A Lovely Night With A Friend

Hello everyone. I am Rishaan (pen name). And here I am sharing a story which happened with me sometime back. So I had asked her to meet me and after a lot of convincing, she had finally agreed. She came to the mall I had invited her and gave me a call. I went there and met her.

She looked really hot in the yellow sleeveless top she was wearing. I was awed and said, “You look gorgeous.”

“Thanks” She smiled.

We then talked about normal things and went for dinner at a nearby restaurant. I don’t know why I felt there was some tension between us. You know like kind of chemistry. Then I invited her back to my place and after a little resistance, she agreed. I lived on the 12th floor and we reached the house.

Luckily my roommate wasn’t home. After freshening up, I invited her to sit in the balcony. The view from the balcony was lovely. One could see the lovely night sky decorated by stars. We were just sitting on recliner chairs silently and looking at the sky.

The moment seemed very peaceful and that is when I extended my hand towards hers. I was nervous about how she will respond. From the corner of my eye, I looked at her and I saw a smile. I understood that was a green signal and I held her hand. There were butterflies in my stomach.

After a while, I asked her if she would like to watch some movie. She replied affirmatively and I got my laptop from the room. I was just browsing through Netflix and asked her which movie she would like to watch. She said ‘Friends With Benefits’ and gave me a wink. I was in seventh heaven.

We started the movie and 20 minutes into the movie, her head was on my shoulders. And adding to that lovely breeze. Everything was becoming super romantic and heating up. A kissing scene came in the movie. And I looked at her. I saw she was looking at me. Our lips were just inches apart.

That moment movie became the background noise and it seemed as if time had stopped. Our lips were even closer. There was a lot of tension in the air. I could almost hear our heartbeats. I moved my leg a little. That is when I lost balance and laptop fell down on the floor. And we both started laughing like anything.

And then I kept the laptop inside after closing the movie. Then we were just staring at stars and talking. The topic of discussion became relationships. She was telling me about her ex-boyfriend. She was annoyed by the absence of physical chemistry between them despite him being a nice guy.

I also told a bit about me. Then I can’t recall how the discussion turned to fantasies and I told her about a few of mine. She was really impressed and said, “Your girl is going to be luckiest.”  I said, “I may not have any practical experience but I do know what to do.”

She smiled and said, “You are an idiot.” Her ‘you’re an idiot’ with a smile was kind of a signal and I made a move and took my lips near her lips. She was smiling. But when she realized what was about to happen and felt my breath very near to her, she just closed her eyes and our lips met.

That feeling is literally impossible to describe in words. But it felt like just perfect. And the cool breeze in the background enhanced the mood. And then she also got passionate and started kissing back with a lot of passion. So kiss went on for a while.

My hands were on her back in kind of a cuddle. Then I had a dilemma if I should make a move or not. Should I touch her on her breasts? It had a possibility of spoiling the whole moment. Or it might you know just result in a perfect ending.

So well I was thinking about what should I do. Then I took the middle way out and moved my hands on her shoulders trying to observe if there was a vibe of fear or not. I had thought if I detect even a little bit fear, I will stop. But she seemed completely normal.

The kissing was becoming more passionate every passing second. So now I kept the hand on her boobs and it was also one of the most awesome feelings. And then I moved my lips away from her lips and kissed her neck. We were both enjoying to the fullest and I could hear her moans.

Those moans were making me even hornier. But we realized just in time that we were in the balcony. So then we came inside and went inside the bedroom. I looked at her and asked, “Where were we?” She just pushed me to bed and said, “Ssshhhh.”

Now she took the control and closed my eyes with her stroll and removed my t-shirt. She kissed me on the whole body. And then I just pushed her down and removed the blindfold. Now I was on top of her, kissing her. And now I took my hands inside her top on the backside and unhooked her bra.

Then I just slowed down a bit n lied down on the side and just used my hands to touch her under the top. Her eyes were closed and her moans echoed around the room. In fact, the room was filled with echoes of her moans. And then, it was her turn to use her hands.

So now she took her hands inside my lower and moved her hands around my hard cock. The feeling was just lovely and I wished the moment will never end. She played with it long enough and well I had the best orgasm of my life. We paused for a moment and she was like smiling wickedly.

But I didn’t have a condom so I didn’t continue then. We just cuddled and slept in each other’s arms.

Rest I will continue in the next part. For any feedback or any girl looking to have some fun in chat or in real in Mumbai, drop a mail at [email protected]

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