Rajayoga Of An Indian Wife Rajalakshmi

Hello all, this is Sumith, 33, from Kodagu in Karnataka. Today, I am going to narrate one of my latest sexual experiences. I am in touch with Rajalakshmi and Suresh for more than a year now. I happened to meet them when they were searching for a partner to boost their cuckold lifestyle.

Rajalakshmi, whom I call Lakshmi is 40 and Suresh is 6 years older to her. We together have burnt many nights in joy but this time, it was different.

One evening Lakshmi called me and said she was going to Manipal to assist her extended family member who had to undergo surgery. She asked me if I could come to Manipal for a couple of days as she was coming alone. I canceled a few of my business meets and started to Manipal the next morning before dawn.

But she was called upon as an ad hoc and hence she will be having a lot of time to kill in the hospital. She clearly said she just wanted to play with my dick.

I reached Manipal to pick her up from the bus and I took her directly to the hospital where she let them know that she’s there.

After a while, she came back with a woman and went past my parked car. We looked at each other as if we were strangers. They walked to a hotel to have coffee while chit-chatting. After leaving them back to the ward room, she came back and said, “Let’s hurry up to the room, I want some relaxation from the long journey.”

We checked in and while going into the room, I smooched her and she was waiting for it. She started her tongue play, we sucked and licked each other. My hand was kneading her boobs one by one.

She then broke the kiss and pushed me onto the bed. Without wasting a minute, she unbuckled my belt, pulled down my pants along with my trousers, catching my sprung out dick with one hand and the balls with the other.

She opened her mouth and started to suck – starting from the tip, circling her tongue, letting out slight moans and then taking it in millimeter by millimeter.

After 4-5 minutes of going slow and deep, she started to pace up in a rhythm. Her moaning too got into a rhythm, mmmm…mmmm..mmmm..mmmm with every stroke.

After sucking me for full 15 minutes, I pulled down her leggings and pantie in a stroke and started licking her pussy. She was wet and started to shiver with every lick, pushing my head hard. With aaah.. oooh..oops.. she was gulping half of what she uttered.

I slowed down my acts and with slow strokes, I licked her pussy lips from bottom to top.

“Oh.. don’t tease, I can’t, can’t, can’t.. I want you to enter me.. please don’t tease anymore dear.. ooooh.. Summi.. Summi, do it..”

I then laid over putting her small 5 feet body under me and inserted my cock in. Her eyes started to close partially and she was making seductive moans. I lifted her to pound her with her legs crossed across my waist but she pleaded. “No Summi, I want you to be in full pace now, bang me like a whore!”

So I put her to the edge of the bed and started my thrusts. For a full 20 minutes, without stopping for a second, I pushed and pulled inside her like a piston. Her lubrication is fantastic.

Lakshmi flooded eight times in the first 20 minutes. Then I asked her to ride me in cowgirl style.

She sucked me again starting from my balls and then got into position. She did that for 15 more minutes and then while flooding again said, “Hmmm.. this is why I was longing for your dick” while gasping for her breath. And she unplugged and laid down beside me. I started to suck her boobs by circling my tongue around her hard nipples.

Then her phone started to ring. It was her hubby Suresh.

“Hi dear, I am getting fucked by Summi..”

“You finished a round?”

“No, his little master is yet to split out, I want to take him in mouth and see whether he cums”

By then, I made her sleep sideways and started spooning.

“Mmm.. he is entering again.”

“Oh, make a video call then!”

While I was pushing her from back, Lakshmi started the video call holding the mobile up and her husband was there sitting at his home. He started to jerk off holding mobile in one hand. In a couple or more minutes, I asked her to go doggy.

Teasing her husband on the video call, Lakshmi went on her knees lifting her ass up. When I plugged her again, Suresh on the other side came over his hand and said,

“Thank you Summi, you started my day with a nice show. Nowadays my wife is getting more and more excited. Bang her well! She should not ask for a cock for the next two full weeks. Bye”

After 10 more minutes of banging, I was ready to cum and paced up my rhythm. Lakshmi sensed it too and she turned around, took my cock into her mouth and started a vigorous blowjob until she made me cum. I shot my full load into her lovely mouth.

With sweaty bodies, we entered the shower where I fucked her standing against the wall. But I didn’t cum then. After the shower, we had a nap.

Around 11, we had another session in a few other positions before she left for the hospital. While leaving, she said, “Drink lots of fruit juice, I will be coming back and milking you!”

Lakshmi came to the room for lunch and we had another session before taking rest. In the evening, we had a walk together and after that, we had two more sessions at night with video call for Suresh, totaling the number of sessions to six that day.

Though we woke up a bit late, the next day Lakshmi milked me as much as possible between brief visits to the hospital. The next morning I headed back home after dropping her for the bus back to Bangalore.

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