Tamil Girl Sexually Enjoyed By Dirty Old Man On Train

Hi readers, my name is Deepa. This is my first story on ISS. I am a 19-year-old Tamil girl from Delhi studying to be a nurse. I am about to tell you a story of how I got groped by an old man on my way home from college one day. But first, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I just recently turned 19. I am a dark-skinned girl with perhaps a little slightly above-average looks. I am 5″1, a little bit on the thick side but with meat in all the right places. I have a big bust, 32D with dark nipples and I like to keep my pussy shaved for hygiene reasons.

I don’t have much sexual experience and have only slept with one ex-boyfriend. However, I do watch porn and masturbate occasionally to ease the tension from my studies. I do get a lot of attention from the boys in my college but other than the occasional parties, my priorities remain with my studies.

This particular incident happened after class. On that day, I had stayed back late with my study group as we were having our examinations the following week. I was decently dressed, a slightly low cut top just enough to show off a bit of meat on my chest, a thin jacket, and an above knee-high skirt.

I usually take the train to and from home to college as I stay near the station. On occasions, I have been slightly inappropriately touched while riding the train, a gentle brush on my butt or thighs but I just suck it up and don’t pay much attention to it to avoid causing a scene.

I left college around 6.30 pm and slowly made my way to the railway station. The usual after-work crowd and the general public just made the surrounding area so hot and stuffy.

I could already feel myself beginning to sweat and was dreading the 40-minutes ride home on a packed train. I could already feel the eyes of the men close to me checking out my legs. Some even looked at me and I could just feel them undressing me in their mind. I paid no attention, I just rolled my eyes and patiently waited for my train.

5 minutes later, the train arrived. And as usual, the crowd made their way onboard. Unfortunately, I got onto the mixed carriage. Unable to find a seat, I was slowly pushed toward the back of the train as it slowly began to fill up.

I could smell the sweat and cheap cigarettes and it was getting very stuffy. I could feel beads of sweat beginning to run down between my breasts. Some hands were slowly trying to take some advantage while the crowd pushed its way to the back.

Slowly, the train started to move and I mentally prepared myself for the stuffy ride home and looked forward to a hot long shower.

As the train made its way, I was sandwiched between an elderly man and a middle-aged woman. The old man looked to be about 70 of age, was about my height, slightly bent over and I could see he had an unshaven face and was wearing a torn shirt and dirty pants. He reeked of cheap liquor and cigarettes and it was beginning to make me uncomfortable.

I decided to just block it from my mind and focus on getting off at my stop.

Suddenly, I felt a finger on my thigh. I froze. I could feel the breath of the old man on the back of my neck. 2 fingers were now gently caressing my skin – slowly running up and down against my thighs. It was too tight of a space for me to turn around and give him a piece of my mind.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I could see a small creepy smile forming on the old man’s face. It disgusted me.

Slowly, the 2 fingers gently made their way up my skirt. I could feel the fingers against my slightly damp skin. I tensed my body, clenching my ass, trying as best I can to not give him the satisfaction. His fingers gently made their way up to my panties.

I could see him with a smile on the perverted old man’s face now, seeming to be taking pleasure in making me uncomfortable. He gently ran his fingers against my panty line, trying to grab as much of my exposed ass as he possibly could. My tensed body made it difficult for him to properly cop a feel.

In truth, his gentle touch was slowly beginning to turn me on! I haven’t been touched by anyone in a long time and feeling a hand gently caress my skin was making me a little wet. Having a stranger touch me, let alone this old man was beginning to make my panties a little wet. So I decided, “Ok. Fuck it. What’s the worst that can happen? Just let this old man grab my ass, have his fun, and then I’ll go home, masturbate and have a shower.”

I untensed my body. I could feel the fingers move away suddenly, like in shock. Perhaps, he wasn’t expecting me to unclench. I could feel his eyes trying to look at my face to judge my reaction. Perhaps he was expecting me to turn around and start shouting. He waited a while.

From the corner or my eyes, I could see his old raggedy unshaved face beginning to grin.

I felt it again – his hand starting from the bottom of my thighs and gently making its way up my skirt. I felt him using his thumb and his finger to pinch the meat on the bottom of my ass. His fingers were running smoothly against my sweaty skin. He was beginning to get a bit more daring than I had anticipated.

The old man slowly began to slide a finger under my panties. Then 2. Then I could feel the entire palm of his hand against my ass crack under my panty. I can feel his breathing getting heavier against the back of my neck. Perhaps, I had already let this go on too far. I thought that I should stop him.

I looked around the carriage. No one seemed bothered or even knew what was going on.

I could feel his entire hand grab my butt cheek and give it a hard squeeze. I let out a soft moan! He was beginning to get a little rough.

