Lovely Moment With A Married Woman

Hi, I am Rahul, 35 years married man from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Working with a renowned organization. I am not an expert to elaborate on the story. I was a regular reader of Indian sex stories. This is the first time when I searched this site and sharing my real incident which was happened in the last month.

Usually, I do the evening walk after dinner in my society. One day I was talking with my friend during the evening walk. I met a beautiful female on the walkway. She was around 35 to 36 year old. She was also busy on the phone during the walk.

Very next day the same scene was repeated during the walk as we were busy on the phone. I wished her with smile during walk and she responded with smile. This exercise was continued around 1 week. Fortunately, the lucky day came that day both are walking and in a good mood without using the phone.

Again I wished her and she responded with a smile and we started the chat with each other. Then it came to notice that she was married and has a 6-year-old son. She living in my society for the last two years and now her hubby got the new opportunities in Bangalore. So he went there one month ago.

Usually, he came forthrightly to meet with them and they also in planning to move to Bangalore in next month. We continued the chat for another 20 minutes and went to our home. Next day I don’t go for walking due to busy in office work late at night.

The second day when I went there for walking she met there and wished me with a smile from her side. I don’t know she was waiting for me or not. But I felt that she was waiting for me then she asked me why you didn’t come yesterday so I shared my reason.

Then we continued the chat for another half an hour during the walk. When I asked about her kid who is taking care of now. So she told me that her mother in law staying with them until they shift to Bangalore. She is looking after her kid too. We discussed many things about Ahmedabad city and other places.

Both are comfortable with each other. Now, this is the right time to go more close to her. And I asked how is life going on she told me boring then I said me too in same condition. She passed the smile and invite me for coffee at her home whenever I am free and also shared the flat number.

Then I asked her name Swati (name changed) and I have shared my contact number she noted on her phone. We both went to our home after saying good night. I was thinking about her during the night and slept because too much tired.

The next day morning I was driving and going to the office. I got a call from an unknown number when I picked the call. I heard a lovely voice, “Hello and how are you?” I recognized her voice and was happy to get his call. Then she told me that she sent me a message on WhatsApp last night.

But my net was off so it was not delivered and we discussed normal things. That day we talk more the 5 times on the phone and met in the night time during walking. She told me that tomorrow her mother in law was going to meet one of our relatives at Ahmedabad. The kid will be in school.

She invited me for coffee at her place. I came to home and not able to sleep full night. The next day I went to the office. Then I took a break and went to her home for coffee. She messaged me that her mother in law went to meet their relatives.

When I reached her home she opened the door and was looking too sexy in a black sari. Lovely figure and no one can imagine. I went inside her house. It was a well set up 2 BHK house. She made the coffee and we had together. Looking at each other then I asked how is married life.

She said bore with a stylish face. I smiled and asked what is new in life. Then I asked for the washroom. She guided me for the same which was attached to her bedroom. When I came out of the washroom she was sitting on the bed and asked how she is looking in a black sari.

I said, “Too sexy and your hubby is very lucky.” Then she replied that “Unko meri kaha parwah hai. He is always busy with his work.” Then I understand her intention completely as it’s a green single for me. Then I asked about her kid. She told me that he will come after 3 hours.

I was happy and I caught her hand without asking anything. She was smiled and then I kissed her and on lips and touched her body. She hugged me tightly and now we closed the door of the bedroom and both are on bed. Both were kissing each other wildly.

After few times I opened her sari now she was in black bra and panty. She open my shirt and pant too. Touched her complete body and unhooked her bra. Wow lovely tight boobs. I sucked for long time and opened her panty and my underwear. Now both are nude and excited.

I sucked her pussy and now she more excited and we can’t wait for lovely moments. I put my tool in her pussy as it was wet she was too excited. I gave her hard stroke she was enjoying. She asked me to very fuck hard as she was not satisfied with his hubby.

I fucked her twice on that day and discharged her pussy and she liked it. Then directly went to the office because I was scared if my wife will see in township. After that we meet only on the walkway and connect on WhatsApp because of her mother-in-law present at home.

Last week she shifted to Bangalore. Now again I am alone and looking a mature female in Ahmedabad, Gujarat or any place in India. Because I usually travel to pen India. Please ping me on hang out on [email protected].

If anyone mature female interested in real and secret sex. I am sure she will never disappoint to meet me and it will secure and safe. New friends are most welcome.

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