Romantic Sex Between Me And Ranjana – Part 5

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We left my hotel room and went to our house. Her maid opened the door. They were living in a 2 bedroom flat. Samar, Ranjana and their 4 years old little cute daughter, Labu. A maid in her late 50s was taking care of her little daughter. Their daughter is very cute like a little angel.

We entered their house. “The guest room is ready?” Ranjana asked the maid.
Maid: Yes, Memsaab. Apne phone pe jaise bola tha maine aise hi ready karke rakhi hain. (Yes, madam as per your instruction over the phone I prepared the guest room.)

Ranjana: Well, Laxmi you wanted to go to your native place for 3 days. You take leave for 3 days and go to your native. Because for the next three days, I have taken leaves.
Maid: Thank you, madam.

The maid left. Her daughter sat on her lap and looked at me. Now she asked,
Labu: Mama who is that uncle?
Ranjana: He is your dad’s friend. He will be with us for the next 2 to 3 days, ok?
Labu: What is your name?

Me: Rohit? And your’s?
Labu: Miss Labanya Batra. (We all laughed.)
Me: I heard that you love chocolate very much. Is it true?
Labu: Yes uncle I love chocolate very much but mama won’t allow me to eat.

I showed her a big chocolate box. Labu ran to me and took a chocolate from my hand. she was very happy. She opened a chocolate wrapper and started eating. I winked at Ranjana. She got up from the sofa and went to her bedroom. I was chitchatting with Labu.

Within a few minutes, we became so close. We were playing and enjoying. Around half an hour later I saw Ranjana was standing on the door and smiling.
Me: When did you come?
Ranjana: Almost 5 minutes but you two were very busy.

Ranjana took Labu in her lap and told, “Rohit you first go and change your dress and get freshened up.”

I looked at Ranjana. After the bath, she was wearing a normal Kurti and leggings. Her hair was wet. Small droplets of water were running down from her cheek and neck. She was looking like a fresh Tulip. I was looking at her. I was mesmerized by her natural beauty. She noticed my look and winked.

I smiled and said, “You are so beautiful.” She pecked on my cheek and said, “Now don’t delay and stop buttering. Go to the bathroom and freshen up.” I got up and went to my room. I was thinking that how lucky I am. I never thought that a beautiful lady like Ranjana would come into my life.

When I first met her in Goa, I never thought that one day I will be sitting in her house. I was in my thought. I didn’t know when Ranjana came to my room. Suddenly she was standing in front of me, and then she kissed on my forehead and asked, “What are you thinking?”

I wrapped her in my arms and put my head on her chest. “Nothing Jaan, I was just thinking that how lucky I am to have you in my life. When I count my blessings, I count you.” She wrapped my head with her arms and said, “I am also very lucky to have you in my life. But now get up and change your dress.”

I didn’t want to leave her. I was still wrapping her waist with my arms and hugged her tightly. She moved her finger on my hair and whispered, “Get up love, go and change your dress. I am here only. I am not going anywhere.” I left her and got up from the bed. I held her face and looked at her eyes.

Ranjana looked at my eyes too. We both were looking at each other’s eyes. I could see a lot of love in her eyes for me. I bent down my head and gave a soft, light kiss on her lips. She didn’t protest but pushed me towards the bathroom. I told her, “Ranjana tomorrow we will go shopping and have our lunch outside.”

She laughed and said, “We will see tomorrow but now don’t talk and don’t delay just go to the bathroom and freshen up.”
Me: Will you accompany me there?
Ranjana: No, never, my monster.

She gave a small peck on my back. I tried to hold her but she escaped from there. Within a few minutes, I changed my dresses, took bath and came out. I wore trousers and a t-shirt. I came out of my room and sat in the drawing-room. I was chitchatting with Labu and playing with her.

Ranjana was in the kitchen and preparing food for us. Samar didn’t come yet. In between, I went to the kitchen a few times and hugged and kissed Ranjana. Every time she was behaving like my wife who was scared that her daughter may see us.

It was 9 pm. Ranjana completed her preparation and came to us. She was sitting beside me. Labu was sitting on my lap and listening. Ranjana gave a soft kiss on my cheek. Labu didn’t notice that. Ranjana was sitting very close to me. Her fresh bodily aroma intoxicating me.

I looked at her from the corner of my eyes. She understood my intention but she signaled me, “Don’t do anything naughty, because Labu was sitting with us.”
I understood and kept quiet, just sat close with her. Our bodies touched each other. Some time my elbow felt her boobs above her dress.

Every time, when my elbow hit her boobs she pinched on my back and blushed. A few minutes later Ranjana brought food for Labu and was feeding her. Labu’s dinner was over and we heard the calling bell. It was Samar. Ranjana opened the door and Samar entered. He saw me and Labu and smiled.

Samar: Sorry Rohit, I am late. I hope my wife and daughter didn’t bother you much.
Me: Not at all buddy. Your daughter is very sweet. She is a little angel.
Samar: Just give me a few minutes, I will change and freshen up.

Ranjana took Labu and went to their bedroom because it was her sleeping time. I was watching TV and waiting for Samar. A few minutes later Samar came and we were chitchatting for some time. Ranjana also came and sat with us. Labu was now sleeping.

