Passionate Sex With Exotic Teacher – Part 2

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Hello everyone, I am Vijesh (name changed) back with another encounter with my teacher. This time, her friend also joined us to explore and fulfill her fantasies.

This story is after the earlier encounter and happened about 5 years before. I kept in touch with my teacher for a long time over the phone. Several small encounters have taken place since my college days. She has changed her home with the city of Pune, and now she is a housewife only.

This happened back in 2016 when her friend named Rambha also expressed interest in exploring herself and both of us. My teacher called me and asked me to come on Sunday at around 10 am to her house.

On that day, when I reached her home, I understood that she was alone at home. Her husband was out of the city for a couple of days. The children were in summer camp for about 3 weeks.

The teacher welcomed me, and I rested myself on the sofa. Rambha was already inside the washroom and came out after 10 mins. She smiled, looked at me and looked at my teacher, and said, “Great. This time, I will be exploring Vijesh first.”  My teacher said, “Go ahead.”

Rambha was also from the same category I like most in women. Fat thighs and big ass. She was in white leggings and a blue top. Her stats were 36-30-38 with a height of 5.5 and curves at right places. My teacher went into the kitchen, and I immediately got up from the sofa.

I came close to Rambha kept my hands on her hips. Slowly went behind her and grabbed her boobs from behind. She moaned, “Aah, take it easy.” But I pressed her boobs from behind like a stress ball, and she turned around.

Immediately we locked our lips and started a long smooch. After some time, we went into the bedroom, where we undressed each other. She was amazed at the length and thickness of my weapon. I was also surprised to see hairless clean pussy. She was a goddess with her boobs and ass size.

She progressed further and sat down between my legs. She took my dick in her mouth. It was really hot inside, and I closed my eyes. She was stroking my dick in and out but not to the limit I enjoy. I held her head and gave her some deep strokes.

She kept both hands on my thighs and tried to resist as it was choking her. I told her that I like to deep throat. She replied, “Let me have your cum first. Later, I shall satisfy you the way you like.”

I continued fucking her mouth and exploded after 10-15 minutes. She gulped every drop and stood up. Now it was my turn, and I asked her about her fantasy. She said, “One day is not enough to explore, but I will start with sitting on your face.”

In quick time I was lying on the bed, and she came over to me. She lowered herself so that her pussy was on my mouth. I immediately started licking her pussy. The movement of my tongue touched her pussy. She moaned loudly, “Oh, God. This is what I am here for. Please don’t stop.”

The taste was not so good as she returned from the washroom recently. But the smell drove me crazy. I grabbed her boobs and kept pressing them while watching her face for expressions. I drilled her pussy very deep with my tongue for about 10 to 15 minutes. She enjoyed it like she was born for this only.

After some time, she said, “I am about to blast.” She started shivering badly as she was suffering from hypothermia. I decided to make most of it and started slurping her pussy very badly.

She grabbed my head and moaned loudly. The flow of her warm cum was barely manageable as she exploded like hell. She slid herself down and sat on my chest to catch her breath. I was also exhausted but liked her weight on my chest. She was about to cry as this was her life’s greatest pleasure.

After some time, she took control of her breathing and kissed me on my lips to taste her own flavor.  We didn’t notice, but my teacher was already in the bedroom. I guess she enjoyed the trailer. Rambha said, looking at my teacher.

Rambha: I would not have shared Vijesh with you if I was at your place.

My teacher: Alright, so you are thankful to me as well as Vijesh, right?

Rambha: Yes, and I am ready to return the pleasure to both of you.

My teacher: Good enough, don’t complain later.

Rambha was lying on the bed. My teacher removed her nighty and sat on her face. As said earlier, my teacher was still weighing around 70 kg. Rambha was not so comfortable initially. The body language of my teacher was looking to go ruthless with Rambha.

My teacher started bouncing on her face. Rambha was surely in trouble but was asked to lick my teacher’s pussy. On the other side, I progressed between the milky thighs of Rambha. I took them on my shoulder to guide my dick inside the tight pussy of Rambha, which was already lubricated.

I slowly started fucking Rambha and locking lips with my teacher simultaneously, who was facing me. My teacher said in a low voice, “Let’s start fucking. You have to be rough.” She started rubbing her pussy and ass very roughly on the face of Rambha.

On the other side, I increased my speed. Rambha started reacting like she could not bear this if she continued for a few more times. My teacher was pressing boobs and pinching Rambha’s nipples continuously. I was fucking Rambha at full speed like she is the last woman in the world.

Rambha was in deep trouble and wanted to abort the game, but she was helpless. After doing this for about 15 minutes, my teacher came all over Rambha’s face. With some deadly strokes, I came deep inside the pussy.

Rambha hardly survived this encounter. She was lying on the bed, as it is, for about 10 minutes, even after we got off her. Rambha came out of the bedroom after some time.

Rambha: This is why you said don’t complain later, huh?

Teacher: Yes, my dear.

Rambha: The pleasure I had riding on Vijesh was extraordinarily better than you had to ride on my face.

Me: Thank you, Rambha.

We had around 3 to 4 similar sessions on that day. Both of them were in 69 position, and I was fucking pussy to mouth. Sometimes Rambha was riding on my dick while the teacher was sitting on my face and so on. Finally, I left for home at around 6 pm.

I introduced a secret method of talking with each other, which Rambha and my teacher appreciated. As per them, every female is concerned about keeping all this confidential and personal so that there is no evidence left behind.

Both of her don’t have my cell number. Neither are we connected on any social media platform nor through emails. But we still talk to each other whenever needed. Rambha and I met again at her residence to fulfill her erotic desire. I shall share the same in my next story.

Any girl or woman from Pune can contact me on my email to express their desires. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts about this best hardcore threesome. I shall not follow with you unless you are interested. Thank you all for your valuable time and feedback. You can reach me at [email protected]

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