Banging My Ex-Girlfriend Before Her Wedding – Part 2

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Hi guys, Thanks a lot for the huge response to the first part of my story about my ex-girlfriend. People were texting daily for the second part. Due to Corona and WFH situation, I was a bit busy. Sorry guys, for some delay in posting the second part.

For those who haven’t read the first part, I request you to glance at it and then continue reading this part. It will definitely create a mood if you like dusky girls.

Let me give a short introduction about us. I am Ravi, and my ex-lover’s name is Nandini. After I know that she was used by her manager for promotion. I started blackmailing her to fuck by her photos and videos. I took her to Ooty and fucked her on the weekend.

My ex-lover was a bit dusky, age 27 with a size of 36-30-34. We are from Chennai. Always she used to wear churidar (hope you guys know how it will be). She does not wear a dupatta, and the shape of her boobs is a treat to all.

I told her to remove her bra and sent her to a medical shop to buy condoms before moving to the hotel in Ooty. Madan (her office colleague) was very eager to fuck her.

Instead of buying 10 packs of condoms, she brought only 3 packs. I used it on the first day. I saw the medical shop guy was in the mood by seeing my ex-lover as she didn’t wear a bra at that time. So I thought of using it.

I told Nandini, “We are in Ooty now, and no one will know what we do here. I have a fantasy to share you with one more guy as you will be married soon. I want to have you completely. So let me choose a guy from here for it.”

Initially, she didn’t accept my wish and told me this was not fair. I then ordered her to do it. If not, I will spoil her marriage. I told her to buy a set of 10 condoms this time at the same medical shop. Then ask the guy for a cream or oil for easy penetration on the ass.

I was noticing his action from far behind. Once Nandini left the shop, I asked him whether he like that girl as she is my ex-lover. He was in a dream and was asking me how you withstand a night. I told him that I used Viagra, and all 3 packs of condoms were used well.

He, too, shared that he masturbated for her body last night. Then I asked him whether he would like to fuck her tonight. Tomorrow we will be moving back to Chennai. He was very thankful and asked whether he needs to pay for that.

I told him, “We don’t need money for that. We both need to fuck her for the whole night. Please use Viagra because this slut knows how to make us cum soon.” He was ok with that. I told him to visit us in the hotel at 8 after having dinner. So that we can use her well for the full night.

I told her to wear the only bra to hang those big boobies and be in the bedroom. Once we both entered the room, her only request was to ‘please leave her once you both finished. I have a life after this.’

We both said ok for that. But I placed 3 cameras in the bedroom without her knowledge. I also added half Viagra in a Pepsi bottle. I insisted on her having a drink. While mixing, I added Pepsi and that tablet to her.

Due to these both effects, she was in a high mood and decided to speak more frankly. We told her to kneel down and take our cock, one in your mouth and another in your hand. She did that. She used to stroke hard at me. But due to that Viagra effect, my cock was rock hard, and I didn’t feel like cumming.

“Bitch, you will be fucked hard now.”

We move to the bed. We both chewed her boobs and applied oil in an exotic massage on her ass to fuck her smoothly. I made her lie over me. The view of her boobs was so good. He started penetrating from her back. I held her boobs and started fucking by placing my cock in-between it.

From night 9 to 4, we fucked her hard. She finally told that guy, “Anna, please leave me. I need some rest.” After he left, I think this will be the right time to ask her why she left me. I told her to have a drink for a night of better sleep.

Once she drank again, I asked her the reason to leave me. She truly opened up, “My manager had an eye on my body from the day of the interview. While giving monthly feedback in the office, he took me alone to a discussion room. I came to know his intention very soon and maintained a distance from you.”

“But due to a mistake from my side in work, management had decided to terminate me. On the final meeting with my manager, he told me frankly that he has no other option. To get over this, the only option for you is to adjust me as I have a huge crush on your dusky body.”

“As I don’t have any other way, I accepted it. He used to fuck me every weekend on his farmhouse, which is in ECR. After 4 months, we had a next position opening in our team. My manager told me that he will make me a team leader with more percentage of salary hike.”

“But you have to be with our boss for a night. I readily accepted as I trusted him. Because no one in office came to know about our affair for 4 months. But Madan came to know all this as he is very close to our boss. And from him, You came to know about me.”

Thus she ends her story. I was on a high while hearing it. I told her to give me an exotic blowjob for the second time.  I said to her, “Thanks, and you can carry on with your life.” But at the other end, I forwarded all her pictures and videos to Madan to have his chance to fuck her along with her office colleagues.

After 10 days, Nandini called me again and told me that Madhan was blackmailing her with her pictures. She asked me why you shared those with him.

“I was angry with you, and that’s why I did that,” I told her that I will speak with Madan. I told him to leave her. But he was more adamant about having her body.

We made a plan to succeed in it, which I will narrate in the next part. Guys, if you like my story, please share your feedback at [email protected]. Thank you all.

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