Making Love To My Brother’s Girlfriend

Hi everyone, this is Harshsurya with a real incident that happened very recently. I thought of sharing it with you all.

I am Harshsurya, a 21-year-old engineering student, and I regularly hit the gym. I have a pretty nice body and a thick penis to satisfy any lady. I am staying in Bangalore.

The encounter that I am going to share here is between me and my brother’s gf. My brother’s name is Sandeep, and he is 4 years elder to me. He works in a consulting firm and has been in a relationship for 5 years. They have known each other since college. Even I know her very well.

A brief introduction about Varshini (my brother’s gf). She is 24 years old. She is 5’4, very fair, black hair, 32c boobs and 36 ass. I am a fan of her ass.

During November, my brother always goes on bike trips with his friends, and this year was the same as well. On the 17th, they planned to leave from here, go to Goa and get back by the 21st. He told me the plan as to where and all he was going. I was not interested, so I didn’t give it a sharp ear.

Here comes the main story. My brother’s gf, Varshini, was also supposed to accompany him on the trip. At the last minute, she had to attend her cousin’s wedding, which her parents couldn’t. So she was left out.

My brother asked me to help her out and take her to the wedding. I know Varshini’s parents as well. They were happy that someone was there with her.
Later that evening, Varshini called and asked me to pick her up for shopping.

I took my Bullet and went. We went to the shops and did all the shopping. She even brought me some clothes. While going back, she asked if we could go to some pub and then head home. Her house was free, so we thought of taking the liquor there and drinking it.

She said, “Change your clothes. We will sit in the hall and drink.” I said I didn’t get any clothes and removed my jacket. She went and changed clothes. She came in yellow shorts and a white and blue bralette with a netted t-shirt. Her nipples were damn visible in that.

We started drinking, and she was high after the 4th peg.

She asked, “How’s your girlfriend?”

I said,  “Why are you asking me this at this time?”

V: Nothing, just thought of asking.

Me: OK. Shall I pour another peg?

V: Yeah, but only if you tell the truth.

Me: What truth?

V: Why did you peep that day while your brother and I were kissing?

I told her that I was interested in kissing as well. “So I looked at you guys.”

The moment I told this, she pounced on me like an animal and started kissing me. We were kissing like mad dogs. I then tore her bralette and the top. Beads of the bralette were falling.

Her breast was now in front of my mouth. I quickly took her nipple btw my lips and started to suck. She was also enjoying the sensation of my lips and tongue sucking her nipple. My dick was rock hard, and the bulge was quite obvious to notice.

She now had closed her eyes with excitement, and her breathing had increased. My dick was paining, and it needed a release. But she was now holding my head with both hands and pressing it towards her boobs. She was now lusting for sex.

I further moved down and started to kiss inside of her thighs. She could no longer reach my head, so she tightly clasped the bedsheet with her palms. Her moans turned into screams as I reached her pussy. I placed my mouth over her pussy and started eating and kissing it.

She began to scream and started to raise her waist. She poured all her love juice on me. And I drank all of it. Every single drop of it. It was a bit salty in taste but was damn hypnotizing.

Then I removed my underwear, and my thick dick sprang out of it. I placed myself between her legs. She opened her eyes to have a look at me.

“Oh my god, that’s way too thick.”

Her eyes were glued to my dick with excitement. I have never seen such excitement in anybody’s eyes. I said, “Varsh, are you sure?”

“Please don’t talk. I want that thing inside me,” she screamed.

“OK, dear, as you wish,” I said and lowered myself over her. She then grabbed my dick and placed it on the entrance of her pussy by parting her pussy lips with her two fingers.

“Go go now, push it in,” she said with excitement. I pushed myself but could not go in full. Then I pulled out and again pushed it, and the entire dick went in. “Ah, ah,” she screamed with pain.

“Varsh, did it hurt?” I pulled out and asked her. Surprisingly her reaction was that of anger.

“Harsh, don’t pull out push all the way. Don’t stop,” she shouted.

“It will hurt you,” I said.

“Don’t bother about my pain. Just do what I told you. I want that thing inside me all the way now,” she said in a hoarse voice. She was on fire and my dick. I started to push my dick all the way in. “Rip my hole apart, just rip it apart, tear it like a paper,” she said.

She was in real pain. She had closed her eyes and clenched her lips under her teeth, trying to overcome her pain. I did this a few times until my dick was coated with the love juices and became slippery. Now the pain from her face was gone, and she was now moaning with pleasure.

In the next part, I will narrate the next sex session and threesome with her friend. For the next part, send your feedback.

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