Fucking Vishal’s Wife – Part 2

My name is Ajil. I am a 34-year-old software engineer basically from Kerala but working in Dubai. I am 5ft 8 inches tall. A fit body and 6-inch rock solid dick. My specialty is that I can make any ladies squirt with my finger and also with my dick.

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The story is a continuation of my previous story ‘Fucking Vishal’s Wife’. As told earlier, Vishal was a technical engineer in our company and he is from Tamil Nadu. He was married with 2 kids and his wife’s name was Saranya.

Saranya was a sexy looking lady with fat ass and big boobs. Her hips were curvy and her figure should be 36-34-38. She was just 5ft 3 inches tall.

After fucking Saranya in the morning. I came back to the office by 1:00 pm noon. I continued my work. In between just went to Vishal’s desk to see what he is doing. He was busy with his work. So I returned and continued my work.

Then by evening, I returned to my flat. That night around 10:00 pm I received a message from Saranya.

Saranya: Hi Aju, I can’t stop thinking about the pleasure that you gave me today.

Me: hey, Vishal doesn’t have any doubt, right?

Saranya: Mot at all. He is sleeping peacefully. And I am horny.

She sent me a selfie of her body without face and with exposed cleavage.

Me: Oh, I can see those milk tanks hidden inside.

Saranya: These are your tanks. Whenever you want, steal some milk from these tanks.

Me: My dick is missing you and already started to poke my pants.

Saranya: Show me, please.

I sent a pic of the bulge in my underwear as I sleep with only underwear. Saranya replied with a ‘yummy’ smiley.

Saranya: I wish I could eat him right now.

Me: It’s all yours.

I sent her a photo, taking out my dick and holding it.

Saranya: Oh, Aju. I can’t control. She sends me a photo of her panties wet.

Me: Vishal is so lucky.

Saranya: Why?

Me: To have such a sexy and lady sleeping next to him.

Saranya: Maybe that’s why he is sleeping and I am in the hall watching TV.

Me: I want to see your pussy juice.

Saranya sent me a photo of her pussy juice. Also a photo of her lips sucking the juice from her finger.

Me: Oh, Saranya. You are killing me. I can’t control. I am stroking my dick now. And send her photo of me stroking dick.

Saranya: I wish it was inside me.

Me: Should I come now?

Saranya: What? How can you? Vishal is sleeping in the next room and you have a 30 minutes drive from your place.

Me: That’s ok. Wait for 30 minutes I am coming.

I quickly put a dress on and took my car and drove to her place. After reaching her apartment in 40 minutes I send her a message. She replied the door is open come inside and close it. As soon as I came inside and closed the door Saranya was next to the door in her pajama and bra with no panties.

I made her kneel on the floor and took out my dick and gave it to her to suck. She started sucking it like a hungry bitch. I kept stroking her mouth with my dick hard and mouth fuck her for 5 minutes. Then I made her stand on the door with her hips bend and inserted my dick in her pussy.

I started stroking it in her pussy. She enjoyed each stroke I gave. She started making small noises now. I asked her whether Vishal will wake up.

Saranya: No. He sleeps deep. He won’t wake until morning. But for safety, you better you cover my mouth.

She guided me to the kitchen. As the kitchen was the semi-open type she can see her bedroom door. Due to low light, nobody will look directly into the kitchen even if the door is opened.

I turned her around and covered her mouth. I inserted my dick in her pussy again with one single stroke. Her pussy was so wet and so easy. Then I started fucking her hard. I pulled her hair and continued my fuck.

Saranya: Hmmm.

I kept fucking her for 10 minutes in that position. Then I took her in my arms and fucked her again. She continued her silent moan and started to bite my shoulder and her fingernails scratched my back. I enjoyed it. I then made her sit on the kitchen tile.

I asked her whether she has honey. She said it’s in the fridge. So I opened the fridge took some honey. I poured it in her pussy and some in her ass. I started sucking her pussy and fingering her ass for another five minutes. When she started making small noise again I stopped sucking.

I made her lay on the kitchen table. Then covered her face with one hand and with another hand 2 fingers started inserting in her pussy and rubbing inside her pussy fast. In 2 to 3 minutes she squirted along with the honey dripping from her ass and pussy. I then sucked her ass.

She kept moaning. I then inserted my dick in her ass and fucked her ass for another 10 minutes. Then again I took her from there and made her lie on the floor. I lifted her one leg up and inserted my dick in her pussy. I fucked her fast and hard.

She was making noise. So I covered her mouth with my hands real strong and fucked her hard. She kept crying and enjoying. In between, I think she came twice because she held me so tight then. This continued for another 5 minutes.

I then again opened the fridge. I took a cucumber and inserted it in her pussy. It went in her pussy smooth. Then I made her stand like a doggy style and inserted my dick in her ass. I pulled her hair and started fucking her. She kept her both hands on the floor.

The cucumber came out of her pussy in a few minutes broken and squeezed. But I was so horny and not able to stop. She was making noise too now. But I was so close to cum. Then we heard some noise from the bedroom. I immediately ran to the main hall bathroom.

Saranya, since she was naked came along with me to the bathroom. We opened the tap in the bathroom so that no one suspects us. We waited for a little while. There was no sound coming so Saranya went out and opened the bedroom door to check.

She came back and told it was nothing. Vishal is still sleeping and asked me to leave immediately. I was about to wash my dick. Then she stopped me and took my dick in her hands and told me, “Give me cum and then go.” She started sucking my dick.

In a few minutes, it was hard again. I then made her stand in the bathroom bending and leaning towards the washbasin. I fucked her pussy from behind very hard and fast. I put the hand towel in the bathroom in her mouth to shut her. Then in a few minutes, I was about to cum.

I made her sit on her knees and gave her my cum she swallowed it clean. We kissed a little and clean ourselves and came out to take our dress. Saw a lot of bubbled liquid here and there on the floor. It was the honey and pussy juice of Saranya.

We got dressed and I was about to leave. I kissed her and went out of the house. Before going she told me that she will try to find an opportunity to spend the whole day with me. But don’t know when it’s possible. That did come true and we got many opportunities. I fucked her and made her real satisfied.

Saranya is very much into me. She always waits for an opportunity to get sex with me. Sometimes she calls me on video and we do online sex as well.

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