Chetna Makes Amazing Love To Her Niece

Hi! I am Chetna with a story about amazing love. I am 39 years old female and a Garhwali by descent. I was born and brought up in a middle-class family in Lucknow. At the age of 24, I was married off to another middle-class family in Lucknow.

I represent that section of the housewives who have been grossly misrepresented in various erotic short stories, tele episodes, web series, and sex stories. By the age of 35, when my husband was 40, I was happy with him having sex with me at least twice or thrice a month.

It never struck me to have sex outside our marriage because he had a sweet 5.5 inches dick. Or with his elder brother’s son, Aarav, who was just 19 at that time. I assumed that he, too, was following such misrepresentation.

He never lost an opportunity to be in the room when I was mopping.  I did catch him staring at my two large milk jugs, but that was quite natural for his age.

In Lucknow, most of us have milkmen delivering milk at the doorstep. I actually never got awestruck with that tall Gujjar’s physique. Nor tried to seduce him by giving a glimpse of my boobs while I bent down when he was filling up the milkpan.

All I knew was that whenever I used to tuck my saree corner at my waist after pulling the pallu between my boobs, he put half a liter of milk extra. I never wanted to call him inside and have sex when my husband was on tour.

Having sex with the electrician or the plumber was out of the question. Both of them were lanky, gutka chewing guys and did not draw my attention.

Even if women get to have sex at regular intervals, lacking the emotional connection keeps them unsatisfied. My husband never checks if I am tired or want to have sex on the nights he wanted to have sex with me. He straight away pulls up my saree, lifts my legs, finds the hole, and starts having sex.

At times he just pushes his dick inside my dry pussy, not caring to arouse me with a little foreplay. At times, our 9-year-old son, who used to sleep on the same bed, got up from sleep. He would cry when he felt the bed shaking too much.

My mother-in-law coughed loudly and intentionally from the adjacent room to clarify that she knew we were having sex. After reading few stories, I discussed my sex adventure with Dhoom Ketu and asked him to write about me and my niece Adwita.

My elder brother-in-law had two children; Aarav and Adwita. Aarav is 19 and his sister Adwita is 25 years old. Adwita stays and works in Mumbai and occasionally drops in during the long holidays. I never doubted or, for that matter, was interested in Adwita’s sexual orientation.

She was very frank with me about discussing her periods, boyfriends, and the wish of never wanting to marry. One day while I was mopping the floor by squatting over it and moving around, Adwita was in the room. She had been noticing me for quite some time.

She told me later on, I was looking stunning. I was totally drenched in sweat all over my body. Locks of black hair fell over my face, and my pallu had slid off my shoulder. It was dragging on the floor, exposing my blouse-covered boobs, navel, and curvy waist.

Streams of sweat started from my nose, flowed through my lips reached the cleavage between my two boobs. My saree got lifted above my knees, exposing half of my shapely legs. I have a very fair skin tone and a voluptuous body. Adwita told me it was arousing to anybody who saw me in that condition.

While mopping, when our eyes met each other. I saw her staring at my body with obvious lust. I asked what the matter was and what she was looking at.

Adwita was bold enough to compliment me and continued, “Chachi, what large boobs you got. How did you get them to become so large? Did you ask uncle to blow air into your boobs?” I never expected this and didn’t know how to react. I smiled shyly and moved on.

Adwita continuously persisted with requests like, “Chachi, please show me your body once,” or ” Let’s take a shower together.”

“Once chachi, only once. I want to see you naked.”

I avoided answering all of them. But finally had to accept her request, promising her that I would show her my treasures.

It was Adwita’s last night in Lucknow. She would fly back to Mumbai, next morning. I entered her room at around 11 pm after completing the household chores. She was listening to music and got up, hearing me enter. I bolted the door from inside after entering the room.  I anticipated spending an erotic night with my hot niece.

She sat on the bed and waited for me to come nearer. I came near her and whispered into her ears, “I will show you my treasures tonight.” I had taken a quick shower before coming to the room. My husband and son were sleeping inside the adjacent bedroom.

