How i Slowly Seduced my Worker -1

Hi all my name is sharma , 40 years of age and I was born and brought in ap but currently settled in Bangalore, Karnataka. This incident started five years back. Let me describe about my self first, like many others writes here saying that they look like film actors or they have an excellent gym body, and I know many of them lying, I am an ordinary looking guy and very common body structure but I look bit younger than my actual age.

Let me start the story I shifted to Bangalore from kurnool some 7 years ago with my wife and 3 months baby girl and started a small scale textile industry in the outskirts of Bangalore. Along with me I hired another 8 ladies for the work and all of them married and most of them well over my age except two ladies both are in the early thirties. One is bhavya is bit darker in color but with good shape body structure she is neither fat nor slim the other one is divya with white complexion with a cute face and sexy body structure, let me describe more about divya though she has an awesome boobs which is 36d size (later I got to know) but her ass is the main attraction for her. It is not so big in size but it moves like a jelly while she is walking.

Though I am the owner of the factory I used to work with them like another labor as it was the starting time of my factory and I was struggling for money in the initial stages.
Initially I was interacting with them only in Telugu (though I know Kannada) as they also very fluent in Telugu, among them they used to talk in Kannada and they assumed that I did not know Kannada. Divya and bhavya got very friendly while working and they started to share all details and they used to talk all their day to day activities, and started to discuss all matters freely assuming I will not understand. With time they started to share all details from cooking to fucking. Though I understood everything they have spoken I never shown any sign of understanding I didn’t even had a small smile for their jokes this made them believe that I do not understand what they were talking.

Every day morning divya and bhavya will start to describe about their sexual sessions with their husbands, bhavya used to have sex ones in two days on the other hand divya’s husband used to fuck her daily sometimes twice a day, though both of them got married for sixteen seventeen years (they got married when they were 15 years of age and bhavya had a daughter in her fifteen and son in fourteen divya had 2 sons one is 14 and the elder is 15) still they are very strong in sex. But I never showed any interest in them as I had a very good sex like with my wife most of the time I used to have sex at least twice a day one in the morning and one in the night, and to be frank being a brahmin girl my wife was pretty compared to my workers. Everything went smoothly for another year till my wife separated from me for my financial conditions as business did not go well in the starting periods and she wanted to close this factory and she wanted me to be with her parents in kurnool which I opposed strongly and we agreed for a mutual divorce and she settled with their parents. More than the sex I missed my baby girl, she was my world and I started to get depressed and lost focus on the business. After this issue divya and bhavya felt bad for me and they started to talk more with me saying that I have to be strong and they did not want me to turn in to alcoholic or any other bad activities as I was very decent employer and they have a very good opinion about me as I never ever looked at them in any wrong ideas and while working also I was very careful and not even once my fingers touched them. Slowly but steadily both of them became my friends and they started to bring foods for me on turns, initially I said not bring the food for me but they convinced me saying this is not big burden as somehow they bring food for them.

Divya is 4 years younger to me and bhavya is in my age. With days passing we became close friends as we are almost same age group. We broke the employer employee barrier and became very close friends, they even started to crack some adult’s only jokes in front of me, and slowly I also overcame my depression and then only I realized how sexy these ladies are specially divya. I secretly started to watch divya and started to develop a feeling for her, then only I noticed how sexy divya’s ass while she is walking I did not had any guts to say anything or to initiate any sexual movements with them as they became very good friends of mine not only that I did not want to spoil my good man image. So I acted as normal. With time our friendship got very closer and they started to invite me for their house for any festivals or any other special occasions. Not only bhavya and dhivya but their family members also became very friendly with me, the way their family members treated me I felt guilt inside me for having a sexual desire for divya. Everyone in divya’s family including her husband accepted me like a member of their family as a result of this there is a war started inside me between my good part and evil part. Though evil is started to win the war slowly over the good side still I managed to control my feelings for divya. I think divya too started to understand the change in me still she trusted me over my feeling. I started to give small gifts like her favourite color nail polish different kind of key bunches initially she was not accepting gifts I convinced her that these are very little things compared to her and her family members caring towards me. Slowly I started to realize that even divya started to like me may be not in the sexual way as her husband is very good in sex and she is very much satisfied in her sexual life but as a person and the way I talk and behave. Due to some financial problems my factory was not running regularly, like if we work for one week then we will be closed for another week mean time myself and divya started to talk a lot in person and also in the phone when the factory is closed as there will be no one in her house as her husband goes for work and children go for school. While talking now I started to praise her beauty and was saying that I have never seen a beauty like her in my life, she used to laugh lot and says do not lie I am not pretty as your wife, she is gorgeous. When she talk about my ex wife I started to get irritated and I started to show my anger also to divya for some reasons divya started to tease me a lot praising my ex wife

