VJ and Heera’s Sexual Fantasy

I am a person who reads stories of sexual fantasy daily. So I thought, why not write about my breathtaking sexual life. I am very passionate about having sex with strangers. So I often browse sex chat sites to find a partner who can fulfill my thirst and actively have the same sexual thoughts.

One night, I saw a video of a girl, Heer, in a chat room. Uff, I still remember how she encouraged all guys to see her big white melons and comment on that. She was going crazy. I was enjoying it, shaking my dick. I messaged her she didn’t respond. I kept messaging and praising her.

At last, I received a hello. I was in the heavens. We had a casual chat, and I learned she was from Chennai. She was hot. She was elder to me and unmarried with the high urge for sex. I have never seen such a thirsty lady in my entire life.

I was very polite, and we had a good friendly chat. At last, we decided to meet, On that night, we decided to have a video call. I was so excited from the morning. I planned and set everything. The thought of her arrival was giving me goosebumps. I felt the time was moving slow.

At last, she logged in. Guys, you must have seen her. She was wearing a black see-through saree. In her sexy melodious voice, she said, “Hello, VJ.” I could feel a current passing all through my body. I didn’t know what to say. Then I took courage and said, “Hi, gorgeous!”

We had a casual chat, and then we shared our fantasies. She had weird ones and I liked them a lot. She wanted to have a foursome, group sex, couple swapping. The weirdest of all, she wanted to have sex in car parking, in the forest.

Slowly both started getting hot. I was staring at her boobs, which she noticed. With her sexy smile, she slid her pallu. Guys, big melons in black strip blouse curves visible. Her nipples were hard. I could see it on the blouse.

Heera: Want to see the melons?

VJ: Who will say no, sweetheart. Release them free.

Heera unhooked. She didn’t wear a bra. Those melons popped out. I wish I could grab and rub my face.

Heera: How are they?

VJ: The best ever.

Heera: Want to touch them?

VJ: What a question? I want to eat them.

Heera: Remove dress, let me see the hardness.

VJ: Want to see my dick?

Heera: Yes.

I removed and stood nude. My little fellow has grown hard and big. She gave a naughty smile.

Heera: If I were there, I would have stood behind you and circled with my fingers around. I will make you beg to hold. Would kneel and blow air, a circle with a finger, and spit. I will make you beg to put in the mouth and I wouldn’t do it.

I was getting excited hearing it. I wanted to hold her head open her mouth, put my dick in and slap her face. “I want you to suck my dick, you bitch, whore.” She was also getting horny she started pouring oil on her boobs. And she placed the camera to her heavenly pink pussy lips with sticky precum.

She opened the flaps and showed me the hole full of juicy. I wanted to suck, bite, lick. I was going crazy. We both played and got an orgasm. We did thrice that night.

A few days passed like this. When she got confident, we decided to meet. She was scared. But we fixed to meet at 8 pm in ECR Seashore Restaurant, one of the romantic places. I planned out, got a gift for her, came well dressed to impress her.

The watch showed 8 pm, but I couldn’t see anyone coming. I was tense, worried whether she would come or not. I was looking at the door, and suddenly it opened. A lady bit plump, fair, beautiful, and with good height entered. She wore a light blue top and black jeans.

I thought she would be another customer. But to my utter surprise, she smiled and came near me. I was fumbling, didn’t know what to do. I got up to greet her, she came and hugged me. I gave her the gift, and she gave me a lovely smile.

We had a few chats, ate a bit, and thought of going for a night ride. I took her to my car, and we drove to ECR beach road. We talked for a while when she suddenly kept her hand on my thighs. She commented I have sexy thighs and bums.

The night, her voice, music, her touch, her sweet aroma was making me crazy. I wanted to stop the car and rip her and give her hard pumps. As we drove, we started talking about our old sex memories. She told her wild stories. I started getting a bulge. She saw, and she slowly touched.

I felt it was going to burst, but I controlled it. She asked me to get ice cream. We stopped, and she purposefully got a choco bar. Guys, Heera is a dirty teaser. She took the choco bar and gave a sexy smile. She started licking, sucking like it was a dick. She dripped the ice cream side of her lips and smiled.