I slid my pallu off my shoulders and exposed my boobs, which instigated her lust for me. I raised my right leg and placed it on the bed. I slowly pulled up my saree up to my thigh, revealing my shapely white legs to Adwita. I started unhooking my light cotton blouse.

My boobs covered with white cotton bra presented themselves to Adwita. Adwita held my arms and signaled me to come on the bed. I got up on the bed and knelt before her. I took my hands behind my back and unhooked the bra. Adwita slowly pulled it away from my body.

I saw her pupils enlarge at the sight of my naked boobs. My boobs looked like two medium-sized papayas painted off white with a tinge of pink color. The nipples were light brown and looked like uncooked rajma. She took both my boobs in her hands and started to squeeze them with her palms.

While fondling, she confessed, “Chachi! I have an inclination towards ladies. I sleep naked with my female roommates in Mumbai and also make love to them occasionally. I would love to make love to you too. ” I was surprised at the confession and did not know how to react.

Adwita forwarded her mouth and planted a kiss over my soft trembling lips. She held my shoulders and pushed me slowly on the bed. Once I was flat, she got over me and grabbed my boobs again. She bent down and pressed her lips on mine again.

I am sure she was able to feel my heart palpitating under my breasts. Adwita brought her mouth beside my right ear and whispered, “Chachi! How does it feel?” She extended the tip of her tongue inside my ears.

I felt as if Adwita was releasing streaks of pleasure currents from her tongue that were passing through my body. They produced an itch between my thighs. While Adwita played around with her tongue by dribbling it in my ears, she used her hands to pull out my saree tucked around my waist.

She unknotted the string of my petticoat. She pulled the saree and petticoat away from my body and piled them up on the floor beside the bed. Even my husband did not bang me completely naked on my wedding night.

He preferred fucking me by simply uncovering my boobs which he loved to suck and lift the petticoat up to my waist. When I was engulfed in thoughts, I felt something wet on my nipple. My breasts were covered with Adwita’s long hair dyed deep brown as she sucked both of them one after the other.

I could only see her head moving up and down and her tongue playing around the nipple of the boob she was sucking. Adwita raised herself and quickly pulled away her maxi to get herself naked, just like I was.

After seeing her naked body, I realized that Adwita was no longer the child she was when I came into this family 15 years ago. Although she did not have large boobs like mine, they were soft and beautiful.

If I had compared my boobs with papaya, I must say that Adwita’s boobs were like two big mangoes.  Her dark brown, elongated nipples resembled two raisins. Adwita adjusted herself after getting naked and squatted just over my pussy.

I felt her public hair rubbing against mine and giving rise to a static electric pulse of pleasure. She slowly dragged herself forward, bringing her boobs to hang right over my mouth. She lower herself getting her nipples to land between my lips, expecting me to suck.

I slightly parted my lips and took a nipple between them. This was the first time I was consciously sucking nipples. I would have definitely sucked my mother’s milk, but I don’t remember how it feels. While I sucked Adwita’s boobs one after the other, she didn’t waste time and groped my boobs with both hands.

On my wedding night, I was sitting up on the bed and waiting for my husband to come inside and fuck me. I kept on waiting and occasionally yawning till midnight. My husband entered the bedroom like a toddler. He was drunk and tripped around the room, totally misdirected.

He climbed up on the bed and stared at me. His eyes were pointed at my boobs under the deep red blouse. At the next moment, he grabbed the sides of my blouse. He tore it apart, exposing my boobs covered with a red, elaborately embroidered bra. He tried unhooking my bra but could not.

He simply pulled out my boobs from the bra cups, unable to tear the bra. He pushed me on the bed and climbed over me. He took one of my boobs in his mouth and sucked. While he was sucking my boobs, I felt his hands fiddling around my thighs.

