Cousin Misa’s Break Up Sex

Hello readers, I am Ankush. This is my second story and it’s about break up sex. I hope you liked my previous story and will like this one, too. My little introduction: I am a 23-year-old typical Indian Bengali guy. In this story, I am going to describe one of my experiences with my cousin.

My background: After completing my graduation, I was had to look after my family business of building materials. I’m 5’9″ tall. Though I am not a muscular guy, I have a slim and well-built body. I have a 6 inch long and thick dick though that’s nothing to boast off. But I’m happy with it.

This story’s heroine is the 20-year-old daughter of my distant maternal uncle, my cousin Misa. Misa is 5 feet tall and has a bit healthy, or you can say a chubby figure. She had a browner skin tone with a sweet face. We were really good friends and close to each other.

We didn’t meet a lot due to the distance between her and my home. But we were really close. I used to like her but never had any intentions of fucking her.

So my story starts after the lockdown was over, and everything was starting slowly. My uncle was tested positive in November, and he was moved to a nursing home. Everyone in their family member was home quarantined for 14 days. So I was continuously in contact with them just to fulfill their daily needs.

Misa and I became more close. She was all alone at home. So our families decided that I will stay with her and be her guardian for this time being. I went to my uncle’s house and was staying there. We had nothing to do. We used to either watch TV or use our phones.

One day, while I was using my phone in my room, suddenly I felt heavy pressure to go to the toilet. I rushed towards the bathroom. The bathroom was made in such a way that it was accessible from two different rooms. As I entered rushing, I saw my cousin sitting on the commode, fully naked.

I was shocked and mesmerized by the scene. I couldn’t take my eyes off for my cousin’s pussy. Though it was not the most good-looking pussy I have ever seen, but it really was something. I regain consciousness when she shut her legs to hide her pussy. I quickly came out and shut the door.

Then said sorry from outside and said that I need to use the bathroom urgently. She requested to wait for some time. As she dressed up and went out from the other door. I quickly used the toilet and came back to my room.

But that event became imprinted in my head. I couldn’t forget her pussy. I tried distracting my mind but couldn’t. My dick stood straight inside my pants, making a bulge. After this incident happened, I didn’t look into my cousin’s eyes and didn’t talk with her for some time.

While having dinner, suddenly, she apologized for not being careful and not locking the bathroom door. I also apologized for entering without any alarm. And our conversation ended there.

At night I couldn’t sleep due to the erection. I tried masturbating, but it didn’t work. So I was awake and suddenly heard crying sounds from my cousin’s room. I knocked at her door and called her name. She opened the door. I inquired about what happened and why she was crying.

She at first invited me inside her room, and then both of us sat on her bed. She started sobbing again. So I consoled her and asked her about the matter.

She said: Bro, my bf has cheated on me with another good-looking girl.

Me: And?

She: He now broke up with me and left me suddenly.

As there were so many things going around her, I understood her sadness and consoled her. I started rubbing my hand on her hair. She hugged me and cried a lot. I consoled Misa about her breakup.

Then I said: Forget about that stupid boy. He doesn’t know what he has lost. He is a loser. Don’t cry for him. You deserve better.

She hugged me again. Then suddenly, I again started feeling my dick jumping inside my shorts, making a huge tent. My erection was visible clearly. I was still consoling her and kissed her on her forehead. Then I said, “You are so beautiful and cute. You will get a better boy.”

She then looked at me and smiled. Then we sat side by side with her head on my shoulder and my hand on her shoulder. I think she already noticed my erection.

Still, she was crying and started saying, “I am ugly. I am not good-looking. Everyone hates me.”

I said, “No, my dear, you are very beautiful. That boy is a loser. He will know what he lost.”

She said, “No, you are saying just to console me.”

I said, “You are such a great soul, and we are so close. Did I ever made you feel like you are ugly?”

She said, “No, you are really good. I wish my bf would be as good as you.”

I said, “If someone’s not good to you, then they aren’t made for you.”

She said, “If we weren’t cousins, we could be so much more.” And smiled naughtily.

I said, “We can discuss more on that topic if you stop crying.” And kissed her on her cheeks. She rubbed her eyes and thanked me for being so good.

