Last 2 Humans Fucked And Satisfy Each Other – Part 9

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We moved towards the couch. Maasi simply sat in the doggy position as I inserted my dick in her asshole. She loved anal sex as I pounded her fat and thick ass loudly. Our skins pounding were making huge clapping sounds, and I kept spanking her.

We fucked everywhere! In the balcony, in the kitchen. The kitchen was very special. Maasi spilled some chocolate syrup on my cock and then started licking it. I laughed and said, “You like your chocolate lollipop?” Maasi laughed and said, “Hmm, yummy. ”

Then, I spread some chocolate syrup on her boobs and pussy and licked it off. First, her big boobs and then that hot pussy. Then Maasi said, “You love my feet, right? You have a dirty fetish for my legs.”

I said, “Yes! I love your beautiful soft and shaved legs.” She stood up from the kitchen counter and held my dick and started pulling me. It was like she was using my dick as a rope to pull me. She took me to the bedroom and then lay down on her bed.

She raised her feet and put them in my mouth. She said, “Lick my toes, honey!” I was really happy as I sucked her soft toes, which smelled very nice. Then she put one of her foot down and started stroking my dick with her toes. Then she started stroking with both legs. I was enjoying fucking her feet.

After doing this for a lot of time, I jumped on Maasi and started kissing. It was midnight. We had fucked for more than 12 hours! I said, “Maasi, your viagra idea has helped us enjoy so much.”

She smiled and said, ” Ah, Suraj! You really did a good job today. Do you want to end it now? Want to fill your Maasi’s mouth with your juice?”

I laughed and spanked her ass. I said, “Maasi, today I would be actually releasing a lot of sperm now… due to the two viagra pills!”

Maasi looked a bit shocked as she knew I would be showering so much of sperm. She said, “Okay, monster. You can shower it all on my face, my boobs, and my body. I’ll swallow some of that yummy juice and spread it all on my body.”

I agreed and said, “Okay, then! come and suck my dick. ” She bent down and started sucking my dick hard. I was about to cum, so I held her head and pushed it completely into my cock. She was moaning.

The plan was to take her mouth out and then let me spray my sperm on her. But I was enjoying so much that I completely filled her mouth. She coughed a lot as she was not expecting it. I almost cummed inside her mouth for more than 30 seconds continuously.

She swallowed everything with a lot of difficulties. When my sperm was finally finished, she looked at me angrily and said, “That was so much Suraj! You said you will cum on my tits. But you cum inside my mouth! ”

I smiled and said, “Sorry, darling. I was enjoying so much that I couldn’t control it.” She caught some breath and then gave me her beautiful smile.

She said, “Haha, it’s okay. It was really yummy and hot, and it was so fucking much! More than a glass of sperm! I was not expecting it, so I got shocked.”

I smiled and said, ” Okay, my work is done. Now it’s your turn Maasi. Come on, lay down and let me suck eat your pussy.” She lay down so slowly and erotically. I bent down and slowly kissed her pussy. Then I put one finger inside her pussy and used my tongue to rub her clit.

She was moaning loudly as her orgasm came closer and closer. She was shouting with joy and was breathing very fast and then suddenly! She started squirting. I was expecting her pussy juice to come. So I moved back and opened my mouth.

She was shouting as her pussy juice showered on me. She squirts for almost 20 seconds, and I drank all her pussy juice. The whole room was wet with her pussy juice. Then she just fell down with her eyes closed. I cleaned my face and then went to her on the bed.

She was still breathing pretty fast and was calming herself. I asked her, “Are you still waking up, Maasi?” Maasi slowly opened her eyes and looked at me. She said, “Yes, honey. I was just trying to catch my breath after that hot orgasm.” I laughed and said, “You showered a lot of juice there.”

She laughed and said, “I know. You were so good at licking, and the viagra made me very horny. So that happened, ” I said, ” It’s okay, darling. I drank all of it, and it was very yummy.”

She kissed me and said, ” You love me, right? ” I said, ” Of course, darling! I love every single thing about you.” She kissed me on my lips and said, ” I love you too, Suraj! Thank you for such a good… ”

She stopped before completing her sentence and fell asleep. I laughed and looked at her beautiful face. I was so happy to have her with me. Her pussy was still pulsating as she went into a deep sleep. I kissed her on her forehead and slowly put my head on her thighs and slept.

I was really happy to have her in my life and wanted to spend my whole life with her. Have fun, sex with her every day, and love her forever. And that’s what we did.

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