Samar: Rohit if you don’t mind can we escape today’s drink? I am very tired.
Me: Ok Samar. Let’s have dinner and go to sleep. Because today I am also very tired. (and winked at Ranjana)

We were taking our meal. Ranjana was eating with us and also serving food. Whenever she bent down and served food a glimpse of her cleavage was shown. I was looking at her from the corner of my eyes. Her cleavages made my dick hard. she was looking very beautiful and hot.

She understood that I was looking at her cleavage. She was blushing. Ranjana hit my legs with her leg. I looked at her. She was feeling uncomfortable in front of her husband Samar. Suddenly Samar asked, “How is the food?”
Me: Super.

Ranjana smiled. I moved my leg slowly on her feet. She giggled.
Samar: Why are you laughing?
Ranjana: Nothing.

Anyway, we ate our dinner and came to the sitting room. I said, “Samar I am thinking that tomorrow I will go shopping. Can you guide me?”
Samar: Ranjana, why don’t you go with Rohit? You can guide him well.
Ranjana: But Labu?

Samar: Yes that will be a problem, what to do?
Ma: Why don’t we take Labu with us? We can have lunch in a good restaurant.
Samar: Ok then, as you wish.

Me: Samar, why don’t you come with us?
Samar: Sorry yaar I can’t take leave.
Ranjana: You are always busy with your office.
Samar: What to do darling? My bosses will not allow my leave.

After a few minutes, they got up. I was sitting there and watching the news. I told, ” I am not feeling sleepy, you go and sleep. I will watch the news for some more time, and then I will go to sleep.”

Samar: Ok. Do you need anything?
Me: No no, it’s ok.

They went to their bedroom. On the way to the bedroom, Ranjana once turned her head and looked at me. I have seen sorry in her eyes. After around half an hour, I switched off the TV and went to my bedroom. I entered the room and saw her black panty and bra kept on my pillow.

This bra and panty she was wearing today when we were making love at my hotel room. I went near the bed. I saw a note. “Rohit, my love, tonight I can’t come to you because Samar is in the home. So for tonight, you have to manage with my used bra and panty. Love you, Ranjana.”

I loved her naughtiness. That incident proved that she pretended to be a serious accountant but inside she is a very naughty girl. I took her bra in my hand and sniffed. I got her bodily aroma. I kissed on her bra, exactly at the nipple area. I licked there a little. I got my boner.

I took her used panty. I saw the stain of her love juices on her panty. I sniffed and got aroused. I needed Ranjana very badly but it was not possible. I switched off the light, covered myself with the blanket and slept. I kept her innerwear side of my head. Her body aroma gave me the feeling that I was with her.

I didn’t know when I got into sleep. Suddenly I woke up and felt someone was there under my blanket. I tried to get up. She hugged me tightly and whispered, “It’s me Ranjana.” I was shocked. Usually, when I sleep at night I wear only my shorts. I felt that Ranjana was not wearing anything.

Her soft boobs were pressing on my chest. We hugged each other tightly. We were smooching, kissing and biting each other’s lips passionately. After a few minutes, we parted our lips. Ranjana whispered, “Rohit we don’t have much time. Enter me and fuck me. I have to go back before Samar wakes up.”

I moved down a little and took her both the boobs in my hands. I kissed those lovely blossoms and put my lips on her nipples one by one. I sucked them with full intensity. I was sucking continuously. She uttered, “Rohit please don’t waste time, fuck me.”

After a few minutes, I left her boobs. she was lying on her back. I put my hand on her pussy and massaged. Still, I was sucking her boobs. Juices were leaking from her cunt. She held her mouth with her hands tightly so that no moaning sound escaped from her mouth.

She was jumping and ready to take my dick. I opened my shorts and came to her. I placed my hard dick in her pussy entrance and gave a push. My dick went completely in her pussy. muffling sound came out from her mouth. I held her shoulders and put my lips on her so that she doesn’t make any sound.

Her soft juicy boobs were pressed under my chest. I started my motion. First slowly and then at full speed. She wrapped her hands around my back and scratched my back with her nails. I loved this pain mixed pleasure. I was pounding her pussy with full speed.

She whispered, “Oh Rohit fuck me, fuck your Jaan. You are too good. I love you.” I fucked her for a good 15 minutes and then I was reaching climax. Ranjana already released her juices once. She was ready to reach her climax for the second time.

After a few minutes, I pressed my lips strongly on her lips and pushed my hard dick deep inside her pussy hole. She understood that I was going to cum. She wrapped her hands more tightly and finally, I released my hot thick semen inside her cunt.

When my hot semen touched the inner wall of her pussy, once again she jerked her body and came along with me. We released our juices for almost 2 to 3 minutes. We both were exhausted and slept side by side. I was cuddling her soft boobs and said, “You told me that tonight you couldn’t come.”

Ranjana: Yes, but I didn’t get sleep.
Me: Why so?
Ranjana: Samar did sex with me tonight and left me halfway.
Me: Oh now I understand why you are here.

Ranjana: what to do? He released his juices within 2 minutes and slept. I was lying unsatisfied.

I kissed her lips again. Ranjana said, “Rohit now I have to go. Goodnight and sweet dreams.” Ranjana got up from the bed wore her dress and went out. I wore my shorts and slept.

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