Bus Bang of Tanya and her gang with Sid

The love that I got for the Detention series was nice. And I do read your comments in which I felt everyone was missing Tanya.

This is a new Camp Series of Tanya and her gang. It is a bit lengthy, but I have to set up the base for a horny foundation. I hope you like it and enjoy it. Do write comments guys, I read every comment.

Now, enjoy the Episode of a horny gang getting bangs.

On the college ground – Early Morning 6 am

All the students had assembled. It was still dark. The nerdy fuck boy, Sid, arrived with his luggage. Tanya and her gang were present too. They saw him arrive. Tanya wrote a note and handed it to Disha, one of the girls from her gang. Disha walks to Sid and hands him the note without anyone noticing.

Sid takes the note and opens it reading, “Sit on the back seat, Nerdy Boy.” He smiles, reading the note and tears it in half. One half he throws away, and the other half puts it inside his pants.

The gang looks at him from a distance, Sid putting the note in his pants. “What is he doing?” asked Mahima, another friend of Tanya. Tanya looked in closely. “His sexual appetite has increased a lot in the past 2 months. This nerdy is very raunchy. Must be doing something kinky.”

One of the other girls, Shadia from the group, looks at Tanya. “I have never seen Tanya being so attracted to a boy ever. You have sucked so many dicks. What is special about his?”

Tanya replies, “Shadia, darling. You will see, and when you see, your mouth will be like, ‘Aww.’ Then the beautiful Urdu-speaking mouth of yours will be speechless.”

Shadia and the other girls giggle at that. Sid and Tanya look at each other. She moves her fist towards her mouth and puts her tongue against the inner cheek. (Signalling him a blowjob.)

Not many students were attending the camp. It was the last 2 weeks of December. So, approx 60 students were going to the camp in Nashik. The camp coordinator was the head boy of the college. He made 40 students sit on the first bus.

He made the rest of the 20 sit on the second bus because Tanya told him to do so. Tanya made sure that in the 2nd bus, only the nerds attended the camp and that most girls sat. To give a quick introduction of Tanya’s gang.

She had 5 friends: Mahima, Shadia, Heena, Disha, and Prerna. These 6 bitches were going to have fun with Sid.

Action about to begin – 6:30 am

As per the allotted seats, all the students climbed up the bus. Heena climbed the 2nd bus and looked around. She saw the nerdy girls sitting at the back.

Heena: Hey, get up, get up, all of you in the front. No one is sitting in the back. There is plenty of space ahead. Also, these two rows will be empty.

One of the nerdy girls: But we want to sit here. We came first.

Heena: Did you Double Battery? But now I am telling you to get up and move.

Another nerdy girl: What if we don’t?

Heena: Do you want your ragging pics leaked in the college? You like Rahul, right? 12th standard, Science – IT course, Division – G. Do you want me to show him your pics?

All the nerdy girls stayed quiet. Without speaking, they started moving ahead. Heena turns to other students, “If anyone tries to be smart and do anything stupid. I will make sure that you all cry till you graduate. As I said, these two rows will be empty. We don’t want any disturbance in the back.”

Everyone remains quiet and does not fight back. Tanya and her group had dominance.

The sun was about to rise, and the bus would leave in 5 minutes. The 2nd bus was parked behind the 1st bus. Shadia, Disha, Prerna, and Tanya stood by the bus talking. The head boy walked to them.

Head Boy: We are leaving. Don’t you want to get in? Why are you standing out?

Prerna: What do you have to do with that?

Head Boy: Get on the bus. Please.

Tanya looks at Shadia and signals her to go behind. Shadia walks behind the bus while Tanya takes the head boy away. Behind the bus were Mahima and Sid lip-locking each other passionately. Mahima was moaning in Sid’s mouth.

Her one leg was against Sid’s waist. He was holding it in, and his other hand was on her ass, groping her ass cheeks over the tight jeans. Shadia watches both smooching. “Come on. The bus is about to move. We are going to be together for a whole week. Plenty of time to do that.”

Mahima and Sid stop kissing. They both smile, looking at each other. Shadia grabbed Sid’s dick over his pants. “Surely, the nerdy boy is not a nerdy boy anymore. Look at that passion inside your pants fucker,” she caresses his dick and gets on the bus.

In the bus, the action begins –

The journey started. Tanya and her gang of bitches sat on the back seat. In between sat Sid. Tanya and Mahima sat on each side of Sid. At the same time, Shadia and the other girls were standing in the lane (the walking path in the bus) covering the whole back seat.

Tanya: Open up, Nerdy Boy.

Sid: You already opened me up. I am not a Nerd Boy anymore, Bitch.

Heena: Oh! (other girls too appreciated Sid calling Tanya Bitch by saying “Oh”) someone is surely opened up.

Tanya: Yeah, everyone in the college respects me, but you, ah, you are the one who can make me your bitch. (Bow, bow)

Sid smiles and pulls Tanya to himself smooching her passionately. The other girls watch them kissing. Tanya inserted her hand in Sid’s t-shirt feeling his chest and stomach. Sid’s hand was behind Tanya feeling her seated ass.

