Visit To Heaven On My Birthday – Part 1

Hi, my name is Raj. I regularly read sex stories on ISS. So it just flashed to my mind that what if I share my own story?

This story is about me and Sona. It has been 4 years since we are in a relationship. We met 4 years ago during a training and then fell for each other. We stay in Bangalore. She stays in a PG and I stay alone in a 1 BHK.

I often fuck my girlfriend early in the morning and then take her to my place. I believe that there is nothing better than early morning sex. Talking about ourselves, I am 5.7 feet tall, handsome with a normal physique. Sona is 5.2, beautiful lady with a perfect body.

It was 6 in the morning and I was in deep sleep when someone knocked on the door. I looked at the phone to check the time, it said, “Happy birthday”. It was my birthday. I tried to remember our conversation over the phone last night. Sona said she can’t come in the morning.

I thought it might be my landlord. When I opened the door, I was surprised to see my girlfriend with 2 of our friends. They had brought cake and gifts. My girlfriend planned everything and I was so happy.

After an hour of celebration, our friends left giving us some privacy.

As my house was on the second floor, we went till the balcony to give them send-off.

As soon as they left, I hugged her from behind and started kissing and licking her neck. My gf felt the huge bulge in my pants and kissed my cheeks. I turned her and started kissing her lips madly. Even she was in full mood and our tongues wrestled with each other.

I hugged her and started squeezing her ass. Sona put her hands inside my t-shirt and started feeling my chest and back. I took off my hands from my girlfriend’s ass and grabbed her boobs and squeezed them. She was moaning and started biting my ears.

Then I released Sona’s left breast from her kurta and started sucking it. She was enjoying every bit of it and was pressing my head deep.

Somehow, we came to our senses and realized we were still outside! Sona asked me to get inside or else someone will see us.

I was so happy and lifted her in my arms and went inside and threw her on the bed. I looked in her eyes and said, “Thank you..I love you”.

Sona could notice the extreme love and sexual desire in my eyes. We kissed each other and started rolling on the bed. I was on top of her. I held both her wrists and started licking her neck.

Then she came on top of me and removed my t-shirt. Sona looked in my eyes, came closer and kissed my lips. Meanwhile removed my girlfriend’s kurta and hugged her tightly.

Sona was wearing a black bra in which looked like a goddess of sex. I couldn’t hold back. I moved a bit down and started licking her breasts.

She removed her bra and threw it away as if it was not required anymore in her life. I was sucking her nipples madly while she grabbed my head and pushed it against her chest. Simultaneously, I sucked her left and right breast and licked the sweet valley between them.

My girlfriend was moaning loudly. I inserted one finger in her mouth and she started sucking it.

Sona had a great pair of breasts which I love sucking. It went on for half an hour before I stopped sucking her breasts. Both of her breasts were red and there were a few love bites as well. Sona looked at her breasts and slapped me lightly. She was breathing heavily and so was I.

Then I went further down and started licking my gf’s belly and waist. She was wearing leggings. I grabbed her leggings by my teeth and started pulling it down. Finally, I removed it and started licking her legs. She was wearing a pink panty.

She was feeling so aroused as I was licking her legs. She grabbed my head and pushed it against her panty. I obeyed her and started licking there.

Then I removed her panty and started sucking my girlfriend’s heavenly hole. It was tasting better than ever before. I was eating it.

Sona put her both legs on my back and grabbed my hair. I held her ass and started fucking her pussy with my tongue. After 10 minutes of wild sucking, she came in my mouth.

But I wasn’t done yet. Before she could take a breath, I inserted two fingers and started fingerfucking her! Sona was moaning very loudly now.

After a while, she suddenly pushed me and came top of me. She placed a kiss on my lips and bit my right ear very hard. She then went down and sucked my nipples. Now, it was my turn to hold her head. I was feeling her breasts pressing against my body which was giving me more joy.

My girlfriend unbuttoned my jeans, removed it and threw it away. My dick was pointing towards the ceiling inside undies. Sona grabbed it and squeezed it.

Then she removed my underwear, grabbed my dick and licked the top portion. A swift current passed through my spine. She jerked it a bit and took it in her mouth and started sucking it. She was sucking it real hard as if starving for my cum.

With her left hand, she grabbed my balls and squeezed it. She took out dick and said, “If I am going to cum the second time, then I want you to cum with me”.

I grabbed her ass and in no time, we were in 69 position.

I continued to put my fingers in her pussy and fingerfucked her while she gave a wonderful blowjob to me. We both came in 5 minutes.

We were a bit tired but our love for each other was more. Even though my girlfriend came twice in 20 minutes, she still came on top of me and placed her pussy on my dick in a cowboy style. I asked her whether I should wear a condom. She said, “Don’t worry, nothing will come in between us, today”.

She grabbed my dick and put it inside her pussy. Oh my god, it was so warm and soft. My dick was feeling heaven.

Sona’s breasts were bouncing as she started moving vertically. I grabbed her breasts and started pressing them. She got tired after 10 minutes and lied on me.

It was my turn now. I came forward and hugged her. I pushed my dick deep inside her while planting a kiss on her lips. She grabbed me with her legs and started kissing me. I gave upward thrusts and was pushing my dick deep in my girlfriend. We hugged each other tightly and kissed each other at the same time.

I was fucking her madly. I was giving as many shots as possible and as deep as possible. I was lost deep in her hole. I licked her neck, sucked her breasts while fucking her. Our hug was real tight and her breasts were crushed against my chest. The whole bed was shaking.

After 10 minutes, I whispered in her ears that I am about to cum. To my surprise, she asked me to cum inside her pussy which gave me strength for a few more shots.

Then I came inside her and we collapsed hugging each other.

After a while, I looked down. My dick was out and my cum was dripping from her pussy. We looked in each other’s eyes and kissed each other in a tight hug.

We had the whole day with each other. Do check the next part of the story.

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