Our Mistake And Their Pleasure – Part 2

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Hi guys, this me, Nicole. I am back with the second part of my story. If you haven’t read the previous part, please read it as it’s important to understand things about my family and me. Now, without wasting any more time, let’s begin.

I, and the rest of the gang, made our way toward the highway after the sunset. We were all tired and restless. It had been over 24 hours since any of us ate anything. The night in the desert had turned cool, as it always does.

The other girls and I sat on either side of the road. We were desperately waiting for some car to drive down that deserted road and give us a lift. Vanessa and Thomas pursed their lips around my breasts and started to suck milk from them.

We had no water with us. The only source we had to keep ourselves hydrated was the milk our body produced. But even that had started to run low as we had not eaten anything in over a day.

My naked body trembled when the cold wind smacked against my white back. Saurav and his gang had fucked us all for the entire duration of the night before. In the morning, they bailed on us, leaving us alone and helpless in the middle of nowhere.

But it wasn’t just that they left us alone. Those bastards also drove away with all our clothes in their cars, leaving us to bear it all in the open. Though the rest of my family didn’t mind being naked in public, I was still in a state of limbo over it.

My two sisters and I were Americans who settled in India, escaping an abusive family back at home. We were adopted by a man who later became our father-in-law. The family that my sister and I were married into is a Sambhogvyanam family.

It is an ancient tradition where we worship sex and sexual acts rather than any god. According to our customs, sex within the family is permitted and encouraged. Men and women can engage in polygamy. Sex outside the family is also allowed.

During our two sacred months, we cannot say no to sex if someone asks for it to our face. Even if the person is a complete stranger and we just accidentally stumbled into him or her on the road. I sat, staring at the dark sky above and two of my kids sucking the last bit of milk out of my boobs.

Two bright balls twinkled at the horizon. They seemed to be approaching in our direction at a fast pace. Woosh, a minibus zoomed past us. I felt dejected when it crossed us. But my hopes were up again when it stopped a few paces ahead and tracked back towards us.

Its door flung open, and a handsome young man stepped out of it.

“Well, well, well… what do we have here?” said the guy.

“Hi, I’m Nicole. Could you help us?” I asked eagerly. The rest of the girls joined me as well.

“Hi Nicole, I am Shekhar. I would love to help you, but first I want to ask, what has happened to you? Why are you all naked in the open?”

I could see the smile forming on his face when Richelle explained to him everything that had happened. The doors of the bus shut close. We looked at each other, bewildered. Did he seriously shut the door to our faces right after we told him that a group of strange men fucked our brains out the night before?

He should have taken it as a sign of opportunity. Do such men even exist? Richelle even told him that we were in the middle of our sacred month, where we were compelled to agree to a sexual offer if it were made to our faces. He reappeared after a minute, beaming from ear to ear.

“Well, we will help you, but…”

“Yes, yes… we’ll let you fuck us,” Richelle jumped before Shekhar could finish. I glared at her. But she didn’t even register my concern. “But do let us eat something first, or we’ll starve to death,” she added.

“Good… hop in,” Shekhar nodded at us.

Richelle pushed Shekhar aside and led us in. There were 18 guys inside, apart from Shekhar. But not enough to deck the bus. All of the boys stood up and welcomed us with thunderous applause. They stood on either of the aisles, touching our asses and boobs as we made our way to the back of the bus.

We settled at the back, and Shekhar tossed a big box full of sandwiches at us. Like cats jumping onto birds, we poured onto that box. We didn’t care if we looked shabby or outright savages as we devoured those pieces of bread.

We were hungry to death and naked from head to toe. So we didn’t care about how it looked. After gulping no less than 8 sandwiches, I leaned back into my seat, my back arched, my eyes closed, and my legs spread open.

“Full,” Shekhar said softly, sitting down next to me.

“Ya,” I looked at him for a brief moment and closed my eyes again.

“So, is that all true about your family? Anyone can fuck anyone?”

“Yes. It’s all true.”

“WOW!” he exclaimed in amazement. “I never heard about you guys before.”

“We tend to stay a bit quiet and aloof as this world doesn’t understand our culture,” I replied, eyes still closed. I wasn’t sleepy. We had slept the entire duration of the daytime. The food that I finally got to have made me sit there with my eyes closed and admire life.

“Your step-daughter, Kavya, she looks so familiar.”

“She works in porn. You must have seen her in a few movies,” I replied casually.

“What! Really! A pornstar, hidden in this desert!” Shekhar gave a jump in his seat in excitement. No sooner than he announced the news to the rest, all the boys in the bus gathered around my Kavya like bees around honey.

“So,” he placed his hand on my thigh as he spoke, “Mom of a pornstar, huh? You proud of your girl?” His other hand fell on my other thigh.

“Ya, I am,” I answered, still keeping my eyes shut. “She made her mark in the industry. I am proud of my girl.”

