Deflowered A Virgin On Flight

Hi, I am Vijay. I am 28 years now, I am 5″11 in height. Fair and decent looking. I have observed that most girls like me, there is very little chance that any girl does not like me.

I was traveling from Russia to India via Ukraine. I was returning from my 1-month long Russian trip. I can speak Russian a bit, not a lot. but I can manage to speak some intro lines etc to get things working in Russia or with Russian people.

I had not seen any Indian person for 1 month now. While at the Airport and in Flight I could see someone Indian after a month. This Indian girl was returning to India. She was a medical student in Russia. She had already spent 6 months in Russia. I was giving her a look now and then at the airport.

I was too friendly with the Airport staff. I was trying my best to speak in Russian to the staff as I was feeling very sad to leave Russia. I started liking Russia a lot by now as I stayed there for 1 month. I was emotional, I was super talkative that day.

I talked a lot with the check-in staff. This staff was so happy to know me and talk to me that he became a good friend of mine. I was chit chatting on his counter for an hour. My flight was delayed by an hour due to a sudden snowfall in Russia. We liked the same music genres and the same artists etc.

Maybe this is the reason that he asked me if I want to change my seat in the airlines to a more comfortable seat. I said sure, why not. He said he will give me a seat near the emergency exit. This row has the most leg space as this entire row is used as an emergency exit way.

He said that he cannot give this seat to some strangers as they might purposely open the emergency exit or something like that. So he talks with the passengers. If he finds someone good and he thinks they are physically fit to sit near Emergency exit then he gives a seat to such passengers.

Why I wrote the entire above paragraph is very interesting actually. This staff boy had given me a seat in between 2 girls. The flight was of 2 hours to Ukraine. Then flight change and the next flight was for 7 hours. I was considering myself super lucky.

This happens always with me. I am lucky to get the best-looking girls next to me in my school, college and now on this flight too. I entered the flight and saw that my seat is right in between 2 girls. I was having a Russian girl sitting next to on left, while the Indian girl was at my right side.

Both the girls were hot. The Russian girl was a typical Russian with blonde hairs, red lipstick, very fair, normal boobs (not too big, not too small) and a completely flat Tummy. The Indian girl was the one I was interested in. This girl looked like from a very rich family in India.

Her name is Nidhi (name changed). She is of height 5″2 or 5″3 and she has a chubby (not much fat though) figure. She had a nice C cup boobs. Her figure is 34C-32-34. You might think this figure is not so hot, but she is a bombshell. She is super hot in looks and in figure too.

I mean her skin is shiny, soft and fair. Lips are red without a fucking lipstick. She looked like the chubby not so tall side actress from the movie Mission Mangal. The staff boy must have seen me looking at Nidhi a lot at the airport. So he changed my seat so that I can sit next to Nidhi and the Russian girl.

I was happy to meet someone Indian after a month. I said a ‘Hi’ to both the girls and loaded my bag in the upper check-in compartment of the flight. I then sat in between both of the girls. I did not ask them to change seats etc. I know most passengers pay extra money to get the aisle seat and the window seat.

I was happy to get this free seat. I was trying to talk to the Indian girl. 1 hour went by but I had not yet talked with any of the 2 girls. I was not giving a damn fuck to the Russian girl. Whenever the air hostess came, I was taking extra sachets of milk powder.

Just to give some to Nidhi as the Russians just serve a black tea to you, while you have to mix the milk powder. I started offering her some sachets and we laughed. She said thanks. I said it is nice to talk to someone Indian after so long time. She told me her name is Nidhi. I said I am Vivek.

Nidhi: (in Hindi) Why I am not interested in the Russian girl. That girl was asking you something while you were not so much interested.

Me: (in Hindi) She was asking what is the time in India now and what time it will be whenever we will land in India. But, I hooked up with a lot of Russian girls till now. So I am happy now to see someone Indian.

The Russian girl was checking her makeup in the mini mirror by now as if thinking what is wrong with her today. Nidhi did not notice this. Nidhi told me about her being a student in Russia, while she belonged from Mumbai. I told her I was just a tourist visiting Russia for a month.

