Cheating Girlfriends And First Gay Experience

It was the third year of my engineering. I’m 6’3”, muscular build and with round glasses. I had a hot girlfriend who was also in the third year but a different branch of engineering.

Rashi was 5’6”, has a sharp nose, voluptuous eyes, and a tight ass. She and I used to spend almost 5 of 7 nights a week together. But she has been busy lately. She keeps missing dates, she’s always late and less interested in me. I grew suspicious and thought to take matters into my hands.

One night, I planned to confront her in her dorm room. Our college dorms were less restricted and open to couples spending nights together, which is very rare. So, I dropped at her dorm and burst open her room door with the spare key I had. To my surprise, there was no one in the room.

Her clothes were neatly folded and on the bed, books on the table. Something was wrong. As I was closing the door, it struck me, the piece of cloth that wasn’t supposed to be there. I entered the room and noticed it clearly now. One of the t-shirts in the stack of clothes was a blue jersey.

But, Rashi hasn’t represented our college in any sporting event. So, I pulled out the jersey from the stack and turned it around to see whom it belonged to. ’69’-‘Harsh.’

I was furious! Harsh was the opening batsman of our college team. He was 6’2″, muscular build and regular to the gym. He and I always fight regarding various issues about college. He was my arch-enemy. I made up my mind. I put two and two together and assumed that Rashi was cheating on me with Harsh.

I knew his room number in the boy’s dorm. I marched to his room and knocked on the door. He opened the and smiled at me, “Hey, Sam, what brings you here?”

His smile made me more furious, and I couldn’t control my anger. I pushed him inside and landed a firm punch on his face. He lost balance and landed on the floor.

I shouted, “Where’s Rashi? How long have you been seeing her behind my back?”

“What are you talking about? Why would I cheat on my girlfriend with your girlfriend?” he replied with his hands on his nose.

“Then why was your jersey in her room? How could it possibly go to her room?” I cried at him.

“I have mine with myself, you moron, check the closet,” he replied.

I opened the closet and noticed his jersey there. But this one was red.

I asked, “This one is red, but the one in her room was blue!”

He replied, “Blue? I gave that to my girlfriend Aparna…” and then, his facial expressions changed from painful to shocked. I could sense that he realized something.

With a high-pitched and shocked tone, he said, “Oh, hell, man! I figured it out. Apu and Rashi… they’re banging each other. They’re cheating on us!”

I replied, “What the fu…”

I was slightly taken aback. I knew that Rashi was bisexual but couldn’t wrap my head around her cheating on me.

I asked, “How could you have not noticed that your girlfriend has been cheating on you?”

He replied, “Apu and I are bisexuals and have an open relationship. We have fun with anyone we choose to. We made it clear when we started dating.”

I was still furious, but I felt sorry for punching him. I understood that I made a big mistake and said, “I’m so sorry! I thought Rashi was cheating on me with you! It was your name on the jersey.”

He replied, “Man, ask before you punch me next time.”

We both laughed.

He smirked and said, “Well, I have the perfect idea for you to get revenge on her. But are you willing to seek vengeance?” he said.

I replied, “Absolutely. I’ll do anything to get revenge on her.”

He said, ” Are you sure, Sam?”

I replied, “Yes!”

He stood up, walked up to me, and placed his right hand on my ass and pulled me closer. I was stunned. He slid his left hand on my neck and planted a kiss on my lips. I pushed him and shouted, “What the fuck! Harsh? What are you doing?”

He replied, “The best way to retaliate a cheating partner is cheating.”

I said, “But, I’m straight, I never fucked a guy before.”

“Hahaha, no one is truly straight Sam, everyone is bi-curious. You won’t know until you try. Haven’t you had thought of banging a guy till now?” he said.

“Well, I’ve always wondered if I was bi-curious,” I replied. “Time to experiment,” I thought.

This time, I grabbed his ass and started kissing. He was experienced in these kinds of affairs, so I let him take the lead. We gradually undressed each other, and he pushed me onto the bed. He smiled and said, “You know how a woman’s mouth feels like. Now feel a man’s mouth on your dick.”

He knelt down beside the bed and took my dick into his mouth and started sucking it. His hands were on my abs. It was ecstatic. I couldn’t believe that I was enjoying myself. I slid my hands on to his hard and started pulling and pushing his head.

I pulled him up. I stood up, pushed him onto the bed, and said, “Now, it’s my turn to know how a dick tastes.”

I knelt down and kissed him on his balls and thighs, teasing him. I finally took his long dick and pushed it into my mouth. He let out a gasp as I started sucking on it. He started to moan.

I never tasted something like it before. More than the taste or the excitement, it was his moans that were causing pleasure to me. His hands were on my head, and he was rocking my head.

His pitch increased, and his moans got louder. I sensed that he was about to cum. So I stopped sucking his dick and started rocking his dick with my hand. He moaned louder, “Oh yeah!! Sam, yeah!” And let a stream of his cum out. I knew that it was time to push my dick into his ass.

So, I held his shoulder and turned him around. He smiled and said, “Yes, now I need to feel your dick in my ass.” He took the bottom position of the doggy style. He was on his knees, and his hand was on the bed. I smacked his ass hard and could see a red print of my hand on his white ass.

He let out a moan, “Ow! Yeah!” I positioned myself behind him and the tip of my dick at the opening of his ass. I placed my hand on his sexy muscular back and pulled him closer, slowly pushing my dick inside.

He cried, “Oh, yes, Sam! I need more.” I started pushed in and out and gradually increased the speed. “Sam! Yes! Oh, yes!” His moans became louder. I pulled out my dick and turned him around. His face was flushing red.

He pushed me on to the bed and started bit my nipples. He gradually went down to kiss my abs and then to the dick. He started sucking it again, and it was my turn to moan. I started moaning, and as I got nearer to the climax, I started moaning louder.

He played my dick with his hands, and I came on his face. The first gay experience was ecstatic and decided to not make this a one-time thing.

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