The old man pushed my ass cheeks aside using his thumb and his middle finger. I could feel the forefinger beginning to touch the entrance of my asshole. At this point, I was beginning to get a little scared if someone would notice. This seemed to have gone far enough. In the back of my mind, I wanted to stop this.

The finger was gently teasing the entrance of my asshole. His finger was slightly wet from my sweat and I could feel it slowly beginning to dig. I let out a small gasp as the tip of his finger slid in.

He started making slow circular movements all the while digging deeper and deeper into my ass. Soon, he had half his finger buried in and he slowly started to move it in and out of the hole. I was starting to enjoy the sensation. I could feel my pussy beginning to drip.

The old man had his finger buried up my asshole for a few minutes just exploring how tight it was, gently burying itself deeper and deeper. It felt so good. I could feel my body shivering from the excitement.

Suddenly, the train started to slow down to its next stop. I felt the finger quickly pull out, leaving my asshole gaping for a few seconds.

People started getting up and moving around. From my side-eye, I saw him inserting the finger into his mouth to get a taste. By this time, my panties were soaking wet.

Looking at this old man smell and taste his finger turned me on so much. I finally had enough space to move around and face him. I could see the shock in his eyes. And then he slowly started to smile.

I could finally get a good view of this old man who just a second ago had his finger buried up my asshole! I could tell from his bloodshot eyes, he had been drinking since morning. The smell of alcohol was so strong. And yet, I wanted him to touch me again.

I felt his eyes move from my face and stare at my breasts. By this time, I was sweating so much, my blouse was wet and clinging onto my bra. He could not take his eyes off my chest. At this point, I was breathing heavily and my tits were moving up and down in unison. My nipples had never been as hard as they were now.

People slowly started to pile onto the train from this station. The carriage was packed once again and the train started to move.

The old man moved in a little closer to me. As I was facing him now, I could feel him breathing down my blouse. He looked like he was about to pounce on my tits but thought better of it. Instead, I felt his hand slowly creep under my skirt to explore again.

This time, I could feel him running his fingers along my panty-line on the front. I spread my legs a little to give him a bit more access. He smiled knowing now that I was enjoying his touch.

He started to pinch my pussy lips over my panties – squeezing the meat together, enjoying how plump it was. A finger was slowly teasing the panty-line on my right thigh. He inserted his forefinger slowly into the panty and pulled it aside, exposing my wet right pussy lip.

He gently stroked the skin of my right pussy lip with the tip of his finger, just feeling how fat and juicy it was. Probably, he was a bit shocked at finding my pussy smooth from a recent shave. The skin from my labia is a bit long and it was sticking out from the side of my panties when he pulled one pussy lip out.

His thumb and forefinger caught my labia, he started to gently pull it downward, twisting and rolling it between his dirty fingers. After a few seconds of playing with the labia skin, he pulled my panty into a tight knot – basically putting my fat pussy lips into a camel toe.

By this time, I was constantly letting off soft moans. He could feel the warm liquid from my pussy on his fingers. He seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself. And so was I.

The old man started to run his fingers along my pussy lips, occasionally pinching them together with his thumb and middle finger to squeeze the juice out. His forefinger was flapping my labia skin that was sticking out from the side of my panty.

He pulled my panty down a little bit, just enough for him to cup my entire pussy on the palm of his hand. He pinched my pussy again, making the lips stick against each other, and pulled my labia flaps again. This time, a little bit rough, pulling them as long as they could stretch then twisting it around his forefinger.

Meanwhile, I was about to lose my mind. I didn’t care that he was a dirty old man, I would be happy to get fucked by anyone at that time.

He ran his fingers up and down the crack of my wet pussy. Every time his finger touched the tip of my clit, I could feel electric surges running through my body. I could feel his finger slowly finding the hole.

After teasing me for so long, he slid 2 of his finger in. At this point, I was so wet the fingers went in smoothly. With his thumb rubbing on my clit and 2 fingers deep inside my pussy, he started to masturbate me in the middle of the packed train.

I came immediately! I could feel the liquid flow out of my pussy and onto his fingers. I let out a loud moan which I think a few people noticed but I didn’t care anymore. I was shivering in excitement. It was worth the orgasm.

He slowly pulled both his fingers out, pinched my smooth wet pussy lips again, just to get a last feel, and put both the fingers into his mouth to taste me.

At this point, with some difficulty, I pulled my wet panties up again. I could still feel my cum against my thighs. At this point, the train was reaching my stop. I quickly gathered myself to make my way to the exit. I took another look at the smiling old man. I could see his yellow teeth grinning back at me.


Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed this story. Do let me know if you have any comments.

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