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Hello once again to all the lusty and horny readers of this platform. The continuation of the previous story starts from here as I organized the sexy kitty party games for ladies.

We all three saw Meena standing naked in front of us. Her clean-shaven pussy seemed to have hypnotized me. She signaled me to come to the bed, and I was following her like an idiot towards the bed. This act of Meena also aroused Pallavi and Yashi.

They also into a matter of seconds, undressed and gave me the privilege to view their clean-shaven pinkish pussy. I was overjoyed to see three pussies in front of me for the first time. I, at once, jumped beside Meena in the bed and started smooching her upper body.

The other two ladies also joined us. Pallavi started sucking Meena’s pussy, and Yashi started sucking my balls. Meena started moaning loudly and breathing heavily. She pressed my head deep inside her boobs and said to Pallavi, “Yes, bitch, go deep. Insert two fingers and then such.”

These words were adding more eroticism to the surrounding. I moved towards the armpit of Meena and started sucking those areas. Yashi started a liplock with Meena. Meena was really a sex-starved lady. She was handling three of us alone.

Meena cummed inside Pallavi’s mouth. Pallavi kissed Yashi and me so that we can also have the pleasure to drink Meena’s love juices. For the first time, I experienced a triple liplock, and it was great. Meena, after taking a deep breath, asked, “So my young darling and the lovely whores, how do my juices taste?”

Yashi replied, “You have saved so much of love juices inside you and never shared with us,” and pumped one of her boobs. The room was once again filled with our laughs.

After sucking those beautiful fragmenting armpits, I started sucking Pallavi’s pussy. At the same time, Meena and Yashi were lost deep into a passionate liplock. I was seeing two ladies making love with each other for the first time. It was very much satisfying for the eyes.

I continued with Pallavi’s pussy. Now she started breathing heavily and moaning. I moved towards her face, placed my dick over her pussy. I didn’t penetrate inside her pussy. I started kissing Pallavi lying over her and rubbing my dick over her pussy.

She just lost her senses and started moving in the bed like a fish without water. She was holding my hair so tightly that she almost had my hair in her hand. But these are the signs that your partner is really enjoying you. I started sucking her nipples and bite it softly, which she enjoyed a lot and said to repeat the act.

The next moment, Yashi spanked my ass and said, “Leave this whore and make me your slut now and make me sit,” and she sat on my lap. I was cloud 9 seeing this MILFs getting so excited. She placed my dick over her pussy while sitting on my lap and started kissing me.

I also enjoyed the passionate lovemaking liplock. While kissing, I was playing with her boobs. I was also moving my index finger slowly into her sexual arousal body parts. She stopped, looked at me with a wicked smile, and started kissing me once again more passionately.

I was out of breath for a moment. Pallavi was continuously rubbing her pussy against my dick. I can feel that she has already cummed and felt the wetness. She came down to my lap. I sucked her love juices and kissed her. We both drank the love juice she ejaculated from that heavenly glacier.

Now it was the time for the real fun – time for penetration. I put on my condom and applied the lubricating gel over it. Yashi shouted, “Good, you are applying lubricating gel over the condom. It will be easier for you to fuck Pallavi as her husband has not fucked her for years.”

I didn’t pay any attention to their nonsense as my goal was different. I placed my dick between Pallavi’s clitoris. I put her one leg over my shoulder and the other leg over my thigh. I applied a little force to enter my dick into her pussy. OMG, it was really tight, and it seems that it has not been used for a long time.

As soon as I moved forward for the second time, she almost screamed her lungs out due to pain. But it didn’t matter to me, and the other two ladies cheered me to go deep, go hard and go fast. Obeying my sex Goddesses’ instructions, I was hard, deep, and fast over Pallavi’s pussy.

Her loud moans were making me more excited. I was just banging her pussy like anything. After a few minutes of banging, I stopped to gather energy and stamina because I still had two ladies to slay. Pallavi was lying there smiling, looking at me with a clinch of sexual satisfaction on her face.

Yashi pushed Pallivi aside and positioned herself in a doggy style manner and said she wants to enjoy anal. I was charged up now, seeing the excitement of Yashi and my performance with Pallavi. I held Yashi’s hip and started penetrating inside her ass.

After around two-three strokes, she stopped me and said, “Don’t be humble, pull my hair, and just slay me like a whore.” It was an open hand for me. I just pulled her hair and started banging her ass roughly. Yashi was shouting, “Yes, yes, faster, harder, fuck me, tear my ass.” A few moments later she just cummed and lost her senses.

Now it was Meena’s turn to enjoy my dick. Looking at two unconscious ladies lying beside, Meena said, “These ladies are of no use. Let’s have some real fun together now,” and slept. I slept beside her. She adjusted herself in a side cuddle position, and I inserted my dick inside her pussy.

She turned around me and put her hand around my shoulder. She was looking into my eyes and moaning while I was banging her pussy down there. This is for the first time I was enjoying such a side cuddle scene. My female counterpart was looking into my eyes and moaning.

It was the ultimate level of romance mixed with a pinch of lust. After banging her in a side cuddle position, she stopped me and sat in a cowgirl position. She started jumping over my dick. It was a delight to watch this – lying down in the bed seeing your favorite MILF’s boobs jumping up and down.

The level of satisfaction I received cannot be explained in words. After a few minutes of stroking, she also felt unconscious over me. We four slept over each other, enjoying each other’s body for the rest of the night.

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