I said, “No need to thank me. Whatever I did was out of love for you.”

Then she kissed me on my cheeks and bid good night. I then left her room and went to sleep. I couldn’t sleep the whole night thinking about her and my erection.

The next day I was awakened by her. She stood by my bedside. I noticed her dressing changed. She wasn’t wearing a bra or anything underneath her t-shirt. Her nipples were poking through her top, and she wore hot cotton pants.

I smiled at her and wished her good morning. Then I remembered about my morning wood. It was like a tent. I looked at her eyes, and she was watching my throbbing dick with the corner of her eyes.

From her facial expressions, it could be guessed that she liked it. Instead of trying to hide it, I started pumping it.

I said: Why did you get up so early? Come lay beside me.

She agreed readily and lay beside me. Now we were facing each other. Our breath got faster. I slowly put my hand and started caressing her head, then her back. I can feel vibrations going through her body as I caressed her.

I asked her, “So, what’s your plan for today?”

She said, “Nothing much, just enjoying with you.”

I said, “Then let’s not get up so early. I’m really feeling sleepy. Let’s take a nap.”

Suddenly she said, “Can I hug you, bro?”

I readily agreed to that. So she hugged me light, and we lied like that for some moments. I was breathing in her neck, making her hornier. Slowly she tightened her hug. Her soft 34C boobs were crushing on my chest. My fully erected 6-inch dick was pushing her vaginal area.

I also tightened her in between my muscles. The only thing that could be heard in that room was our breathing. We stayed like that for at least 5-7 minutes. Then I pulled her face, she closed her eyes. I put my lips on her lips. She was ready for it. We started kissing and smooching.

After 10 minutes of a long kiss, I guided her hand near to my dick, and she started stroking my dick. I then lifted her t-shirt and licked her boobs. Then I started sucking them one by one. After some time, I stood up and removed her top, and she removed my pants.

She said she wants to taste my dick. I was overjoyed listening to that as most Indian girls don’t want to give their men blowjobs. She knelt down on the floor, and I sat on the corner of the bed. Then she started her blowjob.

Guys! I can’t explain to you in words how good she was. She licked my dick’s head. Then she took the whole 6-inch dick in her mouth. She was an expert in giving blowjob. After 10 minutes of her giving me a blowjob. I burst a load of cum in her mouth.

She wasn’t ready for that. But understood my helplessness and gave a naughty smile while drinking the first bit of my cum. She then wiped my dick and the rest cum with her top.

She then stood up and asked, “Now what?”

I replied, ” It’s payback time. Just lie down and let me do my job.”

She obeyed me and lay down. I pulled down her short pant and started by licking her pussy. As I licked her clitoris, she gave a moan, which made me hornier. I kept licking her harder. I pushed my tongue in her vaginal cavity and tongue fucked her. She was moaning more loudly.

I kissed her lips to lower her voice and then again came down to lick her pussy. I licked her and kept teasing her clitoris. I played with her nipples and licked her at the same time. After some time, she said, “Don’t tease me anymore. I want your dick inside me.”

Till then, my dick was hard again, and I inserted it slowly in her pussy. She gave a slow moan. I slowly started pounding her. I increased my speed, and she increased her moaning.

She, “Aah fuck me, bro, fuck me harder.”

That made me hornier. I pounded her harder. Now I asked her to lay back for doggy style. She obeyed me, and I fucked her like hell. After some time, she requested me to stop as she had a cramp in her waist.

After a short break, she started riding me in a cowgirl position. Man! Her moves were so sexier that they made me hornier. As I was about to cum she started giving me a blowjob and asked me to cum inside her mouth again. The way she milked my dick, squeezing my balls, I felt like I was empty.

She swallowed my whole cum and licked my dick’s tip that made me reach heaven. “This was the most satisfying sex of my life,” she said.

After such long and rough sex, we were hungry, so I cooked some egg fried rice with the leftover rice. We then went to the bathroom and washed and then had our breakfast.

This was just the beginning. We enjoyed the whole week together.

Thanks for reading about my experience of sex with my cousin sister. Hope you enjoyed it. Any interested ladies who want to have fun can contact me: [email protected]

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