Dominated By Girlfriend And Maid

Hello, I am Harsh. This is a story of how I was dominated by my girlfriend and maid. I am 5ft 4 in height and have a dick size of 4 inches. I love to be the submissive one in sex.

This story happened when I was doing my MBA in Mumbai. We were assigned partners for our project work. The process was random and I got a beautiful partner called Divya. She was 5 ft 9 in height and had stats of 29-33-30. She was athletic and had strong muscular but flawless thighs. She lived alone in Mumbai in her father’s friend’s flat.

Divya was a nice girl and had a sweet voice. I have a good sense of humor and she enjoyed my jokes.

A month later, we had become more than friends. We kissed and made out a lot. I used to sit on her strong thighs.

Gradually, we began to have sex. I fucked her once in doggy style but she was not satisfied. So I began to please her orally. She told me that it feels like heaven when I am done on my knees, pleasing her. She then made me worship her every day.

My girlfriend Divya used to suffocate me in her strong thighs and make me suck her pussy for around 2 hours. Her pussy was completely shaved and very enticing. Her cum was my ‘amruth’.

Soon she began to dominate me outside of sex also. She used to kiss me more vigorously and put her hands in my pant and tease my penis saying that she needs only my mouth and not my small dick. She used to slap me on my ass till it became red.

After a while, it became a rule that I should be naked at home. Most of the time, I would be on my knees worshipping her pussy. She used to see youtube videos, surf on the net while I was busy making her happy.

Once while I was sucking her clit, she was talking on the phone with her school friend. They were discussing their sex lives. My girlfriend said, “Yaar Shivani (friend’s name), I have a sissy who sucks my pussy at my command. But I want to do something more.”

Shivani replied that she will send a present that will make my girlfriend happy.

After a week, Divya got a parcel from her friend. It was a strapon, about 8 inches long and 3 inches in girth. It was a two-sided strapon dildo. The wearer of the strapon will also get pleasure while using it on the other.

Divya wore the strapon with a leather mesh-like dress. She was looking so hot. Her boobs were looking like an art piece. Her tall body with her long dick was so amazing! Any guy would want to worship her at that time.

Then my dominant girlfriend made me suck her ‘dick’. The taste was very bad. It tasted like nylon. But she forced it down my throat!

She was gagging me and then letting me breathe for a second and then again gagging me. This continued for some time.

After 45 minutes, my girlfriend positioned me in doggy style and shoved her entire strapon dildo in my ass in one go. I was crying in pain. But she continued to ravish me, slapping my ass while she fucked my ass.

Her one hand was on my ass slapping it while her other hand was on my penis not letting me orgasm. She squeezed my balls together. It was paining but it was also pleasurable.

As I said, Divya was athletic and had good stamina. She fucked me in doggy and also in missionary position.

After that day, my schedule changed. I spent an hour every day worshipping my dominant gf’s pussy. Then, Divya would fuck me in the ass for about two hours. She would fuck me in different positions.

Once she carried me and fucked me while standing. On one occasion, she was tired, and hence, she made fuck myself in the ass by making me jump on her large dick. She was just sitting, cheering me and slapping my ass while I impaled myself on her artificial dick.

It was two months since my college girlfriend had started fucking my ass. She had become very bold and used to tease me and grab my dick in public.

One day, she made me suck her pussy while the maid was cleaning the house! I was naked between her legs at that time and the maid could see my small dick. She looked at it and told my girlfriend, “Arey Memsaab, itna chota lund he. Kaise kush rakega aapko?”

My girlfriend answered, “Iska jaban mast he. Kisi bhi ladki ko kush rak sakta he. Demo chahiye kya?”

My maid said yes and started to strip her clothes! I was sitting wondering what was happening. Then I saw my maid’s naked body for the first time. She was about 5ft 7in in height. Her stats were 28-36-31. Her pussy was slightly hairy.

The maid sat on a chair and pulled me towards her. She kissed me on my lips, forcing her tongue inside me. She then made me kiss her boobs. Her nipples were round and perky.

She then lowered my head to her pussy and ordered me to suck her pussy. I was sucking the maid’s pussy and giving her pleasure. The maid was moaning in pleasure. It was the first time she was having oral sex.

My girlfriend was smiling and smirking while I was sucking our maid’s pussy. I must have made the maid cum at least three times before she left.

After that day, I had two mistresses. I was pleasing both my girlfriend and my maid.

All was going well. Suddenly, my girlfriend got a call saying that her father was sick. She had to go out of town for at least a week.

After my girlfriend left, my maid became my only mistress. She made me do all the housework and that too, naked. She used to come in between to grab my penis and spank my ass. The maid even found my girlfriend’s strapon and fucked me in my ass.

My girlfriend decided to stay with her father as he was insisting her to stay. My maid also got bored of me and left. Now I am just waiting for a dominant woman to make me her slave.

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