Quick Fuck With Megha In Her House

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The heroine of the story is Megha. She is a 23-year-old lady from a conservative family in Kolkata. Her measurements are 32b-24-34. She has a slim figure with a nice curvy ass is dying to get drilled by a hard dick.

It happened when I was on a vacation in India and had to visit Kolkata to attend a marriage function. So I was invited to attend a marriage in Kolkata. Since it was my first time to Kolkata I was excited to see a new place and explore a little. I came there with another friend of mine.

We stayed in a rented house which my friend rented for friends who attended his marriage. The marriage was supposed to happen on a Sunday. We reached there 3 days before so that we can explore the place. We used to have breakfast daily from his family house and then go out to see places around.

It was the first day that I noticed our neighbor girl who used to look into our house. I thought it might be just because we were the new neighbors who moved in. A couple of guys and some of us used to be shirtless moving around the balcony and always noisy.

The same night I got more excited due to drinks. I was looking at the neighbor girl with my binocular. I waited for a while and then saw her cleaning some household things in front of her house. I kept looking with my binocular to see more of her.

She was slim and was wearing a sleeveless top and skirt. She looked really beautiful in that dress. I saw her looking at the balcony whenever she heard a voice. I knew that she was had some inside desire to see hot guys. So I decided to try my luck and tease her.

I removed my shirt and did some pushup to warm my body and made it a little sweaty. Then I went to the balcony and stood there in the opposite direction. I was stretching hands and legs to tease her. After some time I turned around and looked at her. And saw that she was staring at my body.

As soon as she saw me she ran inside her house. I stood there for a little more time assuming that she might be peeking from inside her house. The next evening, I noticed that she was in her house balcony folding dried clothes. I rushed to our balcony without my shirt and stood there for her to see.

I knew she might run away if she sees me. So I turned my head in a different direction and waited for her to enjoy me. I kept peeking at her and noticed that she finished folding her clothes. But was still roaming in her balcony to check me out.

Now I turned and smiled at her and waved my hands. She just smiled and went inside. The next evening we had to visit our friend’s house. Because it was pre-wedding night. We had some snacks and all of us friends where chatting. A lot of families were visiting his house.

I saw our neighbor girl also with her mom and dad. She was wearing a saree. She was looking hot in her saree. She saw me and smiled at me with shyness in her face. I went close to her and introduced myself.

Me: Hi! My name is Ajil

Megha: I am Megha

Me: Hi Megha. I have seen you in the neighbor’s house where we stay.

Megha: Yes that’s my house. Have you moved in recently?

Me: Ya. A couple of us friends rented it for 4 days to attend the wedding functions. We will leave the day after tomorrow.

Megha: Oh.

Me: You look really beautiful in saree.

Megha: Thanks. You too look handsome.

Me: Thanks. I wish I could have stayed more here so that I can see a beautiful neighbor daily.

Megha smiled.

Me: Do you have any boyfriend?

Megha: No. I don’t go out much as our family is conservative.

Me: I can’t believe such a beautiful lady and no boyfriend. If I was your permanent neighbor I would have tried on you daily.

Megha smiled. We had some chitchat and after some time she moved to see other family members with her parents. Then after some time, she left from there. The next day was the wedding day and we all friends got ready and came to our friend’s house.

I had a couple of drinks too with friends. During the wedding function, I saw Megha. She was wearing a pink saree with a sleeveless blouse. She was looking damn hot in her saree. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She noticed me looking at her and to be frank she was looking at me too.

I knew that she finds me attractive and wanted to get close to me. So I made a plan to tease her and make her mine for the night. I went to the medical shop and bought some condoms in case I get a chance. The reception was filled with people and food.

It was orange and watermelon juices that they served. I had a glass of watermelon juice mixed with vodka and I offered that to her. And we chatted a little.

Me: You are looking hot today. Is this saree your selection? It suits you very much.

Megha: I like to wear saree mostly.

Me: That is good. Ladies look much hot in saree.

Megha: Why you like ladies in saree more?

Me: Because it shows a little bit of their tummy and their body shape.

I gave her more vodka mix juice and saw her getting a little high. Enough to turn her mood on. It was 8 pm and the party was on. We then moved to another corner of the reception area and started talking. I kept staring at her eyes and she was looking into mine. I knew that she was getting turned on.

