South Indian Widow Maid Seduced By Desperate Guy

I was in my late 20s. Life was good, I had a fun job, good friends and general good times around.

My girlfriend and I had split a couple of years ago and even though I was sad, I was getting back to my normal self. It was around this time this lovely little relationship happened.

We had a maid servant Gayatri. She was in her late 30s, a widow with two sons. Now don’t think that just because she was a widow she was easy meat and dying for sex or since she was a maid, she was in dire financial need. I never noticed her for a few years at all.

Our maid was not a stunner or with a perfect figure. Gayatri was dark-skinned, like most people down south area, generous around her waist and buttocks and thick arms. However, her breasts were small in comparison to her size and this made her figure more of a vat 69 bottle.

Gayatri wore cheap cotton sarees, which was neatly draped around her body. No, you could not catch a glimpse of an inch of her body when she came to work.

Her face was nothing special, except when she smiled. I think that was the first thing that made me start to look at her. Her teeth were perfect. Pearls of white broke through her thick lips when she smiled. It kind of lit up her face from below and made her plain eyes throw out a few sparkles.

I started to slowly admire the maid’s face and her smile. I spoke to her every chance I got just to see her teeth. She never spoke much, just as much as needed. Maybe that’s why my mother was happy keeping her on for a long time.

I used to look at her lips while talking, now this is a clear sign that you are more than interested. Sometimes, she used to look away because unknowingly, my intensity was burning her.

I started to look at our south Indian maid more in detail. I caught the glimpse of Gayathri’s shapely breasts over her thin cotton saree. I looked at her back, enjoying the black skin that peeped out below her neck. There were times when a bit of her sides showed up when she worked around the house.

I probably prayed a million times for her to lift her saree a little bit when she mopped the house so that I can get a sight of her legs. But no, that was all that I got. Added to that, my bravery stopped in my imagination. I just could not get beyond imagining our maid and making a move.

This went on for a few months and I had no clue as to what she was thinking or feeling. It was getting tiring and I was slowly beginning to lose interest. It was then the first sign came on.

Gayathri used to wash the clothes below my house. She came early morning, so by 6 am she was washing clothes. I used to stand by the doorway reading the paper or having the coffee. Of course, I kept glancing down on her.

There were times when her breasts slipped out of the clasp of her saree and I caught a glance of their shapes. That was enough fodder for me to use and masturbate for the next few days.

This went on for a month or so. One day, I did not go stand in my usual place in the morning. I was inside the room. There was a window in the room which if you looked over, you could see Gayathri or anyone in that area clearly.

I do not know why I did it but I went to the window to look down, I saw Gayatri washing clothes and just then I caught her glancing upwards as if to see if anyone was standing in the usual place I stood.

This was surprising as she had never ever looked up when I was there every day before that. Something about the way she looked up made me stay at the window. Sure enough, the maid kept glancing up every now and then.

For some reason, I was caught up on the way she looked up. It was looking up in anticipation and not in irritation when you know you are being stared at and you do not like it.

This realization sent a 1000 watt bolt up through my spine. I realized that she was looking for me.

So I started to play the game differently. I used to go and stand there and then come back to the window. Sure enough, each time I was not there for a longer time, she looked up.

When I did come back out, she was all normal. But, when I was not there, she seemed agitated.

I knew I had made the connection. However, I had no idea how to take this forward. All I knew was that I wanted this south Indian maid desperately. I wanted to feel her, to smell her to touch her oiled hair, run my hands over her dark thick arms. I wanted to see if her underarms were hairy, if her legs were smooth, etc.

I still did not have the guts to go and make the next move. It happened by itself and had it not happened I would not be writing this story.

My folks went away for a few days. It was me and my elder brother at home. Both of us were working so we left early. I used to come back earlier than him.

Gayatri worked at the same time in the morning but my mom had asked her not to come in the evening which she normally did as there was not much work. That day, I had come back home and was sitting by the balcony of my home. I noticed our maid going to my neighbor’s home. I was surprised to see her.

I wanted to see her again so I waited at the balcony. She soon came out of my neighbor’s house and opened the gate. As she was closing it, she looked up to see me looking at her. She smiled at me. I smiled back.

She looked up and asked me if there was any work to do at home. My heart skipped a beat. Again 1000 watts ran through my body! I said, “Yes, come up”.

She did and went to the kitchen. She was washing up and I went and stood near the door. She asked me if my brother had come and I said no.

She asked me if I had food to eat and I was replying when suddenly I looked at her and asked, “Do you like me?”

The moment the words popped out of my mouth, I thought I had shit in my pants! My hand went cold, my feet numb.

She looked around at me, straight into my eyes and said nothing other than a smile. I knew it was a yes.

My next sentence was, “I like you too. I like you a lot..” and I ran from there as if my ass was on fire.

I went and sat in my room getting my breath back. A few minutes later, I heard her voice saying I was leaving. I said ok and she said I won’t be coming to work tomorrow.

Hearing that, my heart sank. I really wanted to see her the next day. I said ok and she left.

I went behind her and stood by the door. She went to the gate and turned back to smile at me.

The next day dawned and somehow, I knew the maid will come to work. Her usual time passed and I said to myself, “Ok, she is not coming”.

A few hours later, I heard the bell ring. My brother opened the door and there she was, wearing a red saree and all sweaty as if she had come running.

She went to the kitchen and I followed her and asked quietly, “You said you won’t come?”

She just smiled at me and said she wanted to come so she came back quickly from the function.

A few minutes later my brother said that he was going out and will be back in a couple of hours. When he was saying it, Gayatri was sweeping the floor near me. I swear I saw her give a smile to herself on hearing that.

So he went away and I was alone with the maid. I stupidly asked her again if she liked me and she said if she did not, why did she have come to work now. She said she came only to see me. (Ohh, those were music to my ears!)

I desperately wanted to hold Gayatri. So, taking all my courage in my hands, I said, “Come close to me”.

She had the broom in her had, so honestly, I was a bit scared. Lucky for me, she dropped it and came into my open arms. It was such a feeling. I loved holding her close.

The maid’s body felt tight. She was leaning on my chest and holding me with her eyes closed. I was cradling her body around her shoulders tightly.

She looked up suddenly and smiled. I knew we had to kiss. I slowly bent down to taste her lips. Her lips were thick and a bit rough. I kissed them and slowly she parted them.

The insides were soft and juicy. I quickly pressed my tongue inside. She did not like it and pulled away. I said I was sorry.

She moved away from me and stood by the side. She asked me, “What are we doing? Is this right?” I said, “I have no idea. The only thing I know is that I like you”.

I think she liked hearing that.

I pulled her close to me again, but this time, she was a bit reluctant. I looked and saw tears in her eyes. What were they for, I have no idea till date. To be continued.

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