I Had Sex With Three Guys In A Single Day – Part 1

Hi guys! This is your girl Keerthy here. I am back with another story which is one of my own experiences. I was fucked hard 10 times within a single day (24 hours). That was one of the most intense experiences I ever had.

This story is going to be very long since it has three sexual encounters on a single day. For the comfort of reading, I will be breaking the story into three scenes. I hope you enjoy it!

Scene 1: Sex with my cousin.

It was the time of summer vacation when I was 19 years old. I already had a few sexual experiences. I felt very horny and was bored. So I thought who would be the guy I could seduce and have a hookup but not a relationship. I had a crush on my first cousin.

So I thought of seducing him as I also had an opportunity to meet him at his house.  So that day the idea made me very horny. It was 4 in the morning. I texted him on Instagram that I would like to visit him. It has been a long time since we met.

He said ok. He is a total introvert and so he used to live in a single rented room. But he goes to the gym and has a perfect body. I stated that I had an urgent issue which I would like to discuss with him. I would meet him but my parents will not be aware of it. He said it is ok.

But he does not know is that my parents went on a vacation and I stayed back because of exams. I took out a pink shirt and a tight torn jeans. I opened my first two buttons which is revealing my bra straps. I dashed down into his room. He looked at me and asked what the matter was.

I told him that I broke up with my boyfriend and I looked sadly at him. He was feeling sorry for me. He hugged me and was patting my back tenderly. He said it is going to be fine. Then he brought me a bottle of water. He was looking hot in his banian and shorts.

That hug made me horny. So I poured the water inside my shirt and moaned in a flirty way. He took the bottle away from me and was looking for a towel. Then I removed one more button slightly revealing my boob curves. I saw him staring at them while he gave me the towel.

I hugged him tightly rubbing my boobs to his chest and said, “Thank you so much. I needed someone whom I can rely on.” I gave him a long kiss on his cheek and looked into his eyes. His hands slowly went down and he laid his hand on my ass. I could feel his bulge and I succeeded in seducing him.

I kissed him on the other cheek and hugged him again. This time he could not control. He pressed my ass and ran his hands through my thighs. I kissed him on the lips. He grabbed my ass and lifted me. I wrapped my legs around him and we continued our kiss intensely.

I broke my kiss and said, “Everything I said was a lie. I just wanted your rod inside me.” He smiled at me and said, “You should have asked for it directly.” He put his head into my shirt and started kissing and licking my boobs. I hugged him tightly moaning slowly.

He popped his head out from the other end and started kissing my lips. He removed my pant while kissing and kept rubbing my pussy. He threw me onto the bed removed my bra and panty, while I was removing his pant and underwear. He removed his shirt too and we both were naked.

Without wasting any time he put his dick in my pussy and started rocking me. We both were kissing intensely as his balls are hitting my ass making ‘thud’ sounds. I broke the kiss moaning loudly as the force increased. He was licking my nipples.

His beard rubbing roughly on my boobs that sent vibrations in my spine. He came inside my pussy. My boobs dripping his saliva, my pussy dripping the cum, and our bodies covered with sweat. We both were looking at each other with lust in our eyes.

He threw me onto the bed and started licking my shaved pussy which is filled with his cum. I pushed his face further into my pussy and started moaning sensually. After some time I came on his face. I pulled him up and started kissing his face.

He broke the kiss and started licking my nipples. I moved my hands down and his dick got hard again. I looked at him and said, “Your thick friend down there wants another round.” He smiled and said yes. He got up and guided his dick into my pussy. I moaned loudly.

We started rocking the bed in the missionary position. My hands caressing his hair and my nails painting his back. he increased the speed and was biting my boobs. I was almost out of breath as he slowed down and came inside me for the second time. But his dick is still somewhat hard but not erect.

I pushed him onto the bed and went down. I put his dick in my mouth and started stroking it. My soft lips were dripping from his cum I drank some of it. I put his balls into my mouth and sucked them. He let out a moan and then I started kissing his dick delicately.

For two minutes I was kissing his dick while stroking it. That’s when I came into senses that it was an 8-inch dick. I smiled at him and spat in my hands and started rubbing my saliva to lubricate his dick. He was enjoying every bit of my service and his dick got hard again.

I sat on him and guided his dick into my pussy. I started riding it in the cowgirl position. At first, he started spanking my ass, then he pulled my nipples. He could not control. I increased the speed of rocking and he started kissing my boobs. I was laughing and moaning at the same time.

He said he could not get enough of my boobs and we rocked the bed hard. He helped me move up and down and he came inside me for the third time. We both were out of breath. He was almost unconscious and we both fell side by side and cuddled.

After some time he got up and said it was an amazing experience and started kissing me. I pulled him further into the kiss. I broke the kiss after realizing it was late and my stomach was growling. I ordered food and we ate and had a chat for some time.

I explained everything to him. He said it is fine anytime and he promised me that it will be a secret. (I will mention the sexual adventures with him in the stories later on).

That was the first session but 2 more are yet to come. I hope you liked my story. Please feel free to comment on my email: [email protected]

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