Chubby Punjabi Girl From Social Media

Hello, everyone, this is Rocky from Mumbai. I am 23 years old. 5 ft 6 inches with 7″ tool. I have a lean body and wheatish (fair) complexion. This is my first story so please provide me feedback for more stories.

Coming to the story. This happened 2 years ago on a summer afternoon. One day, I was using social media apps as usual and then I got a friend request from an unknown female. It was strange as girls don’t send requests to strangers. So I thought this could be some fake id. But, to my surprise, it wasn’t!

The name of the young lady was Millie. She was a sweet fair, tall Punjabi bubbly girl. We got to talking and hit it off instantly.

After a few days, we decided to meet up at a local bar on Sunday in Navi Mumbai (she chose the location). I got there on time and she said she was running a little late and will be there in 15 minutes.

I ordered myself a beer. Then arrived a beautiful girl with shades on. She looked like a model! She was 5’9″ in height and was wearing a yellow sleeveless top and blue leggings. She was skinny like me but had enough amount of fat wherever required. (Her vitals were 32-30-34).

I asked her what would she like and she ordered a breezer for her and I ordered another beer for myself. There was a guy on the adjacent table and he kept looking at Millie. I thought to myself, “Wow, she is so hot. Other guys are checking her out too.”

After a few drinks, the chubby Punjabi girl asked me if we could go for a drive. I got the signal that I was going to get laid that night.

We went to her car and she drove to some highway. She stopped on a secluded path. Well, I didn’t need any more signs so I leaned in. She closed her eyes and we started kissing. After some 10 minutes of kissing, I asked is this place was safe. She said, “Yeah, it’s a quiet neighborhood and in the afternoon no one comes around.”

Hearing that, I lowered our seats for comfort and removed her leggings fully. My hands were soon busy exploring the beautiful Punjabi breasts. Her panty was wet by then that it came off in a single pull.

We tried to go for 69 in sideways but her hatchback car was not giving us enough room. So I suggested we check into a hotel. To which she responded, “No need. My place is nearby.”

So we began our ride to our place. Both of us were putting our hands over our pants. She tried to feel my boner over my denim. I could feel her wet leggings and was rubbing my hands over her thighs while she was driving.

Soon, we arrived at her place which didn’t look like a girl’s apartment. But I thought this could be her second home. So we went to the bedroom and started taking our clothes off. Finally, she was naked and I could see her beautiful white boobies. Not a single hair was on her entire body!

We again began to kiss. She seemed to had worn a special body butter which had a great fragrance. Her aroma was driving me crazy. I was kissing her earlobes and fingering her pussy simultaneously. Millie began to moan loudly.

After some body-play, she got a call (it looked like she was talking to someone close). I couldn’t care less and later she pulled me to her bathroom and we were under the shower. Trust me guys, sex under the shower is next-level hot!

The horny Punjabi bubbly chick got down on her knees and started sucking my cock slowly while I was pinching her nipples which were pointing out by then.

After 5 minutes, she got up and said, “It’s my turn now.”

I was more than excited to return the favor. I bent down to lick her pussy which was wet and sweet. It was actually sweet. After 5 minutes, she tried to move a little. I understood she was about cum and started to eat her out completely. Then she spurted out her love juices in my mouth.

After some time, I asked her to turn and decided to taste her butthole as she was clean down there. Then we both got out of the shower and dried our bodies. We both were on the bed and I began to play with her beautiful boobs again.

Her body looked more beautiful at that time. I complimented her body and she said, thanks. Then we got back to our 69 position. After 5 minutes of 69, my cock was completely hard now with her wet pussy. She then asked me to enter her.

I quickly wore a condom and entered my shaft in her cunt. She let out a moan in pain and I began to give slow strokes, easing her into the pain. She was on top of me and began to hump on me. After a few minutes, we switched to doggy style and I started pumping her from behind.

After 10 minutes, I was about to cum but before I could cum, I heard some noises and an unknown guy entered her room! I was shocked, it was the same guy from the bar. He followed us to her place.

She told me it was her fiance and this was their plan all along. She also told me that this place was in fact, Sameer’s (her fiance).

I would like to tell you guys I have been with my share of women of different ages and sizes but I had never come across someone as beautiful and clean as this Punjabi girl Millie.

So this is the story, guys. Please share your feedback on [email protected] and I will write the 2nd part in which I had a threesome with Millie and her fiance Sam and how she gave a nice golden shower to me.

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