Jerking Off To My Sleeping Step Mom

It was night time. The bed had 2 people sleeping on it – my step mom on the wall side and me beside her. Some hours later, my stepmom was in deep sleep. I always loved to touch her navel. It was like the navel of actress Madhuri Dixit in the song “Gale me laal taai”.

Her back was towards my side. My step mom is milky white and MILFy. Slowly, I touched her hot back revealed in her blouse. She didn’t show any reaction. So, with my thumb, I touched from her neck and went all the way till her waist. I put my whole palm on my stepmom’s back and was moving on her bare white skin while rubbing my penis.

Then I took off my underwear. My dick was already rock hard and erect. I started massaging it softly. I then adjusted my height and touched her bare skin on her waist with my penis.

My penis had some precum that got pasted to her waist and when I pulled out of her waist, the sticky cum between the waist and penis made a very long thread! I took that cum-sticky thread on my fingers from my penis hole. I wanted to masturbate to this as I was feeling very horny and erotic. But I did not.

The secret is to control the urge and last long. So I shifted close to my sleeping step mom and at this position, my penis was in direct contact with the skin of her waist just above where she tugged her saree.

I adjusted my penis and now my balls pressing on her bare waist. She wasn’t giving any signs of waking up. I started moving and rubbing my balls and penis on her waist slowly. It was so arousing that my penis got even more hard.

I put my leg over her thigh. My mouth was near her neck now. I kept rubbing my penis on my sexy step mother’s waist and side of her tummy for a while and then my precum was oozing abruptly on her waist.

I took that on my fingers again and completely wiped my penis to get my all cum on my fingers. It was so thick and sticky, even sticker than fevicol.

I then gained more courage after some time and put my hands on her upside towards the ceiling side of her waist. I then slowly shifted my right hand from her waist to her frontside, centimeter by centimeter.

Soon, my palm was on my step mom’s soft and flabby belly. It was feeling so amazing that I wanted to fuck her right then and there. But I controlled myself again.

I shifted my penis towards her ass from her waist by shifting a bit downwards. My penis was now poking her ass over her saree. She showed some movements so I quickly removed my hand from her belly and my leg from her thigh and held my penis to stop poking her ass.

Now, she changed her side. Now, her front side was in front of me. Her eyes were still shut. She was breathing in a rhythm. My stepmom’s luscious lips were big and juicy, I was thinking to mouthfuck her.

As her pallu got pressed by her body earlier, her big breast was exposed now. Her boobs were rising up, then down, beat by beat of her heart. They were big, busty, fleshy and were bulging out her blouse.

My step mother is a very conservative lady and did not use to wear deep neck clothes. But luckily, the upper hook of the blouse was open at that time. The inner portion of her white boob was visible. I would have breast-fucked her right there.

Again, I controlled and held back. Her chubby arms – one was behind her and the other hand was on her head. It was looking so pinkish and vibrant.

Back to her body – her blouse was of white color and her bra was black. I could see the outline of her bra in that. She had some protruding boobs for a milky white lady. Her stomach was all open right above her belly button. She did not reveal her navel and kept her saree above her navel.

So, after some time spent, I again start massaging my penis on my step mother’s body. I started reaching close to her slowly. I gained courage and put my palm again on her belly. She did not react.

I kept moving my hand on her belly. Then I raised my hand towards her blouse and touched the inner side of her boob bulging out of her blouse. It was so soft like a baby’s cheeks. I put my hand there and started jerking off. I stopped after some time.

Then I put my hands over her blouse and started cupping my step mom’s breast. She reacted with heavy breathing!

I quickly pulled out my hand. But I somehow got the courage and took my cum-stained fingers to her nose. She moved her hand above her head all up revealing her armpit side on her blouse. I waited and then, with some risk, I put my penis on her stomach. It was fully erect.

I put my leg again on her thigh and seeing her no reaction, I began pulling the sleeve of her blouse backward from her armpit which was smoothly shaved. I massaged her arm from the elbow to her armpit. My step mother was smelling like a sex goddess.

I then put my entire dick with my two balls on her belly. She started breathing heavily this time! I started pulling out her saree from the top side of her navel and lowered her petticoat and saree to reveal her sexy navel. It was so big, so deep and so fleshy.

I again had some more cum on my penis which was resting on her belly. I poured it inside her clean navel. She startled and now instead of backing down, I started fingering her navel while massaging my penis with one hand.


If I get a good response for this, I will write the next part. This is my first story and to add, I am a regular reader of XIS for the last many months.

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