They both kiss for a while, and then Mahima pulls him away from Tanya. Tanya smiles, wiping her lips off, making others jealous.

Mahima: Let us see, what Tanya said is true or not.

Heena: Yeah, I made others move ahead just to see the sight of the dick. The BBC.

Prerna: Tanya has hyped that piece of meat a lot in our minds for the past month.
Disha: Don’t disappoint us, Baby. No, wait, before he pulls out, let me put my spell on it.

Tanya: Disha is the good luck of this group. Let her do what she wants to do.

Disha stood in the middle, and the other girls covered her. She bent over Sid’s crotch and kissed his hard dick over the pants. She looked at the girls, “Okay, now the best part.” Disha slowly pulled Sid’s pant jip down. In the small gap that she opened. She put her nose sniffing.

Disha: Haa, fresh piece of meat. Raw manly smell. Didn’t you take a shower before coming?

Sid: I did, but Tanya requested that I make my crotch sweat before getting on the bus. So, I dry-humped Mahima behind the bus before. That’s the sweat.

Disha: Yeah, that dry hump. I can smell it.

Disha unbuckles the jeans, and Sid lifts his ass. He was making it easier for Disha to pull his pants down as soon as Disha pulled the pants down. The rock-hard BBC stands up like a tower. The girls see a not on the dick. On it was written ‘Nerdy Boy.’

Tanya: Oh, this is what you put on your dick. My other half of the note.


Sid: I know you bitches like to call me that. So, whenever you say the word NERD, you will remember this giant. Aaahhh…

As Sid was speaking to Tanya, Disha had already taken the dick in her mouth. The note had fallen on the floor of the bus. Other girls giggled at Disha’s lust, but no one stopped her. The other 5 girls watched Disha sucking Sid. They covered her properly from behind.

The bus was riding at full speed without traffic in the early morning. No one heard the sounds behind. A few boys even slept in the front, and the others did not care to look back.

Disha was slurping on the dick like a Popsicle for early morning breakfast. She took the dick out from her mouth, taking a deep breath. The saliva of her mouth spread on Sid’s dick. She was jerking the dick. All the saliva of her mouth was making the dick shiny.

Mahima: Yeah, when he was dry humping me. I knew it was this big.

Tanya: Told you all. I have sucked this monster a lot of times.

Tanya and Sid start kissing. Heena, who was standing behind Disha, watched Disha licking Sid’s balls. Heena, with her finger, touched Sid’s dickhead and tasted it. Sonal and Shadia watched Heena tasting it.

Sonal: How is it?

Heena: Salty, it is also Disha’s saliva. The chocolate she ate.

Shadia: It looks good. The girth is just like a Franky, hot dog.

Disha now gets up, and Mahima starts jerking Sid’s dick which had Disha’s saliva. Tanya and Sid were making out. Disha pulled him away from Tanya’s lip and leaned over to kiss Sid. Tanya watched her girl gang enjoying the start of the camp with a smile.

Tanya looked at the other girls behind, “Mahima, Disha. He is to be shared with everyone. Come on.”

Disha stopped kissing Sid, and Mahima got up from her place. Tanya shifted towards the window, making Shadia between her and Sid. On the right side, Heena sat and started kissing Sid. Mahima covered Sonal from behind, who was on her knees.

Sonal was slurping Sid’s dick as he was kissing Heena. On the left side, Shadia and Tanya were kissing. Tanya moved her hands to Shadia’s pussy over her jeans.

Mahima and Disha were the only two watching it. Live porn: One guy smooching a girl and his dick sucked by another girl. On the other side, two girls smooching each other.

Disha: This is so hot, Mahima.  (Rubbing her pussy over the jeans).

Mahima: I know (pressing her boobs). Watch our lovely Sonal. Oh, the bitch is giving him a sloppy blowjob. Fuck seems like I will cum just watching it.

Disha: Yeah, fuck. (rubs her pussy on the edge of the seat)

Sonal held the shaft and moved her head up down, sucking his cock. Sid and Heena stopped smooching. Heena now took Sonal’s place. Sonal sat to the right of Sid. She lifted her shirt and let Sid suck her boob.

Heena rubbed Sid’s dick, and instead of sucking it. She lifted the dick and started licking his balls. Sonal caressed Sid’s hair as he sucked on her left boob.

Tanya and Shadia stopped kissing. They turned their heads to their left, watching the sucking.

Tanya: Oh my! So much action, and it is just 20 minutes.

Mahima: Who is sitting on that cock?

Tanya: Isn’t Sid going to decide that?

Sid stops sucking on Sonal’s boobs and looks at other girls. Heena, like an obedient bitch kept sucking Sid’s cock after licking his balls. “The first lady to sit on this cock will have to do something for me.”

Heena lifted her head, listening to that. Sid looked at Heena, saying, “You can listen and suck, Bitch. Keep sucking.”

When nerd boys take charge, Bitchy and Horny girls get more tempted.