I had not appreciated the family’s customs I got married into. But the talk that my sister Richelle had with me in the morning had made me reconsider my position.

My mind drifted back to the time when she was just a kid. Though Kavya is not biologically mine, I still love her like my own. She was 4 when I was brought into her home. I don’t know what drew her to me, but I would always find her by my side.

Every time she would cry, I was the only one who could calm her down. She would sleep in the same bed as me, with her arm around my shoulders. She would share all her problems with me, would spend more time with me than her mother.

Nikki Ma is what she calls me. For some reason, it brings a smile to my face whenever she does. Unlike others in the family, I was quite upset when she told us that she would join porn. I replayed the old memories in my head.

I felt Shekhar’s hands grab my breasts and something soft and wet rub against my cunt. I knew what it was, but I said nothing. Maybe the old me would have protested. But I wanted to embrace my culture.

I wanted to embrace the family’s culture that gave me home. They called me their own when my biological one didn’t. One of my new family’s customs is that we cannot refuse someone for sex if they ask it during one of our holy months. This was the dead middle of our holy month.

I bit my lips hard as he continued to lip my clit. He was an amazing licker, I must admit. The things he could do with his tongue had never been done to me before. I wish I had words to describe it, but unfortunately, it could only be felt.

Now that my belly was stuffed with food, my strength was back to its best. I desired something else to be stuffed as well. I patted his head and gestured him to put it in.

Shekhar pulled the lever on the side of my seat, and it rolled back a little. I lifted my legs. He came over me like a blanket covering a body in winter and pushed his big fat dick in. My hands moved across his brilliantly carved abs, around his back, and down to his ass as his cock caressed the insides of my vagina.

My breaths picked up the pace, and his thumping got intense.

“Mmm… yes… yes… yes… yes,” I moaned.

“You ladies are wild,” Shekhar whispered into my ears.

I finally opened my eyes and rolled them in the socket to look around. All the other girls were in the same spot as I was. Our collective moans reverberated in the bus. The bus had stopped, and everyone had climbed onto someone.

“Ya… ya… fuck me like that… do it… like that,” I screamed as he turned into a sex-hungry bull.

“Oh god, Nicole, you are one great fuck,” moaned Shekhar. “I am coming.”

In no time, he shot his massive load up my pussy and fell on me like timber. We kissed for sometime before he got off me. I looked over my head to see if Kavya was done as well, which she was.

I hailed her and sat her on my lap like I used to do when she was a child. Her weight reminded me that she was no longer a baby but a mother of her own now. Her weight did put some pressure on my legs. I was ready to bear the pain.

“I am sorry, sweetie, I didn’t appreciate it when you joined porn. But I am proud of you now,” I kissed on her cheeks as the cum rolled down her pussy and dripped onto my thigh.

“Thank you, Nikki Ma,” she replied, tears brimming in her eyes. “It means a lot to me.”

“There was a time when you used to sit on my lap like this. And now look at you, you have kids of your own who can sit on your lap,” I pushed her locks behind her ears, and our lips locked into each other.

“I always felt empty from inside whenever I did porn. But with your blessing, I can now be at peace,” she replied and rested her head on my shoulder.

“Kavya, can you do something for me?” I asked softly.

“Nikki Ma, you know I will never refuse you. You don’t need to seek my permission. Just order me, and I will do it,” she replied adoringly.

“Can you drink milk out of my breast,” I said with a twinkle in my eyes. “I wasn’t able to give birth to you. but at least I can feed you my milk like a mother does to her child.”

“With pleasure, Nikki Ma,” she smiled and curled her soft lips around my nipples. I could feel the jet of milk shooting out of my breast and into her mouth. Shekhar was a great fucker, I won’t deny, but that moment right there felt greater than sex.

After having a small conversation, Prashant, one of the guys on the bus, came up to me and said, “We have decided. We will take you to your home, but after we visit all the places, we want to in Rajasthan.”

“But that would mean it will take us 10 days to get back home,” Kelly said worryingly.

“That’s our proposal,” Prashant replied sternly.

“We got no clothes, though,” said Melanie. “We won’t be allowed to visit any of those places if we are naked.”

“We know,” he replied. “We’ll buy you clothes. But, you got to let us fuck you whenever we want and wherever we want,” he added comprehensively.

“In that case, we would need a lot of condoms,” I said seductively and spread my legs wide, resting them on the two side handles of the seat.

“We can take care of that as well,” answered Prashant, pushing his undies down. I pushed my seat as far back as I could. He brought his fat frame over me and pushed his dick inside my wet pussy.

“I like your fucking family,” he said, ramming me hard.

“No, I don’t want you to like my fucking family. I want you to like fucking my family,” I replied as I dug my nails into his butt cheeks.

That’s it for this part, guys. I would like to know your thoughts about this erotic tale. You can tell me that in the comment section below or message me on my id [email protected]

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