He had raised my saree and red petticoat and exposed my fair thighs. He squashed me under him and was now gripping my boobs with his hands so hard. My fair boobs had light red marks of his fingers on them. He adjusted himself over me and unknotted the string of his pajama.

Soon, I felt a soft lump of flesh pushing itself on my pussy. His dick was so soft that it wouldn’t part my pussy to get inside. After a little fumbling, finally, his dick parted my pussy and got inside. My pussy was dry, and I lost all interest in making love.

The penetration of his dick into my pussy hurt me. I wanted to scream my heart out but gave in without much protest. After a few rounds of thumping my vagina, I could feel fluid filling up. I realized he had released. After releasing his sperms, he turned over and started snoring.

My dreams about erotic lovemaking that we see in movies were shattered. Adwita was better than my husband having sex with me. She cared for my feelings. She was taking turns to kiss my boobs and lips.

Adwita moved down and stopped when her face was above my navel. I closed my eyes in ecstasy when I felt her tongue touching the center of my navel. She cupped my boobs with her curved palms while she was kissing and licking my navel, sending ripples through my body.

Even the next months days after my marriage was harsh. Although my husband used to come home drunk regularly at night, we never had sex too regularly. By the third month of my marriage, my mother-in-law started to pressure me to conceive.

It wasn’t necessary or possible to explain to her. Neither her son was able to erect his dick enough to penetrate deep into my pussy or even release sufficient sperm to fertilize.

Adwita climbed up again, rubbing her boobs over my body. Soon her mangoes were squashing my papayas and my rajmas kissing her raisins. She rubbed her pussy with my pussy. Her army of pubic hair wrestled my army of pubic hair. Now I was beginning to enjoy making lesbian love with Adwita.

I had only heard and read of it before. I was experiencing this for the first time. I lifted my face and kissed Adwita on her lips. She started to suck my lips, and the tongue keeping the friction between our pussies continued. I closed my eyes and started enjoying the pleasure Adwita was giving me.

I felt Adwita’s hands on my thighs and her head between them. Her silky hair tickled me as it rubbed against my thighs. Her hands ran around on them. I felt Adwita’s fingers parting my pussy labia. A wet lump of flesh touched my pussy and made its way inside between the labia.

Adwita began to move her tongue swiftly while she tightly grabbed my thighs to prevent me from joining my knees and try to cover my pussy. She pressed her face to my vagina, getting her tongue deeper and deeper. My pussy was not used to having anything else other than a penis.

My husband’s penis would not even have enough strength to sufficiently part the pussy and dive into the area. It was now being explored by Adwita’s tongue. My husband’s short and soft dick would start spitting sperm when it had reached just a centimeter inside my cunt.

At this point, I would like to share a family secret with you. My son’s biological father was none other than Adwita’s father, my husband’s elder brother. My husband was not capable of producing a child and was also unwilling to accept his incapability. He had turned violent.

He started hitting and abusing me regularly. So I request my elder brother-in-law for help. That’s a different story about which I will write separately.

My cunt started to welcome Adwita’s tongue and enjoy its presence. My reflexes made me part my legs to give more space to Adwita’s head. Adwita’s tongue danced in my pussy, producing vibrations that produced goosebumps not only on my vagina but also on my entire body.

I began to sway my hips up and down, slowly reciprocating to the movements of her tongue. Keeping her tongue touched to my pussy, Adwita got off my body and turned her body around. She again came over me, placing her thighs on either side of my head. Her pussy was over my mouth.

I took a deep breath in and inhaled the smell of the young pussy. Adwita’s pussy had a peculiar smell. I was sniffing a pussy for the first time, and I liked its smell. She used to wash her pussy with rose water and apply a lotion to keep the vagina soft and fluffy.

The cocktail fragrance of rose and the lotion, along with the pure smell of dried cum inside the cunt. Adwita had masturbated using cylindrical objects of various shapes and sizes. It was intoxicating and arousing. I was hesitant about licking the place that was primarily used to urinate.

