Playing Nude With A Stranger At The Beach

I am a brown male. This incident with a stranger at the beach happened when I was 21. I don’t want to waste time. So let’s jump into the incident.

I am a nudist and often find ways to go nude before others. So beaches are one of my favorite places to visit all by myself. We may not have nude beaches, but I only wear underwear (a small cut drawer) while on the beach.

I will also remove that underwear while swimming in the sea before people (mostly girls) as if it got removed accidentally by waves. I used this technique and have been nude before at least 20 people. Mostly it’s just 1 second of exposing my body, and that’s it. But one time, it went far than that.

One day, I went to the beach just like every time. It’s in Chirala, Andhra Pradesh. That beach also has one resort just beside it. I come to the beach all by myself. So I can’t just leave out my clothes, purse, phone on the beach and go swim in the sea.

If I lose them, I have to go to my city with nothing more than underwear. So I will normally take a room in that resort, remove all my clothes and come to the beach in underwear. That resort has a fingerprint lock, so I don’t need to carry even the room key.

Most people go to the beach from the resort in their track pants or shorts. Going in underwear is a bit risky. Not to mention, many people will look at my bulge while I am going to the beach. But it’s not a crime, and no one is going to stop me from it.

I came to the beach and found a group of girls playing in the sand. So instead of going directly to the sea, I decided to stay for few minutes before them until they saw my bulge. I slowly moved closer to them and stood around 10 feet far from them.

My dick started growing, and few of those girls noticed me. They calmly signal other girls to look at me. I am just standing there and looking into the sea like nothing is happening. I can hear that they are giggling and staring at my blue underwear and bulge every few seconds.

Suddenly someone is calling me from behind with their hand. I am nervous because I am in underwear. I thought they might be some authority here.
I turned back, and it was a girl around my age. She may be older than me. But my tension got controlled seeing her.

She is fairly brown (Dusky) in color and a bit busty looking. Her face is really cute with her broad lips, sharp eyes, and loose hair. She is wearing a white t-shirt with no sleeves and jeans pants. My dick is already out of control.

I can’t stand anymore looking at her lips, sleeveless armpits, and good-sized boobs visible because of her tight fit. Once I completed scanning, I said, “Yeah, tell me,” while using my hands to hide my bulge.

She said, “Sorry to interrupt. I need a place to change my clothes and keep them safe while I am swimming. Are there any bathrooms or locker rooms here?”

I said, “No, you can take a room in the resort. You will get both.”

She asked, “Do you have one?”

I was just amazed that some girl came to a guy in underwear and asked for a room. It felt really weird. I said, “Yeah.”

She asked, “If you have no problem, can I use it for few minutes, please.”

I said, “Yeah. no problem.” (Who’s going to say NO?)

As the room key is my fingerprint, I have to go back to the room again with her. Also, I don’t want her to go to my room alone and steal all my stuff.

While walking, we talked about a lot of stuff. I gave her all the wrong details about me. I didn’t want her to come and inform my parents that I was wandering in underwear in public.

She said that her name is Satya, her age is 24, she works in **** company, etc. I doubted these details first. Because which girl wants to open her details to a guy in underwear?

Anyhow, we came to the room. She went inside with her bag, and I was standing outside the room. After a few minutes, she came out wearing another sleeveless shirt that was orange and had a V cut. Then white shorts that don’t cover her knees.

We both are slowly walking towards the beach again.

I asked, “Seems like sleeveless T-shirts are your style?”

She giggled and replied, “Yeah, I like them, and what do you like? Underwears?”

I was like, OMG, she is talking about my underwear. I want to continue this conversation about my underwear. So I asked, “Isn’t it nice?” and started laughing.

She replied, “Yeah, Awesome. I asked for the details about the bathroom because you are in underwear without any bag. So I thought you might know about it. Thanks to your underwear.”

Being with a girl and talking about my underwear made my dick much stronger and bigger. It is standing almost 90 degrees to me. My underwear is so small that my grown-up dick made my private hair completely open with a top slit.