I had some PC Gamer friends there who could speak English. I was frank and I told Nidhi that by the looks she looks like a girl from a rich family. Her tone sounds Mumbaikar. Nidhi told me that my looks and tone are Mumbaikar too. We shared a lot in common.

I try to find the most common things whenever I meet someone. This way I get friendly with people. Then the in-flight lunch arrived. Nidhi and I shared a few things in the lunch as she had taken nonveg while I had taken veg food. We shared some salads and rice, noodles, etc.

Nidhi was feeling confident on me now and so trusted on me so much that she had kept her head on my shoulders and had gone to sleep. I was making no move now as to not to wake her up. I was like a comfortable sponge statue for her. After 30 minutes I had to make some moves, Nidhi got up, I went to pee.

The Russian girl also came behind me. She anyways had to stand up so that I can come out from the seat. We did a little chit chat like’ Good day – Dobroy Din’, etc. I came to know that the Russian girl might be an escort visiting India. Anyways I had enough Russian girls by now in the 1 month time.

To my surprise, Nidhi was standing right behind us and trying to find out what we speak. We all 3 spent some time in the lobby area so that we get some walking some stretching while traveling. We came back to our seats and started watching movies etc.

Russian girl was busy in her Russian movies while I and Nidhi were finding some good Indian movies. We did not find anything interesting in the in-flight entertainment menu. So I decided to get my laptop out on the next flight. We landed in Ukraine to change the flight.

I was a pro passenger and so I gave her tip to not stand in the queue right now, let all passengers get out, then we can get up. I took her to the lounge area as if I visit it always. Our next flight was in 2 hours. We saw there is no facility for charging phones or even free drinking water.

The seats were cramped up of the airport lobby. I took out my priority business lounge pass and told her to follow me. We went to the premium lounge area with the help of my pass. 1 bank had given me this card-pass for being a routine traveler and using their debit card outside India.

She was happy to see a huge sofa to lie on, free food, juices, and soft drinks. I was happy to see the hot drinks though. I took a red wine glass. I took one more glass of wine for her. You can say that I intentionally tried to make her drunk. The reality was that I wanted to meet her inner self and be more friendly more frank with her.

She liked the wine, so I gave her a white wine glass too. She enjoyed that one too. I could have got her drunk at that time. But I knew that the Airport staff do not allow the drunk passengers to board the flight. We boarded the next flight and that staff boy had booked our tickets together now too.

He had done all of this because the flights were connecting flights after all. The Russian girl got out in Ukraine as her destiny was different. We had an empty seat next to us, we tried to find a movie but no good. Then I took out my iPad and we started watching a Hindi movie on it.

This was very romantic for us as we shared headphones. We laughed at the jokes in the movie, as we were watching ‘Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya’. We finished the movie in 2 hours. I told her this is the best way to skip time on a flight. this way we will not get bored. I thought of watching something naughty with her.

I told her to watch the ‘Hate Story’ movie. She had no clue about the adult scenes of this movie. The movie started, the film rating was A. She should have made some excuse and changed the movie. But she just said, “This is an Adult movie, Vivek.”

I saw that she wants to discuss this. She does not want to change it or something. I told her, are we kids? We laughed, I said, “Look who is afraid, you are an alone student studying in a strange country and you are afraid of an Adult movie?” She said, “It’s ok, now stop pulling my legs for this. let’s begin the movie.”

We saw some hot scenes in it. This was now breaking the ice in between us. She started looking here and there, trying to avoid the adult scenes such as fucking. I did not want to make this awkward for both of us, so I started teasing her. Why are you avoiding watching it? What are they doing there in the movie?

She smiled a bit and said, “Shut-up, you know what they are doing.” I laughed and said, “I don’t know, that is why I am asking.” I said, “Don’t feel awkward about the scenes. I am not your family member. We are two grown-up adults in a flight, currently outside of India.”