Realizing this, Adwita rubbed her pussy over my face and tried to lure me with the intoxicating smell of her pussy. I lifted my head a bit and took the tip of my tongue. I moved my tongue over Adwita’s vagina and searched for her cunt. She was moving a lot, due to which I had difficulty in locating the cunt blindly.

I grabbed her thighs like she had grabbed mine to keep me still and placed the tip of my tongue between the labia. I forced my tongue inside her tight cunt. I also simultaneously felt her tongue playing at the narrow corner of my pussy.

I did not know the smell of a pussy. Probably my pussy also smelt the same.  Maybe not. I did not spa my pussy. It did not spit my own cum like Adwita’s. I never washed it with rosewater. My pussy had carelessly grown pubic hair all over and fragments of lint from petticoats deposited among them.

Adwita kept her pubic hair trimmed. The vagina was soft and was cleanly shaved. But the crevice between the cunt had a narrow patch of trimmed hair that brushed against my nose and upper lips. Adwita got over to my left side on the bed.

She crawled on the bed towards the pillow, leaving me craving for her moist tongue inside my pussy. She lifted her pillow and uncovered pieces of a torn balloon. She tightly covered her middle finger with that balloon skin and crawled back to me.

I felt her lifting my thighs and licking my pussy once again. I felt her rubber-skinned finger touch my pussy along with her tongue just ahead of it. Adwita’s rubber-skinned finger made its way inside my cunt, after which it started moving to and fro.

The combination of the wetness of her tongue rubbing on my vagina and the pistoning of her finger with the rubber skinned to it escalated my erotic pleasure Since the torn balloon’s rubber was tightly covering Adwita’s finger, her nails weren’t hurting me.

The smooth texture of the rubber enabled her finger to make swift moves inside my cunt. I closed my eyes and continued experiencing the ecstatic odyssey. Adwita got her middle and index finger together, covered with the rubber material of the torn balloon.

She inserted her two fingers together inside my cunt, and move them like a piston of a steam engine. She pushed her fingers by keeping them straight. But once deeper inside, Adwita slightly inclined her fingers to get me to the point of maximum pleasure.

I reciprocated to the movements of Adwita’s fingers by lifting my bums and stretching my legs. Getting high on Adwita’s quick finger movements, I was pounding my bums on the bed like a catfish splashed in the muddy semi-solid marsh and moaning softly.

Adwita accelerated the speed of her fingers, pistoning my cunt, and took me to the point of amazing ecstasy. My cunt behaved like the sun’s blackhole, pulling Adwita’s fingers inside itself. And preparing for the Big Bang explosion.

Adwita lowered her head to bring her face close to my cunt, realizing that I might explode. She kept the momentum of her fingers going. Adwita’s finger started to knock ten spots inside my cunt. I started feeling that pressure was building up.

Soon the pressure was beyond my control anymore due to which I stretched my toes and legs. I lifted my bums and arched my back keeping. Adwita’s face pressed to my pussy. Parallel to the place on my vagina, Adwita’s face was pressed.

My cunt inside, which her fingers were going to and fro, was calling me out to cum. My cunt released my cum like the floodgates of a dam that got squirted all over Adwita’s face. My cunt was oozing out more and more cum as Adwita’s did not stop pistoning my cunt.

She moved her tongue around her lips to get the taste of my juices. While releasing my cum I felt that I was in a trance and had attained my independence. Adwita had introduced me to a different world which I felt was divine in the true sense.

My cum enjoyed throwing out my juices more than having my husband’s sperms inside. Adwita’s fingers were slimmer and narrower than my husband’s dick. But I enjoyed them dancing between my labia more than my husband’s dick smashing in.

I remained with Adwita in her room for another couple of hours. Then I draped my saree and went back to my room. Later on, I visited Adwita in Mumbai for a week, during which we exhaustively enjoyed ourselves.

I hope you have enjoyed reading how my sexual urges were satisfied by a lesbian act as narrated by Dhoom Ketu. Please write back at [email protected]

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