Steamy Sex Inside The Park With Teenage Girl

Hi, this is a real incident happened a few days ago between me and Priti (the heroine of the story). I am Tanmoy, I live in Burdwan. I am a normal guy of 25 years, a little bit on the heavy side by physique.

Priti is a beautiful girl with stats of 32-29-32 with a pretty smile on face and fair by complexion. She is a 19-year-old charming girl with a good sense of humor.

It was a rainy day. I was getting bored and was on a dating ap. I started browsing some of the cute and interesting girls nearby. As I was swiping left and right, I came across a cute face with a killer smile. That was her Priti.

I swiped down and then continued looking for more matches. Half an hour later, I got a match on the other side with Priti. Our conversation started and I got to know that she was a student. After a bit of conversation, we decided to meet at sharp 9 the next morning as she was on leave and we decided to go for a movie.

The next day, we started our journey from her place and went to our destination Inox in Burdwan and hopped for a movie. We booked a corner seat on the upper row.

The movie started and with a bit of chit chat, our conversation started to bump out. I was getting mad by the perfume she had applied. It was just so arousing. I was getting closer to her and she was stopping me. I then asked her for grabbing her hand. She agreed and made herself comfortable so that I can hold her hand well.

I was holding her hand tightly and was looking at her face. The dim light of the theater was making her look more beautiful and attractive to me. I got my face closer to her and kissed her cheeks. She was smiling. I got my train running as I knew that was a green signal for me to proceed.

I started brushing my hand on her hand. Her skin was soft as butter and I continued doing that. Then I kissed on her neck all of a sudden and started licking there.

The smell of her perfume and the taste of her salty skin was making me mad. I bit on her neck and my hand started fondling her right breast. Her breast felt very soft. I started to fondle them hard.

Priti started moaning mildly and I continued what I was doing. She was wearing leggings and churidar that day. My hand then made its way toward her leggings. As it was elastic and there was no knot, I got easy access to her panty. I started rubbing her clit over her panty.

I could feel that she was clean-shaven and was wet as fuck. I parted Priti’s legs and inserted one finger by sliding her panty a bit and started to rub her clit with my index finger. She was getting restless by the action and was constantly moaning.

I entered one finger into her vagina. I felt the 19-year-old Indian girl’s slippery vaginal canal. I started fingering her vigorously.

Priti started moaning heavily. “Ahhh..ahhh..Tammy please keep going.. Don’t remove your hand, keep doing that.”

In the meantime, the movie ended. Priti’s face had become red with a flush of emotion and horny feeling. She was not even able to make eye contact with me.

The time was 1 pm. As we were hungry, we decided to go and grab something to eat. As we were moving to the place, the weather turned out to be dangerous and it started to rain heavily.

We were in a location to take shelter and where we could wait for the rain to stop. It was a park named as KSP.

We ran, took tickets and entered the park. The park was empty as the weather was pretty bad. We ran and took shelter inside a cottage-like structure and entered there to be saved from the rain.

It was pretty dark outside due to the rain and the rain was so heavy that one can’t see beyond a few feet ahead. Priti was totally drenched with water and was shivering. I looked at her. She was looking like a goddess to me. I made her sit on my lap. As it was dark and raining, no one can even see us.

I started to fondle both her breasts from behind. My tool was getting erect and was pressing on her ass. I entered my hand inside Priti’s dress and unhooked her bra and started playing with her nipples. She got so aroused by that and asked me to suck her nipples.

I turned her around and lifted her dress and started sucking her nipples one by one. Those were dark brown in color and hard by that time. I was sucking and smooching and biting them one by one. At the same time, I entered my other hand inside her panty and was fingering her vigorously.

Then I made her sit and I knelt down on the floor and with her both legs spread apart, I started to eat her pussy like mad.

I entered my tongue in her pussy and started rubbing my tongue tip on top of her g spot. Priti grabbed my hair and started moaning loudly. Her body was jerking in heavenly sensation and with a few more jerks, she unloaded her load in my mouth. I drank it as a gift from heaven.

She got wilder and started to massage my penis over my pants. I asked her for a place to make love to her. She suggested her own place as her parents were out of station.

I took the bike and headed towards her place. I got some condoms and chocolates on the way to her place and when we reached there, it was still raining.

After entering her house, we headed toward the bathroom as we both were fully wet. I switched on the shower and made Priti stand under it. The water was dipping all through her body. I hugged her from the back and again started licking her neck. It was already red due to my previous bites.

I then unzipped Priti’s churidar and removed it from her shoulder and threw it away. Then I unhooked her bra and started sucking her wet boobs. She grabbed my penis over my pants and started unhooking my jeans. She soon made me stand stark naked in front of her.

She then started massaging my penis with her hands. It felt like heaven. I took her panty and pants off and made her fully naked.

I placed her legs on my shoulder and sat beneath her and started sucking her vagina. The dripping water from the shower and the taste of her vagina were making me wilder. I fingered her too with two of my fingers and made her cum twice.

Then I made her bend over the toilet seat and entered my penis in her pussy. It was wet and I started humping her at a vigorous pace. I was constantly spanking on her ass and was fucking her pussy to my heart’s content.

I am a late-cummer and I can continue and fuck for at least two hours so I was fucking her at an unstoppable pace. She was moaning very loud and I was spanking her ass and breast simultaneously. I fucked her for more than an hour there and in the process, she came twice.

Then I bathed her well and started fucking her face with my dick and after a certain time, I unloaded all my cum on her face. Priti drank all of it and bathed me as well.

That day, I fucked her too in the kitchen and made her my cumslut.

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