She took a deep breath, she settled in and she watched. To my surprise, in the next fucking scene, she said, “Daal diya phirse, this girl wants sex more than the boy wants.” We were laughing a lot now on most of the scenes in the movie. This had turned out to be a comedy film for the two of us.

I was not able to control it now as I was watching the hot scenes with a hot girl. I was breathing the nice smell from the air. She was smelling good without perfume. I mean we were close enough, her soft shoulder was touching mine. Her hairs were on my wrist. Her head sometimes rested on my shoulder.

I was just waiting to kiss her somehow. I did not know if she wanted the same. But she was jealous whenever I was talking with the Russian girl. Remember the toilet incident, she followed us and heard what we said. All of this was in my head while watching some boring part of the movie.

I was a hopeful person who was hoping to get something from this hot girl. But maybe at least 10% of these feelings must be in Nidhi’s head too. This is my 10% logic which I use a lot in my life for a lot of things. I thought I should not make some drastic move here.

Maybe she can make a huge scene here on the flight. They do an emergency landing for getting me out of the flight or something. I thought, let’s go slow and just enjoy the time. I joked a lot, we laughed a lot. She was all on me now after 1 hour of watching the movie.

I had unintentionally touched her boobs a little bit by now. She had touched my dick a little bit in the hi-fi’s and taalis, My dick was erect for 1 hour now. I think she came to know my feelings, or we shared the same feelings. I took a blanket on my legs as it was cold.

She also took that same blanket over her legs and tummy area. Her hand went inside the blanket and she very lightly touched my erect dick. She was caressing it so lightly that I had not much idea about this. She saw that I do not know about her touch, so she pinched my dick hard.

I said, “Leave it, kutiya.” We laughed. I wanted to pinch her pussy lips or her nipple now but I took no chance yet. I said why you pinched on my delicate part? She said it is delicate? It is rock hard for 1 hour now. We laughed. I purposely took out my dick, the blanket was covering it.

I told her to let it rest out of the jeans now. This was just an excuse, we both knew it. After some time, I was trying to hold her hand and then I took her hand in my hand, then I caressed it a bit. I thought this is the right time and I put her hand on my dick.

She did not know what she is holding. She squeezed the dick a bit and then jumped up in the air after knowing it is my dick. This flight had not many passengers in the back area, near us at all. I told her, you can pinch the dick but not touch it now?

She said it is not like that. The alcohol was talking now. She said she liked the hardness. She then started feeling my dick with her soft hands. I love chubby girls and their chubby soft hands. I took started touching and feeling her soft red lips. She had fat red lips.

I held her upper lip with my thumb and first finger. I opened her lips and inserted my finger in her mouth. I then kissed her cheeks, then her lips. I took her first finger in my mouth and bit it a bit. The entire back area of the flight was empty. This was our bedroom for the next 4 hours.

I took her T-shirt up and took out her one boob from her bra, all of this was inside the blanket. Her T-shirt was up to almost her neck. I sat down and was under the blanket. If someone would have seen us, they would have thought there is only 1 passenger in the row.

I started sucking her nipples, they were very faint brown color, big areola and boobs were also fat. I enjoyed the boobs for a long time. I saw she is masturbating her pussy. I unzipped and took her jeans down, I inserted 1 finger from the side of her panty and then inserted it in her pussy.

My finger was not going inside much. But I was feeling a wet and hot pussy inside. She told me, not to do it here. I insisted a lot. Then I took my tongue and licked her pussy lips. She had light brown pussy lips. Maybe even pink lips. I love shaved pussy lips. I was eating her pussy.

I was inserting my tongue inside her pussy as deep as I can. I was biting her pussy lips. I was having as much as I could from her pussy. She had an orgasm there, her juices were all over my face. I used the tissues to wipe myself clean. Then I told her, let’s see what you can do now, go inside the blanket.

She went down, she did not know what is to be done exactly. I told her to take the dick in her mouth. She took the dick in her lips and was sucking it as if she is drinking coconut water with a straw. But I liked this. She was sucking only the top portion of my dick, we call it topa.

