Hot Sex Between An Aunt And Nephew

Hi, I am Bhumika (the name has been changed for safety reasons). I am a 30-year-old woman from Kolkata. I am a divorcee. To describe my body, I am 5.6ft 35-28-34, and my bra size is 35c. I own a small place in Kerala. We have about 10 houses that we give for rent to people. Now I live in Kerala.

This is a true incident that happened between me, an aunt and nephew at the beginning of this year. I was bored and wanted to have a change. So I moved to my guest house, which is near my original house, but it is surrounded by greenery. So I went there, and as usual, I spent a day there.

The next day I got a call from one of my relatives saying that his son is coming to my village. He has some work with his old land. I said, “I have recently moved to my guesthouse for some days. If he has no problem, he can come.” I knew that boy for about 3 years now.

Well, he was supposed to come at 2 pm, but he reached at 6 pm. He took a bath, and then we had our food. I made a bed for him, and he slept in the 2nd bedroom. The next day he woke up late and was in a hurry.

We have a toilet attached to the bathroom. When I was having a bath, he came near the bathroom and said, “Aunty, I want to pee really bad, please hurry up.” I was done with my bath and was about to wear my clothes. But I decided to wrap myself with a towel so that he can use the toilet.

When I opened the door and looked at him, he was only wearing underwear, and his boner was completely visible. He went in and did all his routine. And we had breakfast together. He said he was on holiday that day, so he wanted to see the surroundings.

I usually wear nighty all the time with no bra or panty. So, I told him, “I will get dressed.” I wore leggings and a top, and we went to a little flowing water nearby. He was enjoying the water. He was 20 years old but was behaving like a 15 year.

He was asking me to get into the water. I said, “I am not interested. I will sit here itself.” He got out of the water and said, “I hope you don’t mind me changing clothes in front of you.” I said, “Don’t worry, I will look away.” He got dressed up, and we started walking towards the guest house.

Now he said, “Sorry about what happened in the morning.” I said, “I can understand.” He gave me a naughty smile. He was walking a little behind me. I understood that he was looking at my big ass. After a few steps, he came near me and grabbed one of my ass.

I was shocked and said, “What are you doing?” He got scared and said, “Sorry, aunty, I am feeling horny from the moment I came here.” I said, “Well, that does not mean that you can grab my ass.”

We went home then. I was preparing snacks for him, suddenly I saw him moving towards my room. I followed him. He went to my room and took my nighty and started sniffing it. I said, “What the hell are you doing? You are smelling my clothes, why?”

He said, “Aunty sorry, but your big boobs and big ass drive me crazy. And also watching them pushing the dress to come out, I cannot control myself.” I said, “You are doing what you are not supposed to do.” A few minutes passed, and then again, he started doing naughty things.

So I went outside the house and started walking towards the garden. He followed me and came to me. He removed his pants, showing his big 8-inch cock fully erect. I saw it and said, “What do you want from me?”

I was less angry. He held my hand, guided it to his dick, and started rubbing it. After a few strokes, he cum on my hands. I went to the back of the house. There I have a tap to wash my hand. So I went and bent to wash my hand, he came and dropped my pants till my knee and inserted his dick.

I was not ready for that. He tried to shove his dick, but I couldn’t take it because it was dry. So he made me sit on the knee and suck his cock. I was sucking his cock with all that I had. He removed my pants completely, and my top also. Now started licking my pussy in the 69 position.

His tongue was giving me so much pleasure. He started going deep and deep inside. Now his eyes moved towards my big boobs. He was surprised by seeing such huge boobs. He started slapping my boobs while fingering me. He started groping my boobs violently. And also was licking my hard nipples.

He told me to bend down. I did what he said as his dick moved inside my pussy. I said, “Ah, oh my god, you are huge.” He didn’t say anything but started fucking me slowly. As he increased the pace, I could see my pussy was starting to get bloody. But the pleasure was worth it.

After fucking for about 30 minutes, we changed position, and I started riding him. I also started slowly and made it faster and faster. After some time, he started fucking me deep. I was feeling his cock touching every inch of my pussy. After an hour, he finally came inside me.

He said, “I will make you a mommy.” I said, “No, boy, I have already gone through medical surgery not to have a baby.” He was smiling and again started inserting his dick. Slowly he started to get his cum deep inside my pussy.

Finally, we washed and went to bed. He left for his house the next day, and before going, thanked me a lot for such an amazing experience. I also thanked him. And he also said, “If you need any help, let me know.”

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