Fucking In Goa: Anamika Diaries – Part 2

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I met Anamika at Club Cabana in Goa. We went to the first floor of the club which was exclusively for couples. Well, we were both acting like two horny animals and we did not care about the world around us. She started to rub my dick over my jeans in public. I took one of the boobs out of her bra and tried to suck it.

It was not very comfortable but I managed to suck her nipple for a while. In between, we were both exchanging long wild kisses and even love bites. The color of my chest started matching with my shirt. She had turned it all red with her wild bites. My back also had a lot of scratches from her nails which she was digging.

After a while, she tried to open my jeans and take out my dick. As her back was towards the other people no one could see me clearly as she was blocking the view. She wanted to fondle my dick and she started shaking it hard. After a while we exchanged positions.

While my jeans were open it was not falling down as she was holding it with one of her hand. Now I started fingering her on the dance floor. I put one finger and her pussy was very wet with all the foreplay going on since so long. I knew I was gonna fuck this bitch tonight.

I fingered her very deep and even put another finger later on. She was enjoying this thoroughly which was evident from her biting my ears and smooching me even harder. Suddenly while we were totally engrossed in the act she asked me to fuck her.

I was almost about to put my dick inside her pussy as her undies were already down. I would have even picked her up (which I did later on). But suddenly I came into senses and realized I am with a woman whom I met some minutes ago. Fucking her here without a condom could be risky.

I also did not want to take any undue advantage of her and get into any kind of trouble later on. (I did not even know whether she is doing it in her complete sense or not). Well, I told her that I cannot fuck her without protection. I do not have any condoms with me right now otherwise I would have.

I asked her to come with me for the night to my room and we can enjoy with each other fully. After this, she also came into senses and told me to wait here for 5 minutes. She told me that she is not carrying her phone and her friends might be waiting for her.

She took my number and told me again to wait for me and not to go anywhere. She wanted to continue more with me. I waited for around 5 minutes but wanted to pee. So I went to the washroom. Luckily the washroom was outside. While going back inside I saw her friend Tamanna who was chilling with her other 2 friends.

She recognized me and introduced me to her other friends. (One of the girls was dusky busty hottie who was lying on the beach bench with a French guy). Tamanna told me that Anamika is her best friend. She is glad that she is enjoying her Goa trip to the fullest with a Punjabi dude.

She told us to enjoy and have fun. Anamika had gone to the washroom herself too. After that, we all decided to have more drinks. Anamika and Tamanna were drinking rum while I stuck to my Buds. We also smoked some cigarettes and post that we again went to the couples dance floor inside.

This time we sat on a chair. She came and sat on my lap and I was fondling her. Her back was in front of me. I licked her neck and even bit her ear from the back while my one hand was reaching her pussy. Now imagine the balcony of an old single theatre and we are sitting on the 1st row.

The crowd is in the hall downstairs and everyone could see us if they just looked towards the balcony. But as it was Goa and everyone was drunk with the unlimited booze so nobody paid any attention. So while seeing the situation that no one is actually looking up.

There were only 2-3 more couples who were busy in their own world. I asked her to spread her legs and keep them on the railing ahead. This gave me ample access to her pussy. Now I pulled her undies down and started showing my fingers in and out as my dick.

I put two fingers deep inside and Anamika was moaning like a pornstar. But the loud music did not allow anyone to hear her moans except me. She did not want me to stop and keep going on. My other hand was busy fondling her tits and pinching her dark nipples. My tongue was biting her ears or licking her neck.

This combination made her orgasm hard. Just as she came, one of the bouncers downstairs saw us and signaled me to ask her to put her legs down. We did that and after a minute that bouncer came up. He told me to be in control and not do much in public. I assured him that we will not repeat it.

Then we went and sat on the sofa at the back and started smoking. We decided to go to the bar and have another drink. We refilled our drinks and sat at the corner of the floor. We started smooching each other while sharing a cigarette. That is definitely one of the sexiest feelings in the world.

While we were kissing we started talking to each other and tried to know more about ourselves. It was almost 3 AM by now. We decided to go to my room. She went and talked to her friend Tamanna about it. Tamanna was a bit concerned about letting her go with an unknown man.

Anamika convinced her. But it was finally decided that we will go to her room instead. Her friends will come after the party is over which will give us around an hour for ourselves. I told my friends about the development and they wished me luck (They were a bit jealous too).

The girls from my group also got to know about the whole situation. They were really impressed and wished me luck. Anamika and I had a drink with her friends. Tamanna said, “Please take care of her. I trusting you because you are a Punjabi and you seem like a nice guy. I just hope you don’t prove me wrong.”

