to have her first orgasm.

I withdraw immediately. I slapped her and asked.

Master – Do you deserve it?

Slave – Tell ME what I should do, Master.

Master – It’s your duty to earn it.

Slave – Master, can I have your phone, please?

I gave her without unlocking the phone.

Slave – Sorry, Master, please unlock.

She turned in doggy style on the table and said, “My anal virginity. I pay the price for my Master.”

I was impressed by her action. I unlocked the phone and gave it. She unzipped my pant, took my cock. She was getting slapped by my cock. She took one deep throat pic. She clicked a pic of her sucking just the tip of my dick. She then saved her number as ‘Slave’ and gave the phone to me.

I loved it. I asked her to spread her legs more. I inserted my dick once and gave two hard strokes. I withdrew again. She almost got frustrated and was about to try. Likewise, I started licking her pussy and playing with clit and vice versa.

She was again about to orgasm. I took my hand away. She was begging with her eyes. I spit on her pussy. She was fingering fast, and she came with a loud moan. Suddenly I covered her mouth with my hand.

She was satisfied. I took her panty and cleaned all cum. I started fingering again and licking her pussy. She has the sweetest pussy I ever tasted. I kept licking more. She had her 2nd orgasm. I again wiped all her cum in her panty, removed her panty, and kept it inside my book.

I asked her to meet me down. She came after 10 minutes. Her clothes were wrinkled, her hair messy. The librarian kept seeing her. I took her bottle and drank water. There were last two sips. I drank that too.

She just looked here and there. The librarian was seeing us. He offered his bottle from there. She was about to get up from the seat. I pulled her and kissed her.

There were other 3 to 4 people in the hall. I didn’t care if they were seeing us or not. I had water in my mouth, and I transferred it to her mouth while kissing. She drank it

Slave – That was the best, Master. I wanted to be treated this way.

Master – It’s already 3 am. Come, let’s go.

I told her to carry my novel too. She followed me. I stood near the entrance and asked. The librarian helps her a lot. It’s time to pay him.

Master – Pay him.

She took a 2000rs note from her wallet. She was about to give it to him. I stopped her and told her, “Open my novel one second.”

She opened it, and he could see the wet panty. I asked the librarian if he needed panty or money. Without a second thought, he took the panty and kept it inside his pocket. He licked his finger.

I couldn’t control my smile. My slave was blushing. I asked her to give him 500rs. I said bye to the librarian, and we both left. I asked her can she stay at my place tonight.

Slave – No master, my mom will be waiting for me. I’m the only child, and my dad passed away a few years ago.

Master – I’m sorry. It’s fine. You can go now. I will call you tomorrow.

Say so, I pulled her to me and started kissing, and we both were hugging tight. As there was just one streetlight far and the library lights were on. But people from far can’t look at us.

We both were kissing, and she moved her hands to my cock. I stopped kissing.

Master – Get down and suck my cock.

Slave – I love to but little afraid. I had never made love except for the college lab and his room. I will do anything else, Master. I beg you, please.

Master – Remove your bra and throw it in the road and go home without bra and panty.

Slave – As you say, Master.

I dropped her at her house. I reached home in the morning at 4.

I hope you liked my BDSM – master and slave story. I love to hear your opinions, views, and experiences at [email protected]

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