Even the dick is slightly exposed from the top of the underwear. I am a nudist, but it made me frightened. I don’t have anything to hide my dick, and I can’t control it. So I started walking slowly and started to walk behind her, using her as a cover.

But her short is so freaking tight that I can see her perfectly rounded butt and even the butt hole. That entire experience was so hard for me, and my dick started hurting. She turned back to ask the direction and found that my dick was just enormous.

I just pretended like nothing was happening and started replying to her. She started walking beside me and noticing my dick every once in a while. It made me more comfortable and gave me the courage to walk without hiding my bulge.

Suddenly, she said, “Hey, your balls are getting out from the side of your underwear.”

Yeah, that’s how much open my dick is at that moment.

I said, “Oh, sorry for that,” and started adjusting my balls in front of her.

Then I asked her, “Are they ok now?”

She said, “Yeah, but still, your thing is visible from the side and top.”

I love that she is talking about my thing. But I don’t know what to do or answer such a question.

I said,” Let’s quickly go swim in the sea, so fewer people will notice that.”

We both started running. Her boobs are jumping up and down definitely without a bra. Also, my dick is just flying all over the place. She noticed my bouncy dick and started smiling openly.

We were in the water. She is completely into the water. I am just entering it. She started playing with water throwing the water here and there with her hands. She made an awesome move right there. She took some water in her hands and threw it towards my dick.

That made my underwear wet, and my dick again started bouncing. She just laughed out loud real hard this time. I stopped walking into the water and looked at her angrily(of course, a fake angry). She started throwing water all over me and made me completely wet.

I was standing over there. I started noticing that people were looking at me and my bulge. But they are pretty far off, and there aren’t many people near me. So I just ignored them and just stood like that. Then she just came walking near me and took some water in her hand.

She started pouring them inside from the top open part of my underwear. My private hair was seen, and it also got completely wet. I thought this was the perfect time for me to take advantage. I took some water with my right hand, pulled her t-shirt, and poured the water inside it for her boobs.

As expected, she did not take it seriously and poured water on my chest. The play goes on for almost an hour. To stop pouring water on me, I hugged her from the back so that she couldn’t reach me. My dick is getting rubbed to her butt, and my hands are all over her body.

Even though we are playing for an hour in the water, I haven’t grabbed her boobs. I crossed that milestone while hugging her. Grabbed her left boob with my right hand so tight and pressed my dick even harder to her butt. She hasn’t got angry but tried super hard to push me off of her.

Then she started fighting with water quickly. I couldn’t even look at her. So I started running away from her chaotic fight. Then she caught my underwear and pulled it to stop me from running. The underwear made a really good tearing sound even in that chaos.

We stopped playing to that sound. First, she is holding my underwear from the back, and her fingers are touching my butt hole. Second, my underwear lost its elasticness. She left it, and my underwear fell, giving her a complete view of my butt.

I just turned back and ran into the water, and she has also seen my dick in action. If you haven’t seen underwear that lost the elastic, understand that wearing such a thing is equal to not wearing anything. If you hold it from the back, it just can’t stand in the front.

If you hold both sides, the sides fall. So there is no option for me to go back to the room. Even though I love to go fully nude, it is too much of a risk to take. There is always a slight difference between having underwear on the beach and not even having that.

She can’t just go to the room to bring any clothes as the room lock doesn’t work with her finger. Even she can’t get her clothes back without me. It felt like a dead end. This situation has never happened to me before, and I am not prepared for it.

Then suddenly, an idea popped up. I asked her, “Hey, can you give me your shorts so that I can go to the room and wear my clothes.”

She said, “But I am not wearing anything inside.”

I said, “I know. You can hide in the water, and I will come back immediately. Just count 100.”

After everything that happened between us, it’s not a big deal for her to remove her shorts in front of me. She removed it and gave it to me because we had no option. I missed my word and started playing with her to grab her pussy. She said, ” You said that you will go and bring clothes.”