I drove the car to the side in a lonely area. I pulled her and kissed her. It was the most erotic kiss I ever experienced. I moved my hands all over her in between the kisses and got her big melons grabbed. I started fondling her nipples could see her getting pleasure.

I rest the seatback while kissing and slowly put my hands inside her top. She was enjoying it. I lifted her top and saw the milky melons covered in black laced bra. Her tits were awesome wish you all had a chance to see them in real. I stopped kissing started looking and cupping them.

She closed her eyes was raising each time I touched her nipples. I got that it was her pleasure point. I opened her bra the big melons jumped out my dream to grab and suck it came true. I was going insane, biting, hitting, licking, flickering. She was enjoying, moaning.

She said slowly in my ears juice is ready she guided my hand inside her jeans. The panties were wet. Started touching over pantries and playing with nipples, she was getting wild. Holding my hair, pressing my hand with nails. It was hurting, but I was enjoying it.

Suddenly she shouted and said, “Mother fucker take off my panties and suck me.” I was shocked.

Heera: What the hell are you looking at? Suck and drink my juice, you filthy.

She loved abusing words.

VJ: You bitch you like to use dirty language, you whore.

She was getting more excited.

VJ: You want many men together, shall I put out nude and make all fuck you.

She was getting more aroused.

Heera: Yes, you moron, I want all males to suck me be my slave. Now you are my slave. Suck my juice.

She pushed my head down and said, “ Smell it. Fucker smell it. This smell you dogs sniff and come behind women sniff.”

Her panty’s aroma was awesome. I obeyed her started smelling, and I pulled her jeans down. The black laced panties were really beautiful. I sniffed poked my nose. She was moaning loud, was scared will attract some passer-by.

Heera: You bastard, take my panties off and see the heaven.

I was enjoying her commands and felt like obeying her like her dog. Ufff, the pussy, shaved, neat and so juicy. It was too juicy, guys. I started putting it, fingering the upper part of pussy she was raising up and down. One hand on her nipples and one stroking her pussy.

She kept saying, “I love this, I love this, don’t stop.” Then along with my hand, I started using my tongue juice was flowing out. The lips of pussy were swollen, I chewed them, pulled them, and kept stroking with my finger. Suddenly she held my head and rubbed her pussy all over my face.

She, with both hands, was pushing me towards pussy. She abused, slapped me. She thrust up and down the time could see white discharge pouring out of the hole. She reached her orgasm. But still was energetic wanted my dick. She made me lie in my seat and kissed me.

She unbuttoned me, spread her fingers all over my body, and played with my nipples. She unbuckled my belt zip pulled down my jeans. She started rolling her fingers around my underwear. It bulged and wanted to come out. She played for a while, she is a cock teaser.

She pulled my underwear. It popped up to see the beautiful lady. She stared at it again rolling her fingers giving air blows. I was going mad. I asked her to touch it once she refused. She was making me mad. At last, I grabbed her hair and squeezed her cheeks to open her mouth.

I pushed my dick mercilessly and gave three-four strokes. She choked and coughed. But I didn’t give time to ask her to suck or else again will suffocate her. She obeyed, started giving me a blowjob spitting on it. Guys. She is an awesome cock sucker. You all should get a chance. She loves big dicks.

She was sucking with a watery mouth and stroking with her hand. I was on the verge of cum she squeezed my balls. I got a hell of a pain. She laughed. Again she started sucking balls, stroking dick. It was getting harder. I took from her mouth asked her to turn.

She had a round cute ass. I gave her slashes with my hand and I kissed her ass cheeks. Laid down and sucked her pussy, pulled the lips, sucked her asshole. My dick was ready. I grabbed her waist put my dick into heaven. Her pussy was mind-blowing slushy, juicy warm, and tight.

I hit her hard, she was abusing me. I was abusing her, hitting her ass, grabbing her melons, pinching her nipple. After 20 minutes, we both cum hard and lay down tired.

We had two sessions that day. We exchanged our numbers. I made her dream come true, then dropped her in the hostel.

This is my first sex experience of fulfilling a woman’s hot fantasy. With a lot of other wild days and night experiences with her shall come back. Feel free to write to me at [email protected] or telegram Chennaiblast.

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