Sex with my fan- My previous Story reader

Here comes the real story girl Name is Nancy (Name changed). On Jan 1st New year around 12 PM Noon, I got a feedback for my previous story

Her figure would be 36 – 32 – 34 and her height would be around 5ft 4in. myself 6 feet tall.

Sex with ISS Story reader who lives in Bangalore, below is the conversation

Nancy: Hello Kumar, Your story was awesome. Good work keep it up.

Me: Hey Nancy Nice to meet you! I am glad to hear my story got posted. May I know when it got posted?

Nancy: Posted on Dec 31st 2021.

Me: Really I am excited and Happy to hear feedback from you, Please apologies could you please share the link of the story, I am unable to track the story.

Nancy: She sent above the link

Me: Hey Thank you much dear, So How was my story could hope you had liked it.

Nancy: Yes Kumar, usually I never share the feedback but i could see your story is short and seems to real.

Me: Yes dear I always write only real story not even one word imagination.

Nancy: Great to hear, also it had triggered my previous time / past time

Me: Great to hear first time getting feedback from the girl, i am super excited.

Nancy: SO Kumar what you do, May i know your age and location.

Me: Myself Kumar from Tamilnadu, Working in Bangalore as a software Engineer my age 27

Nancy: Myself Nancy and working too, My age 25

Me: SO by the way, you’re single?

Nancy: Yes i am single and happy

Me: Wow nice to Hear!! I am also single

Nancy: Just thought of giving feedback and i would like to ask once again is this real incident or imagination

Me: No Second though Nancy, it’s always real.

Nancy: Good One

Me: So by the way happy New Year 2022

Nancy: Thank you Kumar, wish you same. What’s up for the plan on New Year.

Me: Currently i am not in Bangalore, i am in Delhi.

Nancy: Delhi, what special?

Me: Hmm i decided myself to have mountain trek, so i am trekking to see the sun rise.

Nancy: Great! Which place? And you went with friends?

Me: No Dr, i came alone. Place is Himalayas. You know something here it’s very cool Minus 17 degree

Nancy: Great to hear! Hope your safe and healthy and have suitable garments to bear the cold.

Me: Yes Nancy thank you i am safe and trek is over and currently waiting for my flight to fly soon to Delhi.

Nancy: Oh super, can i see the pictures.

Me: Sure, sent a snow pictures.

Nancy: Seriously its nice i wish i can go before my marriage

Me: Yes you can give a try but make sure. Girls always need a company because hear no proper washroom and no proper stuff, because place is unknown.

Nancy: Hmm

Me: So your still single? No BF

Nancy: yes Kumar

Me: Hahaha can i be your BF with weird gif.

Nancy: Hahahaha sry no commitments

Me: Haha me to dr, May i know are you interested in FWB? Only if you’re comfortable.

Nancy: FWB ? May i know what is that?

Me : Hmmm its Friends with Benefits

Nancy: Oh acha. Now got it!!

Me: By the way can i see your pic.

Nancy: Sure, got few photos

Me: Sure thank you dr! you can delete the pic because i respect the privacy

Nancy: So when you will be in Bangalore/

Me: Me tomorrow around 9 AM i would reach, by the way are you interested to meet me?

Nancy: Sure for me week off so i am free to meet you.

Me: Ha-ha shall we write story together?

Nancy: Not sure, let’s see on the flow may or May not happen.

Me: I replied late due to flight journey.

Nancy: Ok Kumar its already over mid night. Let me know once you reach

Me: Good Morning Dr, i have reached home let me take bath get some rest. Please let me know when we can meet

Nancy: Around 12-2 PM Noon?

Me: Hey you did not sleep?

Nancy: Sleep? Hey Man see the time it’s already 8 AM Morning i got up and getting ready myself

me: Great to hear Dr with Kiss gif

Nancy: Are you trying to trigger me ?

Me: May be yes / No but i love to kiss you and smooch

Nancy: Kumar once again i am saying first lets meet and then we will decide.

so the 1 PM i kept alarm and got up. Got a message from Nancy i am travelling to your location. Let me know if you can meet by today or tomorrow would be also fine.

Me: No worries dr, i am ready let me know once you reach the bus stop we will meet up?

Nancy: cool

Me: By the way do you smoke or booze?

Nancy: Yes i do, vodka

Me: Great dr, shall we meet in my home for a Vodka drink?

Nancy: Sure!

Me : Just one last question may i know your fav position in sex ?

Nancy: on top of me

Me: i sent a sex position as a gif

Nancy: Yes correct.

Now my friend’s time has come, we met and spoke for 30 Min and decided to have glass of vodka in my home.

Nancy: Hey your place is cool Kumar.

Me: Yes Nancy this place is full of trees and i stay alone.

Nancy: Good da

Me: Have a smoke

Nancy: Thank you! So Kumar is this Bed you fucked the Muslim girl?

Me: Haha yes dr, i would like to have with you too

Nancy: haha

Me: Boys always starts and i kissed her eyes and ears lobes. Guys just note kissing and licking inside ear will trigger the girls

Nancy started to respond and exchanged saliva, since i am having sex after few weeks our kiss lasted for 1 hour.

She dressed in formals, slowly i started to press her hip and way she mouned was awesome understood that’s her weak point.

Slowly i pressed her boobs and she responded well and she started to bite my lips heavily. My lips was rose. I removed her Formal dress wow. What a Melons it was.

I was pressing slowly unhooked the pink bra i was in heaven but she removed my dress i was only in panty. She started to press my cock hard inside panty.

I removed her bra and teasing her nipple by biting hard and press like Roti preparation. Her Nipples and white colour boobs became full red like porn movie.

Our smooch was around 1 hour and went down to navel licking with saliva and teasing her pussy her panty was full wet.

Now i have removed and licking her pussy like dairy milk chocolate, seriously her aroma was awesome. I was licking her pussy for close to 45 min.

She was very high and i was too. We had vodka now to make our-self more high. After 3 rounds we were heaven and we started fuck. Now i was teasing her pussy with my un-protected cock. I was over Moody and my cock was big enough 7 inch to insert.

I cleaned my cock and rolled a chocolate flavour condom because girls love the flavour. So i started to fuck her with lot of courage and strength. Wow what a sexy pussy you got baby.

Yes Kumar your cock is so big and i am feeling it baby. our first fuck lasted around 20 Min. I was about to cum, she holded my balls and making me not to Cum. Somewhat i controlled and fucked her 5 min. Once i have released.

I have removed the condom and immediately went 69 started wow what a pleasure my cock again stood up in next 10 Min, she asked Kumar please fuck with out condom please.

No Nancy lets do it next time, she said ok and gave awesome tremendous blowjob. She licked my little of part of sperm.

Session continued lively around 7 pm Evening. Then we decided to fuck in next meet also.

I am writing a story were she also read this. Her wish is to have three-some me Nancy and one more girl

Thats all guys If any one like my story give thumbs up or share your feedback

if any girls or aunty no age bar in bangalore, coimbatore, chennai willing to meet for coffee or willing to have sex with me we can take forward only if you’re comfortable.

please reach out to me over hangout : [email protected] or telegram : kumardolphin

Cheers guys happy new year once again be Safe! have a protected Sex always.

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