One day they planned a family trip to tirupati both divyas and bhavyas whole family members except bhavyas husband joined the trip and they invited me and I agreed as my factory was closed for that week and we started in my mahindra xylo. I was driving the car and next to me was divyas husband in the middle row bhavya and divya sat, children were in the third row, I set the rear view mirror in a way that divya was always in my sight divya too noticed this and she was smiling for this. While we were waiting for dharshan in the tirupati myself and divya had some free time to talk freely as the children were busy talking something and divyas husband was trying his luuck to seduce bhavya (which both divya and bhavya knows) while talking as usual I was staring at her assets she was smiling and talking suddenly she said that sir what you are doing is not correct as we can’t cheat my husband as he is very much trust us it was said suddenly and I was struck with thousands of atom bombs. I was unable to utter a word the way it was said to me there was no angry in her words still I can feel the friendship in her voice but also she is very strong in her decision. After few mins I mange to cool down my emotions and asked her have I ever misbehaved with you? She said calmly “So far no and in future also I don’t want you to misbehave” she was very calm and relaxed while saying this and she moved away to join with her friend and husband. In the trip I felt uneasy and felt pain near my chest area when I was complaining about this divya had a strange look and first time I saw anger in her eyes, she did not believe me and she thought I am acting. Along with ramesh (divyas husband) I met a doctor there and he gave some medicines and instructed me to go for a medical checkup after returning home. After returning Bangalore divya reduced the talks with me but in front of others she acted like nothing happened, slowly she started to avoid phone calls with me I felt sad but I did not forced divya over this issue. As instructed by doctors I went for a heart checkups the results was normal they said nothing to worry, but day by day pain started more and while having the food I felt pain and difficultly in swallowing the food but I did not tell anyone about this as I was afraid again divya will think that I am acting slowly I reduced the amount of food which resulted a huge weight loss this created a bus in the divyas family ramesh has noted this and asked me about this I said nothing wrong I am fine, but he is not convinced with my answer and told divyas to ask me. Next day as usual factory was given leave for one week as there were not much of orders to full fill. Divya call me after all left the house, after few mins of casual talks and said that ramesh has some doubt over your health and she told me that whatever you plan I will not fall for your trap. I felt very sad and cut the call and again she called me and asked me to behave normal then I sworn on my baby girl and said I am not acting but I am having pain while eating food after long discussion I agreed to go for a full medical checkups and found that I am I having 2nd stage cancer in the food path. Some time good things can happen through the bad times in your life, it happened to me also

After talking to the doctor divya felt guilt over her behaviour and for not trusting me this brought he closer to me again she apologized me for her behaviour but I said you do not have to ask sorry for me as what she felt was correct about my feeling for her. I confessed her that I am in love with her and I knew that I can’t have sex with her as I also don’t wanted to cheat to ramesh. I assured her that I will not ask anything which she does not like. With days passing my pain started to grow more and more and divya started to take care a lot about my health and ramesh too said to her to look after me carefully. One fine day when she was serving food for me in the factory she bent to serve food as she was not wearing a duppatta and the neck line of the chudidar also deeper I saw big part of her boobs which gave me instant hard and I even didn’t feel much pain which she is also noticed in my face and she bent twice or thrice again while serving the food, that day I ate little more food than I usually take after the cancer the pain also very less. Next day morning divya called me and asked yesterday u ate well in and u were having less pain what is the reason? I said nothing like that but she insisted me to tell the truth so I told

Me : when you serve the food while you bending I saw part of your boobs I was feeling horny so I did not feel the pain,

Divya : are you serious ? Didn’t you feel pain at all?