She was only sucking the pink area of the dick, but I was enjoying it. She told me that she has never done any sex in her life at all. I now had to fuck a virgin girl on the flight. While hiding from the air hostesses and not to get any red blood marks on the off-white blanket.

I took out all the hand rests of the 3 seats and I made her lie on the seats. I covered her with a blanket and took out her jeans. I kept the panty also on the floor. I then went inside the blanket a bit and now the blanket was covering her completely. While my waist area was also inside the blanket.

The lights were out, no one was near us at all. So I was now trying to put my dick inside her pussy. She was also knowing what is coming next, she was waiting patiently for the dick and fucking. I started inserting my dick inside her pussy. I knew she will make a lot of noise any time now.

My dick’s head was inside now but was not going in further. A hymen pussy wall was obstructing the dick. I liked this feeling of the hymen wall. I tried to insert more into the pussy. I felt the wall is having a small hole for entrance and exit. I entered my dick there and I covered her lips.

I gave her a small half stroke to get half of my dick inside. She wanted to shout out loud, but I was able to stop her. I saw a tear come out of her eyes as her virginity was broken. I took her virginity. Her small pussy and small waist were not meant for a huge man like me.

I mean 5″2 height girl is nothing much in front of a huge man of 5″11 height. Her small pussy seemed like not made for my big long fat dick. But to my surprise, the half portion of my dick had gone in her pussy. I was feeling her side bones obstructing my dick whenever I tried to insert more into her pussy.

With small strokes, I then somehow inserted the entire dick in her vagina. The feeling was good. I felt a smooth pussy which is very small for the dick, but the pussy is wet and hot. The pussy wanted a good fucking. I started giving her small strokes, then bigger strokes. I was now fucking her with more speed.

I have a habit to take the entire dick out of the pussy and insert it back in the pussy while fucking. I keep doing this in the entire fucking session. But this time, my dick head had some obstruction always at the opening of her pussy. Anyways, I kept fucking her.

But if someone would have come there during this time, we were grounded for sure then. I knew no one will disturb us for the next 2 hours as everyone is asleep in the front area of the flight. This staff boy had given us the best possible seats in the economy class itself. I will never forget this kindness.

I kept fucking her for a long time. I fucked the hell out of her. She was enjoying the fuck to her core. She had 1 orgasm and while her second orgasm was going on, I also finished as I came inside her. I always have a condom in my wallet. My aunty once caught this condom in my wallet. But still, I always have it, for protection.

I put on this condom and then I came in her pussy. I hurried up and put on all the clothes, then went to the toilet. I observed closely if someone was watching, but no one was there at the backside. I then washed the dick thoroughly to make it ready for the next fucking session.

I came back to see the horrific red stains all over the blanket. I packed that blanket back in its package very carefully as if to show that we never used this blanket. Then she took out the other blanket, covered her again and started the next session. I take some time to get my dick up the second time.

I sucked her soft nipples till I get an erection. I enjoyed her boobs, I squeezed them as if kneading flour dough. Only this way I get an erection for the second time. Then I inserted my half-erect half limp dick in her pussy. My dick went inside, saw hot pussy and became fully erect dick.

I told her this time it will take a lot of time, she agreed. I continued fucking her for maybe 30 minutes or so. She had 3 orgasms in around 5 minutes of gaps at that time. Whenever she had an orgasm, her pussy used to catch my dick tightly, just like an asshole does. Her pussy used to squeeze my dick.

In her third orgasm my dick gave up and I ejaculated in her. We then covered and dressed. We never wanted to fuck inside the toilet of the airplane as it is so small and can be dirty. I never like to fuck on the commode of the toilet. We then went to sleep. in a few hours, we were in India.

We are in contact after that but we never got a chance for the next fuck as she had to return to Russia in a few days.

This story took a lot of time to write, thanks for reading it all up. Please send me some suggestions or feedback, or what you think about this situation on my email [email protected] I can come to meet you in Mumbai, Pune, Nashik. If any women are interested, just mail me.

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