‘Playing’ With Cute Neighbourhood Maid

Hi guys, Aryan here with a real-life experience that happened to me a few years ago. Some details about me. I am 24 years old and living in Mumbai. I am 5’7 in height with an average body type and a dick size of 6 inches. I look decent enough and many say I look cute.

I have been following this site for a while now and I finally decided to pen down my own story.

Many of you may not believe this story because of the events mentioned and some may say it is fake. But believe me guys, this did happen!

This story is about a maid from my neighboring house and me.

Now coming to the story. It can be a long story as I will try to cover almost everything and I request you to read till the end.

It all started when I was 19 years old. My neighbors got themselves a full-time maid as both of them were working. The maid was of the same age as mine. Since I had afternoon classes, I used to go to the house where the maid was, just to pass some time and maybe play a little.

While playing, we innocently used to touch each other but then things started getting intense. She started to kiss me and I started to enjoy it. We used to kiss on the lips.

Sometimes, she would lift up her t-shirt and I used to touch her boobs and kiss her nipples. Her boobs were small back then. She used to put her hand inside my pants and touch my dick and I used to suck her boobs and nipples.

It was an awesome feeling. Sometimes, I used to rub my dick on the maid’s pussy and kiss her pussy. It tasted awesome. She used to suck my dick too. We enjoyed ourselves a lot. This “foreplay” went on for many days but one fine day, she left for her native.

The maid returned to the same owner’s house after 5 years and started working as a full-time maid for them again. I was happy as hell.

At that time, she was around 24 years of age. At that age, she had a full-grown body. She was short in height but her boobs were big for her body. Those ripe boobs were fucking awesome on her. She had a nice plump ass to smack and grab. I had a good knowledge of sex by then and used to masturbate.

I wanted to feel her up again as this time her body looked sexy and my hormones were very active. I never got a chance and I wasn’t sure if she remembered our past events and if she wanted to continue the same.

I was waiting for the right time but I never got a chance. I thought of approaching her directly and reminding her about the past events. But I didn’t have the courage or I was rather scared as it could create a scene and there would be a problem.

I would intentionally brush up against her boobs and ass and make it look unintentional. She never showed any response to this and I took it as a positive sign. I would stare at her boobs when no one was looking and also sneak a peek at her boobs down her shirt whenever she bent down. Those boobs gave me a boner whenever I saw them.

I still never got the chance to see her naked again and I was dying for that moment.

Then at the end of April that year, we had to attend a relative’s marriage function in south India. So we all together along with the maid went for the marriage.

I was looking at her body but still no luck to do anything. One day at night we were all sleeping (other relatives too) and the maid was sleeping beside me.

It started to rain in the middle of the light with a lot of thundering and lightning. The weather got a little cozy and cold and I had no blanket to cover myself. So I used the maid’s blanket and she was woken up by this. We both snuggled inside one blanket.

I suddenly felt something smooth with my feet and it turned out to be the maid’s legs which were smooth as silk and neatly waxed.

I kept rubbing my feet on her legs and her nighty and then moved up to her thighs. I took my hands and started rubbing her legs inside the blanket. She was aware of what was going on but she showed no reaction. That’s all that happened that night.

The next night the maid was again sleeping next to me and there were others in the room too. After the lights were turned off, I waited for a while so that everyone fell asleep.

The maid’s eyes were closed but she was yet awake. I joined both our blankets together. She was sleeping on her back and I was sleeping on her right facing her.

I started to feel her smooth legs again. I slowly moved my hands to her boobs and started to feel her sideboob over her nightie! To mu surprise, she wasn’t wearing any bra! The touch was heavenly, it felt like I was touching a soft cotton ball. She didn’t give any reaction.

I further went on to put my hand inside the servant’s nightie and felt her bare boobs. Then I opened her top part of the nightie as it had zip and I put my hand in to play with her boobs. The moment I touched her boobs, it felt so soft and warm.

I touched her nipple and the maid shook. I started to press her nipple along with her boobs. She started to moan in her low voice. The moaning sound was very erotic and it gave me the courage to continue pressing her boobs and rub her smooth legs. Then I took my right hand and started to feel the maid’s ass.

I pulled her nighty all the way up and grabbed her ass. She let out a small moan which was very sexy.

I moved both my hands to her boobs and honka-honked her. She just kept moaning in low voices. I also put my hand on her pussy over her panty and started to rub it. A lot of heat was emitting from her pussy and it was moist too. This continued for a few nights until we came back to Mumbai.

One afternoon a few cousins were in the room along with the maid and we decided to take a short nap for a while. After a while, all slept but I was still awake as I usually don’t sleep in the afternoons.

Seeing me awake, the maid made space for me beside her and called me to sleep. I was excited and went to lay down beside her.

I was sleeping facing the ceiling and the maid was sleeping on my left. I slowly inserted my hands inside her blouse and bra and started to feel her boobs. I played with her boobs for a long time and that was all I could do because it was afternoon and there were other people sleeping in the room and we had no blanket.

One night I got a nice opportunity. As usual, she was sleeping beside me and I started to feel her up and she started to moan in low voice. I opened her nightie and set her boobs free so that I can play with them.

I was sucking her boobs and twisting her nipples and chewing them. I tried to put her full boob in my mouth but it wouldn’t fit. I kept sucking and kissing her boobs and nipples. I kissed her on her neck and licked her all over. She liked what I was doing.

I pulled her nightie all the way up and pulled her closer. I rubbed her pussy and ass over her panty and then moved the panty aside and started to rub her pussy lips. Her pussy was wet and dripping with juices.

I continued to rub her and then I pushed her panty down and started rubbing her pussy fast while smacking and grabbing her ass. Her moans increased. I was sucking and chewing her nipples at the same time.

I then inserted two fingers in her pussy and finger fucked her. It was too much for her to handle and she came on my hands! But I continued playing with her body until we finally slept off.

Many such incidents like this happened between us where I used to play with the maid’s body whenever we got some privacy. She was always happy to get her body played by me. It happened on the terrace, at a third person’s house, in the balcony, on the window, etc.

Unfortunately, I never got a chance to bury my rod in this sexy maid’s dripping pussy as she left for her native because her marriage got fixed. And also the fear of her getting pregnant scared me to proceed more than foreplay as I was very young. I hope she comes back. I still think of her and masturbate.

The above story is true and nothing is fake about it. Do give me feedback. I haven’t had sex with anyone to date.

So, any unsatisfied, horny, lonely girls/ladies hit me up [email protected] and always remember to masturbate if you can’t have sex. Satisfaction is needed.

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