Losing My Virginity To Hot Bhabhi – Part 1

Hey, I am Virat, 27. This is how I lost my virginity to my own brother’s wife. This is a part of a bigger series about how I fucked other women in my life.

This happened when I was around 20 years old. My brother Anand got married 2 years ago to Rupali. My bhabhi was a hot woman with medium-sized breasts and a tight ass. She looked very gorgeous and had the best lips in the world.

My brother works for an IT company and was transferred to Hyderabad for some time. Bhabhi stayed here only as he was expected to return soon. I didn’t have any fantasies about my hot bhabhi, but one day, I was feeling horny in the afternoon. Mom was watching TV and bhabhi was busy cooking.

I went to bhabhi’s room to take Anand’s belt as I needed it. I found Rupali’s panty lying there. After looking at it, I became hornier and hornier. I picked it up and took it to my room.

I rubbed my cock with my bhabhi’s panty and sniffed that panty. Panties made me horny from long ago, when I was young I used to take my sister Ananya’s panties when I felt too horny.

I rubbed that panty more and finally, cummed on it. I left that panty on my side table and left, thinking that I will clean it later.

After that, I had lunch and went out with some friends. I returned home at around 9 in the night, then had lunch, and straight-up went to my room.

I remembered that I hadn’t cleaned my hot bhabhi’s panty so I went to pick it. But I was extremely confused when I saw it, even though it was a similar panty, I couldn’t see my cum on it. It looked like a used panty.

I was really confused and couldn’t figure out how was it even possible. I thought maybe I was drunk.

I then picked up the panty to smell it to see if it was used or not. As I smelled it, it had a very sweet strawberry smell. I could tell that it was a freshly worn panty that made me horny. I didn’t think that Rupali had something to do with this.

Then I took my dick out which was already hard by the sweet smell of the panty. I jerked myself off and loaded my cum on that panty again. I then was fast fell asleep as I was really tired with that panty lying beside me on my bed.

When I woke up, I didn’t find the panty there. I didn’t care about it as it slipped out of my head. Again that day when I got back home, I found a used panty on the same side table. I got really confused. It had the same sweet smell which made me horny again.

I was dumb enough to think that maybe some otherworldly being was doing it! I again loaded my cum over it and slept. This kept happening for around a week but one day, I got back home a bit early, around 8. As I walked toward my room, I saw my brother’s wife Rupali getting out of my room.

I asked her if she wanted anything. She had this weird smile on her face. She replied, “No, I was just checking if there were some clothes for laundry.” She also asked me, “Hey Virat, I got this perfume last week. How does it smell, do you like it?”

The smell was known to me, but I couldn’t recall how. I just said, “Yes, it is very good.”

I found it a bit unusual and went inside my room. Again there was this used panty and it suddenly struck me that it had the same smell of bhabhi’s perfume! I was shocked. I couldn’t stop thinking that it might be bhabhi who put her panties there. And why would she do that? Was she inviting me?

I had never thought about having sex with my own brother’s wife, but this made me horny. I began to watch some bhabhi porn and jerked off on that panty. Now I could never see Rupali with the same feeling. She was a gorgeous woman after all.

The next morning when she was cooking in the kitchen, I sneaked into her room to take a look at her panties. When I opened the drawer, I was shocked. I found the same panties that I had cum on. I could also see sexy black lingerie and I imagined fucking my naughty bhabhi in that.

I stole one of her bras from there and left. I hid that bra in my room and then went out. I began to think about how do I make the move. For the next two days, the same continued. I then decided to keep that bra along with the panty and came over both of them.

I hooked up the bra to wait for her signal and left. After I returned home, I rushed toward my room and saw what I wanted. I saw a bra and a panty lying there, but this time, the bra was unhooked. I knew that Rupali was ready to make love with me, but when? And how do I approach her?

I decided to take it slow and waited for her to make the move. I came over them and slept. The next evening when I got back I could not see the bra and panty there. I got really worried, I didn’t know what happened. I began to search for them but then, I found a packet of strawberry-flavored condoms.

I got excited and knew that this was the night. I was gonna lose my virginity to my bhabhi. I then shaved my pubes and took a quick bath, I also got some strawberries from the fridge to keep in my room. I began to wait for Rupali to come in.

My bhabhi came in around 11. By this time, mom was already asleep. I kept the door slightly open for her to come indirectly, while I waited for her in my bed.

Rupali was wearing a short night and looked very sexy in it. She looked at the ambiance of the room and those strawberries and said, “Looks like someone has done preparations for the special night.”

I glimpsed at her and asked her for how long did she had a lust for me. She said, “It was when Anand left, I am a young woman. I have my needs too. And you are a very appealing boy Virat, how could I not fall for you.”

She added, “That day, I went to your room to check for clothes, but when I saw my panty loaded with your thick cum there, I was shocked and equally happy as well. I removed my panty and kept it there for you, and wore the one you cummed on.”

I was shocked that my bhabhi wore the same panty. I asked if she did that every day. She giggled a bit. Then she laid on my bed with the hand, supporting her shoulder, and then picked up a strawberry and said, “Yes baby, I then went straight to my room and would finger myself, imagining you. I would even lick my own panty to taste you cum.”

Listening to this, I got really horny. I then put my finger over my hot bhabhi’s juicy lips and kissed her on the neck. She loved it. Then I slowly took my hand below and began we began to kiss with passion.

I lifted her nighty and removed it. Rupali was wearing the same black lingerie I loved. She knew exactly what I wanted. She then removed my t-shirt and pant, I then look a strawberry in my mouth and chewed it a bit.

I then began to kiss her from neck to bottom, leaving the strawberry juice from my mouth all over her body. She was really turned on with it. Then she, in a soft and sexy voice said, “Last time, I unhooked the bra, you wanna try this time?”

I unhooked the bra and massaged her boobs really well. She put my face in them and insisted me on licking her nipple. I accidentally, bit bhabhi’s nipple and she moaned out loud. She said, “You naughty boy” and then removed my underwear.

I had already worn the condom and my cock was already rock hard and she was really impressed by its size. I then asked her, “Is it better than Anand’s?” To which she said, “Let’s see,” taking off her panties and throwing them at my face. She then sat on my lap, spat on her hand, and stroked my cock for a while, and then put it in her hole.

I was losing my virginity, and that was the best feeling ever. We began slow and kept kissing along. I then laid back and my bhabhi was now on top of me. Our bare chests were rubbing each other.

We then began to fuck hard, she asked me, “Go harder Virat, faster.”

We began to fuck at full pace. After 15 minutes, she was about to cum. She reached the top of her satisfaction and came, but I didn’t. She was orgasming hard and said, “You are better Virat, so much fucking better!”

Rupali then got up and removed the condom. She swiped her juices from the condom and put them all over her nipples. She spat on my cock and put my dick between her boobs. My hot bhabhi then gave me a boob-job for 5 minutes but I still didn’t come.

She then decided to take my dick in her mouth, she slowly kissed my dick and then began to suck it. After some time, I was about to cum, as she was removing my dick from her mouth. I couldn’t stop and loaded my cum in her mouth. I came a lot that night. Her mouth couldn’t hold it so it started dripping out. That was the best orgasm I ever had.

I then sucked her boobs licking her juices from the nipples. It was the best night of my life till then.

From then, we would fuck almost daily, satisfying each other’s fantasies and whatnot. After 6 months, she also went to Hyderabad and some more interesting things happened with other ladies in my life.

I hope you enjoyed this story. Keep an eye for the upcoming stories of this series.

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