I then kissed her on her hands. She just smiled and looked at me. I told her that I liked her. She smiled. From her eyes, I knew that she liked me too. Then when nobody was around I hugged her. I kissed her on her forehead and cheeks and then kissed her lips.

At first, she tried to push me a little and then she enjoyed my kiss. I was kissing and sucking her tongue and lips. Now slowly I moved my hands from her hips to her ass. And started massaging her butt cheeks very gentle and soft. She had such a soft ass. I then squeezed her ass a little.

She just closed her eyes and enjoyed it. Then I parted immediately. I told her somebody might see us. I took her number and we moved back to the reception area. She was feeling a little dizzy and told her parents. She left. I followed her and after she reached her home, I called her.

Me: Megha. I also came back to my room. I wish I was near you now and kissing you.

Megha: I want to kiss you too.

Me: I want to see you again in that saree. Don’t change it.

Megha: My mom is here.

Me: Please wait until your mom sleep.

I talked to her till 10 pm and asked her to check her mother. Her mother and father stayed on the ground floor and she stayed in the top floor room. She told me that mom is sleeping but her dad will come at any time. I went there quickly and hid behind the house. I asked her to come out.

She came through the back door. She slowly opened the kitchen door and came out. I hugged her and started kissing her passionately as soon as she came. She enjoyed my kiss a lot. I then started squeezed her boobs and saw someone opening the gate.

We both got worried as it was her father. We had no option other than running to her room. In a hurry, we forgot to lock the backdoor. Her father had a spare key so he opened the front door and locked it. Then he went straight to his room. I was now in her room under her bed.

Our night lamps were on. Her father came upstairs to check the doors and then went back to his bedroom on the ground floor. I was scared as we waited for some time. I came from under her bed and sat on the bed with her and hugged her. She was scared so I kissed her and tried to make her calm.

Now she was slowly cooperating with me. I removed her saree pallu and started kissing her boobs over her blouse. I could see the pink bra inside her blouse. She enjoyed it and pushed me more towards her boobs. I then removed her blouse saw beautiful boobs hidden under her pink bra.

Then I took out her boobs and started sucking her nipples. She closed her eyes and pressed my head towards her boobs. I then inserted my one hand inside her saree and started massaging her pussy over her panties. She was enjoying all this a lot and kept her eyes closed.

Now I was sucking her boobs and finger massaging her pussy over her panties. Then I lifted her saree and removed her panties. It was a white panty with pink lines and a wet patch of her pussy honey. I then took my head inside her saree and started sucking her pussy. She started to moan a little.

I then removed my dress completely and removed her saree and bra. Now I was fully naked and she was in her petticoat only. I came in 69 position and gave her my dick to suck. She was sucking it hungrily. I lifted her skirt and sucked her pussy. Her pussy was juicy and tasted good.

I then fucked her mouth with my dick and started fingering her pussy. She wanted to cry aloud. But because my dick was in her mouth she couldn’t. Then she had an orgasm and tried to push my hands away. I couldn’t stop and I continued finger fucking her.

Then I inserted my one finger in her ass and continued sucking her pussy. We did this for some time. Then I removed my dick from her mouth and made her stand like a doggy. I lifted her skirt up and tried to put in my dick. Her pussy was so tight and she was feeling the pain.

I inserted it slowly and started to stroke my dick. Slowly my full dick was inside her and I increased the speed. She was enjoying and making noise. I took her panties and smelled her pussy juice from it. Then I insert it in her mouth to make her mouth shut and then started fucking her hard.

I kept changing position and fucked her for another 15 to 20 minutes. Then I was about to cum so I took out my dick. Took panties from her mouth and came in her mouth. She sucked my cum fully and drink it. After she made my dick clean I took her in my arms and again inserted my dick in her.

I started fucking her again in my arm. She was so horny now and was enjoying the immediate second fuck. I took her towards the wall. Pressed her back to the wall and fucked her real hard. We fucked for another 30 minutes and I was nowhere near to cum. She had 4 orgasms in between.

She was crying and enjoying my fuck. Her voice was in frequency with my strokes. Then then I stopped and took my dick out. I wore my dress and asked her to open the kitchen door for me to leave. She put on a top only as her skirt was still on. She came down with me to open the kitchen door.

When she opened the kitchen door I asked her to be on her knees. She did that. I took my dick out and started stroking with my hand and came in her face. Then went back to my room.

She still chats with me and sends photos of her wet pussy and panties to seduce me. She fingers herself thinking of the fuck that we had.

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