My Boss and Master

My name is Riya (fictional). I am 28 years old working in a multinational company. I am an engineer; my figure is 36-30-34. I am 5’5 and have a fair complexion.

My life was going simple and boring until that day. I came to know about our new boss who joined the company. He called me to his office. It was weird as to why he would call a junior employee on his first day.

I went to his cabin. When I saw him, I was shocked. He was Abhay, the guy I rejected in college. I slowly uttered, “Yes, sir.”

He: Riya, your performance is not up to the mark. You could not meet the targets on time. As you know the company is going in loss, we are unemploying people.

Me: Sir, please. I am sorry for whatever happened in the past. Don’t take your revenge now. I really need this job.

He: I am not taking any revenge. I am helpless.

Me: Please, sir, just one chance. I will do anything.

He: Anything?

I could see evilness in his eyes. But I could not deny that he was damm sexy fair, tall, muscular in a grey suit, pink lips, short frame spectacles, and beard. He was not old, Abhay I knew. He was confident. I instantly became attracted to him. Now I wanted him to make me do anything.

He: If you insist. I will like to take my revenge. You will have to sign this contract. If you do, I will not fire you.

I took the contract. It read I will be his personal sex slave for 1 month. And I will have to follow some rules.

  1. My mind and body will belong to him, and he can use me as he pleases.
  2. I will only wear, eat and say what he wants.
  3. I will never say no.
  4. I have no right to make any decisions.
  5. I will wear a collar all the time.
  6. I can’t eat or use the toilet without his permission.
  7. I will address him as sir.
  8. He can use me and beat me when and as he likes, and I will accept it as my reward and thank him.
  9. Except for routine beatings, I will get punishments if he feels I didn’t obey rules or simply if he wishes, and he will decide the severity.
  10. He will fuck me whenever and however he wants.
  11. He can use all my holes as a toilet.

After reading that, I was shocked but also dripping wet. BDSM has been my fantasy since childhood. Although I knew it would be not easy, I could not stop imagining him doing these things to me. I wanted him. I signed the papers.

“Come at 7 pm to my house. From now on, you are my slave,” He said.

“Yes, sir.”

“Good girl,” He said.

In the evening, he rang the doorbell nervously. I had shaven all my body hair, applied perfume. I was wearing a pink satin shirt and a miniskirt. He opened the door.

He: You look so sexy. It will be fun to destroy you.

Saying this, he grabbed me inside. He made me stand up.

“What are you?” He asked.

“Your slave, sir.”

He slapped me hard. “My dirty bitch slave. Say it again.”

“I am your dirty bitch slave, sir,” I said.

“Good girl.”

Then he tore my clothes apart. I was completely naked and tied a collar around my neck. He made me sit on my fours and crawl like a dog. With collar and belt, he took me to another room. He tied me to 2 big pillars, both my arms and legs.

Then he kissed me hard. That kiss filled me with passion. He kissed and kissed. He was eating my lips, tongue and I was becoming wet.

“I will make you cry,” he whispered.

“I am not going to be soft on you. Your day will start with the punishment for what you did 7 years ago,” he said.

I got frightened like hell. What was he going to do with me? He took a leather whip from his drawer and gagged my mouth. “Take it as a reward from your sir.”

I wanted to cry but could not. I had signed for it now there was no turning back.
He made his first move on my belly. I tried to shout but could not due to the gag in my mouth.

Then he started whipping me like an animal. I was dying in pain. He whipped my belly, my thighs, my pussy, my boobs. Then he started doing something else. He whipped me hard and then licked that area.

Suddenly I started enjoying the pain caused by him. I wanted to be felt owned by him. His whipping seemed my reward. “Thank you, sir. I deserve this,” I said with each of his strokes.

He whipped my boobs and then sucked my nipples. I made a noise. And he whipped my belly and licked it from below to up. He was whipping and licking my whole body. It felt like heaven. I could feel his warm breath, his moist lips all over me.

“Oh, I love it,” I said.

“I always knew you were like this,” He said and released me.

“Now I need to pee, and you will be my toilet,”  he said and threw me on the ground.

Then he did something I could never imagine. He spread my legs, widened my pussy hole, and peed inside me. I could feel his warm pee filling me.

“Thank you, sir, for using me. I am your dirty whore,” I said. Now I felt his property completely. His whore.

“It is just the beginning,” he said and carried me towards his bed. He slept on the bed. He tied my hands to the bedpost while I sat on the ground. I knew the next day was going to be a lot.

Afterward, he fucked me badly and did very dirty and bad things to me. He even made me lactate and tied me and milked me. He was my master and this was the beginning of BDSM.

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