Hyderabad Diaries

This is the story of my encounter with my girlfriend’s roommate. This is a true story from my days in Hyderabad. I’m re-living these memories as I write and want you all to experience them with me. These are events as they happened with no fiction involved.

Hi, this is Mark. I’m a 28-year-old Mallu guy who grew up in Bombay. I’m 5’6, swimmers built with ripped abs and a cute face. For my short height, I have a surprisingly long brown dick at 7 inches and good girth. This is my first story, and I welcome any suggestions or comments at [email protected]

I was 25 at the time. After completing my master’s, I worked at an MNC in Hyderabad. That’s where I met my girlfriend. We immediately hit it off and started living at each other’s houses.

My girlfriend is 5’2 with a beautiful desi figure. She is not model-like but curvy in the right places. Her boobs are the most attractive part about her. They are 36C and have the most perfectly shaped nipples that I enjoy sucking on. She is extremely cute, and we had a healthy sex life.

We loved smoking weed and sometimes smoked weed with her roommate Rashika. She is pretty eye-catching. During our smoking sessions, I would check her out occasionally. Rashika is a North Indian girl, very fair and curvy.

She was 27 years old and worked at a tech company. She had natural Punjabi boobs of 36 and a curvy fair ass. It was a two-bedroom apartment, and my girlfriend and I would lock our room door for privacy reasons. Rashika had recently broken up with her fiancé and slept alone in her room.

One night at 2 am, I drank water and walked towards the kitchen. In the dark, I notice Raksha waking towards the kitchen as well. She was pretty sleepy and in her black lingerie. She spotted me and stood there in shock for a second while we stared at each other before she scampered away.

The next morning we awkwardly greeted each other as we would for the next few days. I told my girlfriend about it the next day, and she laughed about it. A few days later, she told me that Rashika had told her about the encounter.

She usually sleeps naked. She was so sleepy that she wasn’t sure if she was wearing any panties. I felt a little turned on talking about a naked roommate to my girlfriend.

My girlfriend wasn’t in town for a few days while I continued living at her apartment. One early morning I went into Rashikas room to grab some cigarettes. Since the door was open, I just walked in. But I was stunned to see Rashika sleeping naked in her bed with her panties on.

The sight of her fair body and her busty boobs gave me an instant hard-on, and it stuck out of my boxer. I didn’t grab the cigarettes. I wanted to grab Rashika eagerly, but I was hesitant to take action. Somehow I felt she was intentionally naked and wanted me to move on.

But I wasn’t sure because I knew she had a habit of sleeping naked. Like other days, Rashika and I were smoking weed one night in my girlfriend’s room while watching some stand-up comedy. We took a few drags, and both of us got buzzed.

We talked about stand-up comedy, movies, Hyderabad and relationships. She was wearing a pretty flimsy spaghetti top with denim shorts. I kept checking her out slyly now and then. We smoked another joint. Rashika asked me for blowback, and I didn’t think much of it.

I gave her a blowback with the joint. It was pretty normal and nothing sexual about it. We did it among friends. I placed my hands around her mouth and nose, creating a passage for me to blow smoke in so that she inhales it hard. It hits her with a strong high.

She felt it good, and she asked for another one. As I brought my hands close to her face, she stopped me and said, “Do it without your hands.” I was really surprised but was excited to see where this goes. I brought my face close to hers with the joint in my mouth. She brought her mouth extremely close to mine.

Our lips were almost touching, but they weren’t. I could feel her breath. She could feel mine, but since the joint was hot. I gave her the blowback. We smiled since she enjoyed the hit and continued chatting. Both of us weren’t sure if something would happen, but we could feel some tension building.

We somehow got to the topic and addressed the elephant in the room. We spoke about the late-night kitchen encounter. She giggled and said, “I don’t think I was wearing my panties that night.” I replaced, “Don’t worry, it was dark. I was sleepy too, so I didn’t see much.”

She said, “You must be disappointed, aren’t you?” I was high and dumbfounded at her flirtatious advance. I didn’t know how to respond and just laughed. She was aware I was staring at her beautiful cleavage by this time. She was allowing me to get a view of her deep cleavage.

Her boobs were well-shaped, and I couldn’t take my eyes off them. I don’t know why I wasn’t giving in and responding to her moves. We were pretty high. By this time, we were constantly laughing because of Maryjane. We lay down flat in the bed, staring at the ceiling while tripping on the weed.

We were talking to each other and walking each other through our high feelings. We fell silent for a few minutes. She suddenly stood up and went to the washroom in her bedroom without saying anything. I thought we were calling it a night, and she went to bed.

So I shut the door and got in bed too. Since I was high, I was horny too. Thinking about Rashika’s boobs, I got an erection. I pulled my shorts halfway down, pulled out my dick and started masturbating. I was lost in my fantasy about her and wanked on.

What I didn’t realize was that I didn’t lock the door. She walked in on me masturbating. She got a good look at my hard cock and balls. I was immediately taken aback and shoved my dick back into my boxers.

It was visibly hard and tenting in my boxer. We both laughed at each other in a naughty but high Maryjane way.

She said, “Now we are even.”

I responded, “No, we’re not. I didn’t get to see anything that night.”

She asked me, “Really? Hmmm,” she said and pulled her top up to flash me her boobs. I was mesmerized looking at her milky white boobs and pinkish nipples staring straight at me. That moment got imprinted in my brain real hard. My jaw dropped open, and she laughed, looking at my reaction.

“There we go, now that’s even despite you getting a longer and clearer view, haha,” she said.

At that time, my girlfriend called, and my face turned blue. She laughed at the situation and left my room. I had a 2-hour call with my girlfriend. She was completely oblivious to what was happening. After my phone call, I went back to Rashikas room to check on her.

She was asleep and butt naked. Her butt was facing me when I entered the room, and I was admiring those gorgeous curves. I wasn’t bold enough to make a move. So I decided in my mind that I would sneak away if I saw her turning over. After a few minutes, she did turn over, but I didn’t sneak away.

My instinct told me to stand there, and I did. I could see those gorgeous boobs again. She opened her eyes. She some me standing just in my boxers with my visible hard-on through my boxers. She smiled at me and turned he ass again towards me, inviting me to go for it.

I was not going to stop myself this time. I grabbed her ass and spread them apart to see her clean asshole and wet pussy. To be continued in the next part. I hope you enjoyed my kinky experience with a female friend.

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