Throbbing Orgasm On First Night

This is a fictional romance story of a throbbing orgasm on the first night. No character is real. If the storyline or names match, it is completely coincidental.

The story is about a couple who are just married. The scene takes place on their first night. The bride is sitting in her room waiting for the bridegroom. She is both nervous and excited about their nuptial night.

Finally, the bridegroom comes into the room and locks the door, and slowly walks towards her. What happened later is the story below.

She got up, looking for a bathroom to change her wedding dress. She asked him, “Where is the bathroom here? I want to change my dress.”

“You are looking beautiful in this,” he said.

She got nervous and was shying away when he held her waist and pulled her close. They were so close that they could hear each other’s heartbeat. He lifted her and took her to the bed, and laid her down. She sat up with a nervous look in her eyes.

Their eyes were locked with each others’. She pulled her gaze back and looked down. He held her chin and pulled it up. He came forward, and slowly he kissed her lips. She was too nervous about reciprocating. Instead, she held his collar very tight.

He then removed her pallu and laid her down again. He kissed her neck, breastbone, belly button and moved all around the body with his lips. Slowly she started reciprocating and kissed him back. Then he undressed her slowly.

He was surprised to see her large boobs since they were not noticeable under her pallu in the saree. First, he kissed her boobs gently. Then, he started teasing her by licking the outer part of the boobs in a circular motion and then coming inwards, sucking directly on the nipple.

He made the nipples wet with his saliva by licking and sucking them. Then he blew on them gently. She went crazy for the chilly sensation that created a yummy tingle and started enjoying it. Next, he held her both the boobs with his hands and kneaded them relentlessly.

She started moaning out of the pleasure of his kneading. After a while of kneading her boobs, he went on to bite her nipples. He held the nipple in between the teeth and his tongue and started playing with it gently. He moved his tongue up and down the nipples and suck on them like a baby.

Slowly he started sucking them with more pressure, which got her the first boob or nipple orgasm. She couldn’t control herself and held his hair tightly and asked him to do the same on the other nipple as well.

As soon as he finished on the other boob, she woke up and said, “Now it’s my turn.” She helped him undress. His cock was ready to pop out of his jocks. She removed her pants and held the cock in her hand. It smelled so good that she got much more excited about it.

It was huge as she expected. She started stroking it with light pressure and slowly increased her pace. He was quivering slightly. While she was stroking it, she locked her eyes with him, which he found super hot and increased his intimacy factor.

She kept touching his abs and chest with one hand, looking at him, and playing with the balls. Then, in less than a minute, she watched him as he lost all control. He was feeling the pleasure come in waves and breathing haphazardly. Finally, he just exploded on her boobs.

He again got her back to the bed, laid her down, and slowly inserted his cock into her pussy. Her pussy was so tight that he was not even able to insert half of his dick. Slowly he started pushing it in and out, and now they were comfortable.

He once pushed it out and inserted it with a pressure that touched her G-Spot. She moaned loudly. He then held her nipples and kneaded them with the thumb and index finger. She was literally on the 7th heaven. He bent to suck her boobs which gave her pleasure.

She asked to change the position as she wanted to overtake from here onwards. This gave him a tingling sparkle all over his body. So he laid down, and she gave him a blowjob for some minutes. His cock was now ready to get into her pussy again and give her a bang.

She sat on his cock and started riding his cock. He was amused to know that she was so good at it. She could feel the penis inside her stomach and started moaning relentlessly out of pleasure. She held her boobs with both her hands and kneaded them even more vigorously. He was enjoying the sight and watching her with amusement.

This was when he was at his peak, and he was released. It was like the most satisfying experience of being invincible and relieved at the same time. He was so happy with his wife for giving him the best orgasm of his life.

He then started licking her pussy, building intensity, changing up techniques, multiple smaller orgasms. Then the last one was apparently just over-the-top. Her whole body shook in a manner she had never experienced,

She locked her knees around his head so hard while she was thrusting it felt like she was going to decapitate him. Then, as she was finishing, she reached down, pulled him up, and grabbed him by his head.

She wouldn’t let go – and she had a bit of a crazy look about her – eyes rolled up, clenched jaw, and then a huge release. She didn’t squirt, but the sheets were absolutely soaked. It truly was her hot first night!

In the next story, I’m going to write about the romantic rainy sex of two individuals. They hate each other badly yet end up having sex with each other.

To read the story, stay tuned to the page. Also, let me know what you liked the most about the story in the comment section. Also, kindly let me know if you have any suggestions or a particular topic on which you want me to write stories.

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