I replied, “Yeah, but only if you let me touch your thing.” She just came near me and said, “Do it quick. I can’t stay like this. Anyone may notice.” I grabbed her pussy and then her boobs. Slowly started fingering her right there in the sea. She kept her hand in the shorts that I am wearing now and started a handjob.

I kissed her everywhere and gave her a long lip kiss. She got deep into the water and even removed her shirt completely. I squeezed the shit out of those boobs. She doesn’t have any part that I haven’t touched. I felt her skin, felt her bones and body structure.

I kept my hand on her face and felt her eyes, nose, inside the nose, cheeks, lips, teeth, and even tongue. She is such a cooperative in almost everything. People can’t see that she is nude but see that we are having a big time. I said, “Let’s continue this in the room.” She said, “Yeah.” Of course, she will.

I can understand she also came to the beach all by herself just to enjoy. Who comes to a guy wearing only underwear and asks for a room?

I gave her shirt back and ran to the room quickly. I have other shorts that I packed to wear if there is a huge crowd. I quickly grabbed it and ran back to the beach. By now, it’s almost 6’o clock, and it’s dark. Many people have already left the beach.

I shouted to Satya, “Hey, I think we can go. I don’t want to make these shorts wet too. Can you come out and wear these?”

She said, “OMG, no. I can’t do that. People may notice.”

I said, “Come on, no one is near us.”

She said, “Then you remove my shorts and wear yours. So that you can just throw my shorts to me into the sea.”

I said, “Are you sure you can catch them? If you miss, it will turn out even worse. The waves are strong.”

She is deep inside the sea to cover her pussy and butt.

She said, “Are you sure no one will notice?”

I replied, “Of course, no one is here. Only I will notice.”

She said, “ok, wait, I am coming out.”

OMG, she now doesn’t even care about being nude before me. She slowly came out, exposing her pussy to me in full view, and wore my shorts. Later we went to a restaurant inside the resort wearing each other’s shorts.

Now it’s time to leave back home. We went to the room to collect our things. I said, “I am wearing your wet shorts. First, I will change,” and went inside the room.

She replied, “No probs, I guess we can change together,” and came inside the room with me.

I removed her shorts and became nude before her. I gave those shorts to her. She removed my shorts and gave them back to me. I am naked, and she is in nothing but a wet T-shirt. As a cherry on top, someone came to the room without even knocking.

We forgot to lock the door to remove our dress before each other. It’s the resort’s service girl. We both quickly covered our parts with our hands.

The service girl said, “Sorry, sir, I am leaving.” Without leaving immediately, she again said, “Sir, this is a one-person room, two people are not allowed. You need to take ‘couple’ room,” and just stared at us waiting for an answer.

I removed my hands and stopped coving my dick to give her a complete view. I said, “Oh, sorry, I don’t know that. No problem, we are leaving”

The service girl said “Thank you” and left. I don’t understand. Did she say thank you for showing my dick or replying to her? Whatever the case, she just looked at my dick and said thank you, which is what matters.

I locked the door. She started wearing her clothes and packing her bag. I was sitting on the bed and started masturbating, looking at her. While going, she came near me and said, “One minute, I have never done this,” and started the hand job.

I got up and kissed her lips. We involved tongue. She is still giving me the hand job. I tried to hold it too long. After 10 minutes, I leaked my sperm out, and we stopped kissing each other.

Later she went, and then I vacated the room. Then I went back to my city on a bus. I never had such a peaceful sleep my whole life. I have been in underwear all day before many girls. I showed my balls and private hair to a stranger girl. I played with that girl for hours while wearing underwear.

I made her nude and grabbed her whole body, made her come out of the sea nudely. We wore each other’s shorts, deep kisses with tongue, handjob, and top of that seen by a service girl. Mostly, even today, I still get erected with the thought of a girl tearing my underwear and looking at my dick.

We exchanged numbers and met 2 times later in a movie theatre and a hotel room. If you like this story about strangers on the beach, I will post those too.

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