Sexy Foreplay Fun With College Friends

This is a fiction story based on the experience of my friend. She enjoyed sexy foreplay with her friends in the classroom. I will narrate the story on her behalf.

I am Sneha, now 22 years old fair girl, with big firm boobs and round ass. I am thin, so my boobs and ass stand out for boys to enjoy. This incident happened during my college days with my friends. I am part of a gang of 4 boys and two girls, including me.

The boys like me a lot as I don’t stop them when they flirt or rub my thighs or even squeeze my boobs when we drink. This incident took place when I was 19 years old and studying at a famous college in Chennai. My friends Rahul and Sanjay took me to the last bench and made me sit between them.

Suresh and Arun sat on the bench in front. That day being casual, I was wearing a short top and a knee-length skirt. The other girl was on holiday as she had her periods. When the class started, both Rahul and Sanjay, started to rub my thighs. I was very horny that day and started to enjoy their touches.

They got confident and move their hand to the upper part of my thighs and were close to my panty. I whispered in Rahul’s ear to stop. But he just ignored me and caught my panty line, the same as Sanjay. I was scared as we are in class, but suddenly mam called my name.

When I got up, they slowly pulled my panty. As I was standing and answering, nothing I could do. When I sat, I realized they have pulled it till my ankle. I told them no. But who listens? Rahul bent and removed it and kept it in his pocket. I was embarrassed and red.

They again started to rub my thighs and slowly rubbed my inner thighs. I was out of control. Rahul whispered in my ears, “Dirty girl, not shaved.” I was embarrassed about that and gave a smile. They were so passionately rubbing my inner thighs, and playing with my bushy hairs.

I was in a dream world, with uncontrollable pleasure. This continued for about 30 minutes, and my pussy was leaking juices like a river. Sanjay started to finger my pussy passionately. The other two guys in front are constantly turning back and smiling at my condition.

Sanjay pulled my pubic hairs and told me to remove my bra. I refused, as anyone can easily see, I have not worn a bra. But he pulled my pubic hairs and told me again. By now, Rahul slid his hands back of my top and removed the buckle. I was shocked by their actions, but I was so turned on.

He very slowly pulled the straps from one side of my sleeve and completely removed my bra from the other side. I was going weak, with the continuous stimulation of my body. They carefully lifted me little and pushed the skirt up, and I sat bare-bottomed.

Rahul got up and told, “Mam, I am not feeling well.” So mam told me to lie on the desk and sleep for some time. But the boys had other ideas. Both made me lie down and pulled my top above my boobs. Then they started to maul by boobs and continued fingering me.

When I looked, I could see my boobs being molested and are pink now. And I was on the verge of cumming. The class got over, I was relieved, but the boys had other plans. Now they switched place, Arun and Suresh came back. Omg, they were rough pulling my nipples and fingering me.

I was shivering with pleasure. They kept my legs stretched with either one holding one leg with their legs over mine. I couldn’t move, and they took advantage of playing with my pussy. Suresh pulled my soft tender nipple to its maximum.

I pleaded him to leave as it was painful. But he twisted it and was laughing. They stopped only when I am about to cum, as they didn’t want me to cum soon. This pleasure torturing continued until the class got over. They got up without covering me.

When I lifted my head, no one was in the classroom. Sanjay told me to stand like that so that they can see their friend naked. With a naughty smile, I got up. They just pounced on me and squeezed my boobs hard. All four took turns to suck, bite, and maul my soft firm boobs.

I was moaning in pleasure and pain. Arun lifted my skirt and showed my hairy pussy to everyone and passed dirty comments. I was feeling humiliated, and at the same time, started to enjoy it. Suresh said we need to shave the bushes so that they can feel the beauty of me.

I told them enough fun, let me go. But they were in no mood to leave me. By then, we heard footsteps. I adjusted my dress, and someone said one of lecturer wants me to see him in the staffroom and left. I asked the boys to give my bra and panty.

But they laughed and said, “Go like this. Let him also enjoy your beautiful mangoes.” With no choice, I left.

About this professor, he is the youngest of faculty and handsome guy. He asked me a few questions on the project and was continuously checking my boobs. When I was about to leave, he said something is missing in me. I was embarrassed and said, “Nothing, sir.”

He came close to me and said, “Yes, nothing inside,” and smiled at me. I kept quiet. He further moved close to me and whispered, “Can I check what is missing?” I just froze and did not say anything. He kept his hand on my waist and slowly moved it upwards.

I was feeling weak and horny. I was stimulated by my friends already. He lifted my top and squeezed my boobs and said, “See, I told you something is missing,” and kept his mouth on my boob. He looked at my eyes and said, “What else is missing?”

He put his hands under my skirt and rubbed my pussy lips. I left a moan. He made me hold my skirt up, and my shirt rolled above my boobs. He looked at me and said, “You are a sexy, fuckable, slut.” I was so embarrassed and put my head down. He opened his trousers, and his big dick came out.

He pushed me to knees and kept his dick in my mouth. Blowjob is not new to me, and since I like him, I gave a nice blowjob to him. He was continuously squeezing my boobs. In five minutes, he came heavily in my mouth and told me to drink.

By that time, he got a call, and while attending the call, he cleaned the dick by whipping it on my face and put on his trousers. I was on my knees with a pulled up dress. He told me to leave and meet him later when he called. I got up to leave, and he just pulled me by holding my boobs.

He said he wants to fuck me soon and gave a strong kiss on my lips. I straight when to the washroom and freshen up. A couple of girls in the washroom looked at me and said I look hot without a bra. I just smiled. When I came out, Suresh and others took me to the classroom again and started to molest me.

Rahul said we can continue this in his farmhouse. His parents are in Dubai, no one will be there. I told them I am not coming. But they said they will not do anything bad and let’s just enjoy a few drinks. But I know I am fucked today. Rahul got his Innova.

I was made to sit in back seat between Suresh and Arun. The movement car started. They started to caress me. In no time, my skirt was removed and I was sitting bottomless. They gave me a beer to drink. While I was drinking, they were sucking my boobs.

The farmhouse was in ECR. They gave me another beer for me to drink. When we reached, I asked for my skirt. They just laughed, and no one is here and nothing to hide.

I was scared but just got down wearing my shirt only. Rahul came near me and started to remove my shirt. I told him, no, but he removed it and threw it inside the car. I was standing outside the house, naked in front of four boys. I felt shy and tried to cover my boobs and pussy.

They all laughed at my condition. I wanted to pee badly, so I asked them if we can go inside, as I want to pee. They told me to go there. I was embarrassed. But they said they want to see me peeing. So I told them they are wearing clothes.

That’s it, in a minute they were all nude with their erect dick saluting me. So Rahul said lets all pee together. Omg, it was crazy, but I liked the fun. I was about to sit to pee. Sanjay told me to stand and pee, and they can get me cleaned.

So we stood in circles and started to pee. They were enjoying my pee dripping on my thighs and legs. Suresh was making jokes about my pubic hair. I was so embarrassed, but I kept quiet.

To be continued in the next part. Please share your views [email protected]

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