Sex At The Racecourse

Hi friends! First of all, I want to give a short introduction. I am a working professional. I always had fantasies to fuck in nature like any normal guy (after watching so much porn). Either fortunately or unfortunately I got this chance when my fiancee visited Mumbai.

This was not our first meeting. We met in Gujarat before but then we only met formally, though we kissed already there. Kiss as in, in a theater and park. Just a long long smooch. Now, the day before yesterday, she arrived at Mumbai. After spending some time at home, we left to go out.

It was a bit rainy day like ‘tip-tip barish’, very romantic weather. We headed from my home towards the Worli Seaface. On the bike, she sat so close on me like no air could pass. She literally hugged me so tightly and holding my chest. With this sexy gesture, I asked her, “Whassup honey, is this our first date?”

She kind of giggled and said yes. And while riding I grab her ass and pulled her closer to me. Let me tell you, she was wearing a white cotton salwar suit. She is a slim girl, not very fair but dusky beauty. The feel of her ass was just malai.

We were just chilling at Worli Seaface and she asked me about my favorite place in Mumbai. I instantly said, “It’s the Racecourse. I go there for a walk and exercise.” Then she asked me if I could take her there as she wants to see it. Finally, we reached racecourse.

And the shit was that the watchman stopped us and said, “It’s closed. You can’t go in.” We (actually she) somehow managed to convince him to let us go. After entering the ground, we saw there was a whole empty ground and no one there. Literally not a single person. Purely secluded ground.

I told her, “Babes, you know people come here for jogging. I also come many times to do exercise and walk.” She instantly asked me, “Where do you exercise here?” I said, “There, inside. I feel really relaxed there. And it’s my all-time favorite place in Mumbai.”

She asked if we can see it. And here all the fun started. We got inside holding hands. As it was a bit rainy, the grass was all wet. There was a small ‘kufiya’ passage where we can sit even sleep. So there we settled to sit down. We were just holding hands and sitting there.

And I slowly blew in her ears and she again giggled. She held my hands tighter and just moved a little away. And pat on my chest. I like slowly touched her chin and looked at her. She started looking deep in my eyes. And crunching her lips. I held her face and locked lips with her.

As soon as I locked lips, she got charged. She was like kissing back more passionately. I begin to caress her back, up to down. After reaching her spinal cord, I press her sacrum. Like the base of the spinal cord, right at the center. Her hands started to move on my cock directly from the chest.

I was wearing jeans and she just started playing with it. I kept smooching for long almost 10 minutes. Just licking her mouth and tongue. It got so intense.
I took her dupatta and kept it aside. I opened her hair and like moving hands throughout the neck.

Again I blew on her neck and also licked there. She hugged me tightly and said, “Oh!” I grabbed her pussy over the salwar. She was like pressing my hands more towards it. I asked her if she likes it. She closed her eyes and crushed her lips. She said, “Oh god, what are you doing to me??

I somehow managed to move hands over her pussy (inside the panty) and boom, she was already wet. Quickly, I made her stand up and removed her top (kameez). Now she was in a bra, salwars, and panty. Her open hair and horny eyes, omg! I made her sit again and started to play with her toes.

I massaged her feet slightly and rub her toes. She was moaning with pleasure. I press the toes more and like put my hands inside her toes and squeezed. I felt each and every finger of toes and gently caressed it. She was moving hands in my hair really hard.

Then I came up to her belly. I rubbed hands and then tongue on her belly gradually increasing the speed. I squeezed her boobs over the bra and pinched her nipples. She was moving her legs on my shoulders and kept saying, Oh boy! What the hell am I doing?”

I lifted her bra and bit her nipples. She said, “Ahh!” and kept saying that. I quickly took out her bra and kept it aside. I came up and nibbled on her nose like touching nose to nose and circulating. So I did it for 2 minutes and again smooched harder.

My hands this time were on her nude pussy which was so wet. She gave a quick lovebite on my neck while kissing and like shaking my cock (after taking out my jeans and undies). It was so damn erect. I stood up and pull her hair.
I said, “Baby, you want to taste it, right?”

She straight away started sucking my cock crazily. In the meanwhile, I also stroked inside her mouth with a cock. She actually did it like she is brushing her teeth with my cock. “Maa kasam maza aa gaya,” I said. Now, she was only in her salwar and panty.

I whispered in her ears, “Baby, it would be good to see you naked here.” I said come on and made her sleep on the ground. As the knot was open, I raised her legs and removed the salwar. She was only in her panty now and me in my t-shirt. I threw my tee and got all naked.

I went down and sucking her pelvic point. Like exactly where the legs and body meets. She said, “Please fuck me, I am drained.” I took out her panty and got her all naked. I took her one leg up and started to suck her heels slowly. I sucked and licked all through her heels and pressed my cock with her toes.

She was playing with my cock with her toes. I put her on missionary pose and began to fuck her slowly. Like giving very shallow strokes and a few deep too. I can’t forget her look with ecstasy. She was like, “Yeah! Please.” I turned a pose after a while and she was on top.

She was sitting on my cock riding on it and I was sleeping. She began to jump on my cock and moving with pace. Her ass was in my hands and I was pumping it on every jump. After a while, I finally cum on her thighs. And we again kissed hard.

Even after getting dressed up, we sat for half an hour holding and kissing each other. She asked when will we come again and I said I don’t really know. We talked about what she enjoyed most and she said the way I got her naked. Lol.

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