Sid continues, “Yeah, if you want to sit on this cock. You will have to pass a dare. The dare is simple. For one week as we are together. At night, you are going to give me a performance every night. Just like in bars, you know make me happy. The first one to say ‘Yes’ will be sitting on my cock.”

Mahima agrees first, followed by Sonal, Shadia, Tanya, Disha, and at the last, Heena because she was sucking on Sid’s dick. She took time to take it out, swallow the spit, and say ‘Yes.’ As Mahima agreed first. Heena got up, and Mahima took her place on Sid’s lap.

Sid held Mahima from behind her back, and she kept her knees on each side of Sid over the seat. Her pants were off, and slowly, she started sitting on Sid’s dick. Sid made her sit slowly as they were on a bus. From behind, Disha lifted Mahima’s shirt.

As soon as Mahima’s shirt was lifted, Sid started sucking on her boobs. “Aah, yes always had a dream to get fucked on a back bus seat. He is really big! Tanya,” Mahima moaned.

Sid started lifting his ass and banging Mahima from below. Mahima was feeling the huge BBC reaching deep inside her. She was unable to control her moans. Slowly her moans were becoming louder. To stop that, Sonal turned Mahima’s head towards her and kissed her.

Other girls watch this passionate porn scene. They were watching Mahima jumping and making out. Shadia got horny. She was sitting next to Sid. Shadia leaned ahead and started sucking a boob of Mahima. Three people were using Mahima’s body.

Tanya, Heena, and Disha were the audience enjoying the view. Heena was unable to control her feelings. She took Disha close, and both started making out. Tanya was proud to see her ‘Bitch_&_Horny’ gang enjoying.

Mahima pushed Sonal and Shadia away. She put her hands over Sid’s neck and started kissing him. Mahima was now bouncing on his dick. Tanya pulled Shadia over her, and they started making out next to the window. Sonal was the one left alone. She had no option but to pleasure herself.

Mahima grabbed Sid’s dick as they stopped kissing. She was tightly hugging him as Sid lifted his ass fucking her deep. Only hot air and silent gasps were leaving her mouth. Sid moved his hands over her naked ass as he fucked.

The other girls were engaged in their lust. Now, no one was covering Sid and Mahima fucking. But to their goodness, no one on the bus was awake. Rather both fuck birds did not even care.

Sid smacked Mahima’s ass hard as she bounced on his dick.

Sid: Mahima, I so wanted to fuck that pussy of yours.

Mahima: Yeah, but I never liked you. No offense, you were an ugly nerd boy for me.

Sid: Who cares, now you are the one bouncing on my dick like a slut. Tell me, bitch.

Mahima: What? (Licking Sid’s neck and kissing his ear lobes)

Sid: Tell me, who’s your Daddy? (Spanks her ass, giving hard shots)

Mahima: Of course you are, my Daddy! Yeah, Daddy. Go deep. Dig deep.

Sid: Say it with lust bitch. (Spanks again) Aah, who’s your Daddy?

Mahima: Oh honey, you are my Fucking Daddy! (gives a loud moan as she cums)

Sid keeps going. He does not let Mahima get off him. Mahima stretches back as Sid holds her from the waist. Both were lost in lust. They did not care that they were in public. Sid started giving hard shots. Mahima knew he was about to cum. She got down from his lap and on her knees.

Sid pushed his dick inside her mouth and held her face. He started fucking her mouth. Moaning with every push and in a deep moan. He got up from his seat and cum inside her mouth, feeling the cream deep in her throat. He stood in that position for a while.

Mahima was unable to breathe. She was getting choked. She tried to move him back. When Sid stopped his lust currents in the body, he sat back on the seat. Mahima could not hold the load of early morning cum in her mouth. She vomited the whole load back on Sid’s dick.

Saliva and cum filled vomit fell on Sid’s dick. Mahima coughed. The other girls who were making out looked at Mahima and Sid. Sid was lying on the seat, eyes closed.

Tanya: Oh my, look at that cum vomit Nasty bitch.

Mahima: Sorry, I was unable to hold it inside my throat.

Tanya: Don’t bother, he gets rough.

Shadia and Sonal, who were close to Sid, took cum on their fingers and tasted it. The other girls, too, took a finger scoop and tasted. Mahima licked the fallen dick, cleaning it.

She turned around and saw no one was covering her. “You idiots, no one was covering me,” Mahima took her clothes and sat next to the window in the corner, getting dressed.

Heena: Your fault bitch. Watching you jump on that hard cock. We got horny.

Disha: Yeah, Heena was too horny. Ask my lips and my pussy. Damn, Heena, you fingered me well.

Heena: I love you, babe.

Both Heena and Disha kissed each other.

Sonal: Yeah, and Tanya had Shadia to make out. I was alone. I had to pleasure myself bitches.

Sid: Don’t worry. You are next, remember.

Sonal: I remember, Sid. I am so going to enjoy it.

Sid and Sonal fall on the right side in each other’s arms, and other girls look at each other with smirks on their faces.

Next Part: Banging in bus and drama continues

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