Caught my wife and her friend making out

Hello there. I hope you are enjoying this day. This is Rahul here. Thanks for your support for my previous experiences. Today I would like to share how I red caught my wife and her friend fucking each other. Then how I fucked them after that.

That was one rough day at work. I was working hard till past evening and wanted to get home and relax a bit desperately. It was raining outside. After completing all my work at work, I started my car. I was heading home with my full formal dress code.

As soon as I reached home, I heard a lot of music at my house. I was wondering what was going on. I know my wife’s best buddy has come home for her vacation. So I thought both must be enjoying the music in the nice cool climate with the rain outside.

I slowly opened the door with my key and realized both of them were not in the hall. I entered and headed towards my bedroom, where the curtains were hiding. I saw through the space there. I was shocked to see my wife and her friend on the bed on top of each other in 69 position.

I see her friend eating her pussy. She was lying down, and her legs were around her friend’s neck. I stopped myself and started watching this wonderful scene. Her friend Monika was licking my wife’s pussy clit.

Her fingers were going in and out of my wife’s pussy. Monika had nice stiff boobs. It looked awesome with her brown nipple erect while licking with full passion on my wife’s pussy.

I realized these girls had kept the volume high so that they could enjoy moaning and licking and eating each other

My dick was not ready to stay within my jockey. I lowered my pant and started holding my dick in my hand and rubbing. I watched sexy girls licking and sucking each other.

They moved on to a different position. Monika lay down, and my wife was sitting on her mouth and making her eat her pussy. I slowly removed my pants. I moved on slowly without making any noise and kept my dick on Monika’s pussy.

I rubbed on her clit with my dick head. She did not realize it was someone else as she couldn’t see. I went down and licked her pussy clit with both my lips closing her clit. My tongue started to tickle her clit inside my lips.

She was shocked and pulled my wife aside and saw. Both of them got caught. And Monika pulled the blanket and tried to cover her face and body.

My wife came closer to me and asked, “When did you come inside?” I said I had been watching them for the past 15 minutes. I rubbed my dick, and we both kissed each other.

I lifted her legs and kept on the bed. I started rubbing her pussy, which Monika had eaten while kissing her. As if I were kissing for the first time. My fingers drilled my wife’s pussy and started fucking her wet dripping pussy.

Monika was surprised. She came closer to us and started stroking my thick dick and lay on the bed to pull my dick in her mouth. I slapped her ass which was so sexy to view from the top.

I asked my wife to entertain Monika for some more time. I ran to the kitchen and got from chocolate cream and applied the same on my dick fully. I came with the creamy chocolate dick and offered them to suck.

Monika was excited. She jumped from there and started licking slowly all over my dick while my wife was eating Monika’s pussy from the back. I held Monika’s long black hair and pushed her head towards me wildly.

She liked it and started to ask more. I slapped her cheeks while my dick was inside her mouth. Her hair was in my hold. I pushed it hard towards my dick and made her take my full thick dick inside her mouth. She started to suffocate and pushed me away with full force.

I slapped her face and left her free. She took some time to relax while I started sucking my wife’s pussy in doggy style. Monika lay on the bed so that my wife could lick her pussy while I was fucking her from behind.

I held my wife both hands. I pulled hers back as riding a horse and started increasing my speed on her pussy. The more the speed increased on her pussy, the more Monika was moaning. My wife licked her so hard.

I was holding my wife’s pussy and stroked directly on her g spot. My hands were rubbing and inserting my finger on her ass hole. It triggered her a lot. She cummed all her energy on my dick and collapsed on Monika, and lay down.

Monika came with full eagerness. I lifted her pulled and made sure her hands went around my neck. I adjusted my dick to enter her pussy while hanging on me.

I started fucking her in a standing position with all my energy. Monika’s boobs were sexier than my wife’s boobs. I managed to take one of her boobs in my mouth while fucking her. I started biting her brown-colored nipples with my tongue and teeth.

I threw her down on the bed, pulled her legs to the corner of our bed. I started rubbing my dick head. It was pink with full gushing to explode. It rubbed on her clit, and I was teasing her.

I made circles on her clit with my dick head. The middle line on my dick rubbed her clit so hard she had to moan louder and louder. Her boobs were jumping up and down with the nice small brown nipple erect and shining in the dim light.

I sucked those. She exploded all her cum outside with her muscles stretching up and down. I tightly hugged her and slowly inserted my dick inside her pussy again. I started increasing my speed.

I moved her pussy and hip in different wave shapes to make sure I hit her g spot repeatedly. And I slapped her sexy ass.

I realized I was about cum. I took my raw dick outside and pulled her hair towards my dick. I pushed it inside Monika’s mouth, and she swallowed all my cum inside her, which my wife never did.

She cleaned my dick and balls with her sexy and thirsty pink tongue and licking all over. We washed and had a nice dinner that night.

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