Me :pain was there I did not feel as I was aroused
She kept silence for some time and then asked how do you feel now?
Me : if you don’t get angry I will tell you the truth
She : OK tell me I will not get angry
Me : I was having the pain till you called after talking to you about yesterday’s incident I feel horny and I don’t have pain now
She was silence for some time and cut the call I try to call again she disconnected the call again, after some time again she called me
Me: I am sorry if I talked anything wrong, you said you will not get angry
She : I am not angry with you but I was thinking
Me : what were you thinking?
She : I also noticed that while u saw my boobs you were ease and you ate little more . So I decided to help you till you recover
Me : how?
She : I will make you horny while you eat so that you will not have much pain and you can eat more food so that you will recover fast
I was like in cloud nine without believing my luck I asked her are you serious?
She : yes but based on two conditions
Me : what?
She : no one you should not let anyone knows about this second you should not try to touch me you can see me that’s all OK?
Me : thanks but you don’t have to do all this divi, u have already done enough and more
She: sir more than boss you are a good friend of mind so do not worry but don’t expect this after your recovery
After few mins of casual talks she cut the phone and she took permission from ramesh to call me for lunch when the factory is closed and being a good person ramesh didn’t feel any doubt and called me and said that even if he is not there you can have the food in their house. With this words ramesh became like god in my heart, and I made a promise to myself I will not cross the line and never ever to cheat on ramesh. Next day she called me for lunch for her house as I reached no one was there except divya today she is wearing a nighty as she was not going anywhere, while serving rice she bent down but unfortunately I could not see anything as it was a full neck nighty with all buttons closed properly, she had a mischievous smile on her face she was enjoying my disappointment I dint say anything I kept quiet as I don’t want to make her sad. She asked me to sit on the floor and went again to kitchen to get gravy while returning I noticed that top button of her nighty is opened and while serving gravy she asked me are you happy now? I am unable to utter a word as the sight was incredible and I forgot about the pain and ate little more food than usual and I finished the lunch. Next day also same thing happened while serving her top button of the nighty was open and I got instead hard on my dick and I finished the lunch when I was about to wash my hand she said have little more rice I said no I am full she said ok fine but I thought if u take some more rice I wanted open one more button but your wish. I said ok and while she return top two buttons of the nighty were open and while she bend 75% of the milky white boobs were visible and her black bra was also visible she is like sex good in the position I was thinking like I can see her like that till I die as her milky white boobs are much more sexier with the black bra, I started to eat very slowly for two reasons one is the pain second I don’t want to finish the scene soon as I was felling so hornier after two days we are out of the guilt as she thought this is also some kind of treatment and I also thought that just watching will not be a sin, slowly we even started to talk, she asked me how is it? I said superb by looking at her boobs laughingly she said I asked about the food I also smiled and said I too said only about food both were laughing and she was staying like that till I finished my food after reaching my house I called her and thanked her for caring she said no problem and asked me how did I felt I said I thoroughly enjoyed and she is very sexy and hot ramesh is lucky to have a wife like you she was laughing and said that I can’t see any pain in your voice? I said whenever I see you or talk to you in this manner I feel very excited so I don’t feel pain if you don’t mind can you give me permission to talk naughty stuffs with you, she was laughing like a river and said naughty boy and of course you can as I said earlier you can’t touch me you can talk anything

Then I asked about how ramesh fucks her I asked her to describe all details like time and the positions and how she respond. She was felt bit shy at starting then she was very free and she was telling all the things how he fucks how long he fucks this made me feel very much sexually aroused so i took out my dick and gently started to stroke and I asked about panty color I just saw her bra she said that you should not ask all this questions as these are very personal things again I pleaded saying that pls pls pls just wanted to know that’s all after few seconds she told me that it is cream color panty then again she continued about their last night sessions when she about to finish I unloaded the cum and left a small moan. By hearing this she kept silence for few seconds and continued before ending the call I asked her can she wear a red color bra tomorrow she said she does not have red then I asked which color u going to wear for that she said come and see yourself tomorrow and cut the call as usual I went for the lunch time. I was disappointed as the nighty she worn today is closed neck without buttons I complained to her about I am unable to see anything but you promised to see the color of the bra by myself. She said dont worry I will never break my promise and turned her back to me and slowly but carefully lifted her nighty and made sure her petticoat stuck down, slowly her nighty was going up and my heart beat started to rise now the nighty reached her ass level I was saying to myself this girl knows how to seduce a man and make him go crazy. She was doing such a manner that it took nearly five mins to reach her ass. Now I can see her panty line above her petticoat. I want to grab her butt and slap her ass but I controlled myself now her nighty reached her back and slowly I can see her milky white bare back then after long wait I saw the straps of the bra which is purple color and my dick is full erected stage and it was like a volcano which is ready to explode. She said have you seen the color I said yes in tumbling voice and with some courage I asked I want to see the panty color too expecting she will lift the petticoat too but is much cleverer than me she turned the petticoat to one side which had a small gap in her waist area which is used to tie the rope of the petticoat. Then she put down the nighty. Then she turned my side I was about to wash my hand she said u have not taken the extra food today I said what do I get extra to see then? She put some more rice in my plate and she sat in the ground and she started to pull her nighty along with the petticoat this time all of my blood started to run to my dick at the same time. Her knees and milky white lower thighs were visible to me those legs were like white color marble pillars she had no hair in her legs at all. While doing this she asked me what I was doing yesterday while talking in the phone? I felt embarrassing after getting to know she knew what I was doing, I said sorry she said don’t be, while talking in the phone you can masturbate whenever you want I was very happy hearing this to be continued……… Based on your response

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