I assured her that she is in safe hands and then we decided to go. In this whole wildness, Anamika had removed her newly bought heels somewhere. We could not find them. I joked maybe it’s her Cinderella moment and I am the prince for the night.

We all laughed about this. Her friends said that they will find them. (Well they were never found and I had to buy her a new pair in the future). We hopped on the scooty and stopped at a store to buy some condoms. It was almost a 20-minute ride to their room which was in a building.

It was a huge single room with two beds. It was totally messed up with clothes lying here and there. We made some room for ourselves on one of the beds. She said that she needs to go for a shower first as she was pretty high. I waited for a few minutes.

Then she came out of the washroom with just a towel wrapped around her body. I got really turned on by seeing the droplets of water on her body. I started smooching her and removed her towel. We were on the bed and I was licking the water from her body.

I started from her neck and went to her boobs (She had those really dark and hard nipples). I started sucking her boobs and biting her nipples while my other hand was busy pinching her other nipple. She was moaning and saying, “Ya Rajvir, suck them hard.”

I went down to her tummy area. I started licking her belly button which made her arch her back. The sexual atmosphere and alcohol inside her were making her really wild. She was saying my name again and again. Then I went to her pussy and started licking her with full enthusiasm.

She said, “Oh fuck. Don’t stop. I have never been licked like this before. Please eat me like an animal.” I told her that her wish is my command. While licking I put a finger in her pussy. She had an amazing orgasm and I licked her juices which were pretty thick.

Then I went up to her and kissed her for 5 more minutes. She said, “I need your cock now Rajvir. I can’t wait anymore.” I took out a condom and put it on my dick. I did not ask her for a blowjob as I would have cum soon. We had only 20-30 minutes left before her friends would arrive.

I slowly put my cock at her pussy entrance. It was tight for my thick dick and she started screaming. I kissed her to make her more comfortable. But as my dick started entering her pussy she started screaming and even cried. I took it out and then started putting it once again.

She started screaming again. (Later on, I got to know that she did not have sex for more than a year. Her ex-boyfriend’s dick was not that big or thick). I just pushed it in with full force and then calmed her down by kissing her. She was getting more comfortable as I started fucking her slowly.

During this whole time, she did not even say once to take it out as she wanted it as badly as I did. I started fucking her wildly and sucked her boobs turn by turn. I was fucking her like there is no tomorrow. Even she started enjoying it and her rhythms started matching my thrusts.

It was like our pussy and dick were in sync like an iPhone and iTunes. Lol. She was screaming hard and started talking wildly, “Fuck me you bastard. I have been waiting to get fucked by you since I saw you. You have an amazing dick. Please don’t stop.”

I said, “You are my bitch for the night. I will fuck you till you want.” She came after a while and then even I came after fucking her for a good 20 minutes. We were both very tired and I lay on her for 5 minutes. Then we started kissing. She said, “I felt that I have been fucked for the first time. It was like I lost my virginity today only.”

We both laughed. Then I removed my dick and threw the condom in the dustbin with my cum inside it. We wore our clothes and then she called her friends. It was almost 5 AM now and they should have been here till now. Her friends had just reached. I said bye to them and she came down to see me off.

We shared a long goodbye kiss. She told me that they are here for 2 more nights. She would love to meet me again and maybe we can party again. Who could say no, right? I told her that we’ll plan something for day after as she will definitely have a hangover once she wakes up during the day.

I left for my villa but unfortunately, it was locked from inside. My roommate’s phone was switched off. I rang the bell and the girl who was not from our college thankfully heard the bell and opened the door for me. She had not gone with us that day.

She was out with a friend of hers who studied Hotel Management in Goa. (I guess she also had a fun night with him. Lol). I went to my room and crashed on the bed with the clothes which I was wearing. Next morning I woke up last. It was around noon.

My friends were in the lobby smoking. Everyone wanted to know what happened. Then suddenly I got a call from Anamika. She was a bit embarrassed and shy at first. But I made her comfortable. She confessed that she was completely sloshed and does not even remember much.

I assured her that we had an amazing time. She asked me if we can meet again tomorrow night and go to LPK – Love Passion Karma. I told her that I have been there. But I do not mind going again there as the last time there was no Love or Passion there and maybe that’s our Karma!

Well, that was how a normal night at Cabana turned out to be a crazy ride for me. I apologize if the story became a bit too long. But I wanted to put it all the details. It is my first story so I would love to hear your feedback so that I can improve in my next one.

Please mail me at [email protected]. I will soon tell you more about my adventures with Anamika whom I have fucked for almost 100 times till now. And also my other adventures.

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