Sex With My Friend’s Aunty

Hi guys, how are you all? mojoloves69 is back. Today, I am going to tell you guys about a pleasurable incident that happened between me and my friend’s aunty.

Let me first describe myself and my friend’s aunty. I am from Nellore. I worked in Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Rajamundry. There too I have fucked girls and some beautiful ladies.

I am a good looking guy with broad shoulders, a good muscular physique and height of 5.9″ and age 27. My tool is of 7″ inches long and 3 inches thick in girth, chocolate brown, and red.

My friend’s aunt’s name is Latha. She is married and is a perfect lady with brown dusky skin, enough to attract a man like me. She has a perfect physique with 38 D boobs, nice firm round ass, and her height is 5.6″.

She is not chubby and not slim. She is a mid-sized perfect lady. Her husband is a mechanical engineer and works in the Gulf as a ship engineer in gulf ports. She is a beauty. Her age is 38. She has a kid who is going to school. Her husband comes home once every 6 months. She is an expert in yoga.

Before this lockdown in January, I had again started to reshape my body and started going to the gym. I was going to the gym every day, as usual, early morning time.

My friend’s aunty stays next to our street. They have their own house with a garden in front. There she does yoga everyday morning. The environment is quite silent in the early hours of the morning. I have to pass her home to reach the gym.

Every day as I pass her house, I see her stretching her body before yoga. She doesn’t know that I see her and stare at her physique, as I always wanted to fuck a beauty like her.

Feb 14, Valentine’s Day is my friend’s birthday. The lucky fellow that he is. So as usual my friend and I sometimes go to his aunty’s home to chill as on their aunty’s home rooftop is a penthouse. It is our adda for chilling.

On his birthday, he threw a party and all his friends enjoyed and had a great time as we all got heavily drunk. Everyone started to leave for their homes as it was already 10 pm. My friend said as we are both drunk heavily we can’t go home. So we will go to our adda at their aunty’s home.

We bought some food on the way and went to his aunty’s home. Parked the bike outside the gate, slowly opened the gate and went to the terrace by climbing the window slab, and finally reached the room without disturbing her.

There we ate the food we had bought and then slept. Suddenly, someone started knocking at our door. I woke up and tried to wake my friend. He was in a deep sleep. So I opened the door.

I was shocked to see his aunty in a night pant and t-shirt. Wow, even at that age she was a beauty, looking like a 25-year-old girl. I was staring at her physique. She noticed it and asked me, “What the hell is wrong with you guys? You people didn’t inform your parents and directly came here to sleep.”

My friend’s parents had called her and asked her to check the penthouse as they know we would be here, and since we didn’t inform our parents, we were not attending to their calls.

“How much you both have drunk? The smell is coming like perfume.” My friend’s aunty started scolding me very badly. She was scolding and I was just staring at her boobs. She said, “Hey what are you staring at? I am talking to you…!”

She was very angry. I said sorry and she smiled and asked me whether we had food or not. I told her we had. Then she said, “Ok, come down and I will give you some buttermilk to drink.”

I said there was no need but she ordered me to come down. I said, “Ok,” and went down locking the door of the penthouse from outside. When I went down, she went into the kitchen and started preparing buttermilk.

Then I realized it is almost midnight. My friend’s aunty was preparing buttermilk and I was staring at her big, round firm ass. She gave me the buttermilk and asked me to sit on the couch in the hall. As I was sitting there, she came and sat beside me and said:

Aunty: I am unable to sleep.
Me: Why?
Aunty: My body is overheated.
Me: Have some buttermilk, aunty.

She was staring at me with a weird expression.

Me: What happened?
Aunty: Nothing, you’re still a kid.
Me: Oh…! Is that so?
Aunty: Just kidding, you know right as my husband lives far away. I couldn’t sleep at night.

Me: (sarcastically) You want me to sleep beside you?

Aunty with a shocked look and staring at me with anger.

Me: Sorry, I was just kidding.
She smiled and said. “It’s ok… I saw you staring at my physique several times. I know why you stare at me.”

Me: No, I never did. I am sorry.
Aunty: That’s ok. I know how it feels inside when you are starving for something.

I was surprised and I was silent and just looking at her.

Aunty: That’s what I meant when I was telling about the heat in my body.

Me: Oh… I got your point. Then how do you manage without uncle?

Aunty: Even if he comes home, he takes rest.

I was smiling inside as the conversation was going to the wild side.

Me: Please don’t feel sad.
Aunty: I am feeling upset, he wouldn’t last for even 5 minutes. I never felt satisfied.

Me: I feel really sorry for you. If I was in his place I wouldn’t do that. I would have satisfied you in each and every way.
Aunty: What..? Really? How will you satisfy me?
Me: In the way, you are expecting.

Aunty: I knew that. I have noticed you staring at my body and boobs.
Me: Sorry.

She was sitting silently.

Me: Ok, I will leave then.
Aunty: You said you want to sleep beside me…?
Me: (quite stunned to hear that). Are you serious?
Aunty: Yes…

We went to her room and her kid was sleeping on a small bed in a corner of her bedroom.

Aunty: Come let’s sleep. Go freshen up and change your clothes.
Me: Ok.

She gave me her husband’s boxers and t-shirt. I had a bath and came out wearing a towel and was changing into the boxers in the room. She was staring at me. And I was getting horny and my cock was building a tent in the boxers. She noticed it and was blushing with anxiety.

Me: What are you staring at?
Aunty: Nothing. And then she slept turning her ass towards me.

I was getting horny and my cock was becoming huge like a rocket ready to tear her ass apart and penetrate deep into her ass. My cock was pointed towards her ass. I couldn’t control myself. I hugged her from behind and my cock was rubbing between her ass cheeks.

Aunty: I knew it you fucker. I knew I would get fucked by you one day.

I was shocked and was in heaven to hear that. She turned towards me and gave me a lip lock. Wow… She was on top of me and we were kissing wildly. My friend’s aunty was moaning and breathing heavily and exploring my mouth with her warm tongue.

Wow! It was an unbelievable moment in my life. We kissed nearly for 15 minutes. She broke the kiss and said, “Fuck me tonight and make me your bitch. I want to feel your monster in both my pussy and ass.”

She took off her t-shirt and track pant. Her beautiful big round melons were hanging like they are made for me. I said, “Wait,” and went to the kitchen and bought Hershey’s chocolate syrup and asked her to stand.

I then poured the chocolate on her big melons and started to suck the hell out of them. She was going mad and was moaning crazily. I said, “Let’s move to the other room. Your kid will wake up by your loud moans.”

She agreed and we moved to another room. I removed my boxer and t-shirt. She was amazed to see my monster and said, “Wow, it’s awesome. I don’t need chocolate syrup to suck your monster chocolate cock.”

She went and washed her boobs. Then she jumped on me and kissed my whole body and bit my chest nipples. Slowly, she went down and started kissing my monster, holding it in her hand. She said, “It’s a lot bigger than my husband’s.”

My friend’s aunty started sucking it vigorously like a wild cat starving for her food. She was enjoying sucking it. She was moaning loudly. “Mmmmm…..aaaahhhmmmm….” She was gulping every single drop of pre-cum oozing from my dick.

She couldn’t control any longer and said, “Fuck me.” I wanted to make her hornier and started sucking her boobs and I was squeezing and sucking them. She was holding my head and pushing into her boobs.

I kissed her whole body and went to her lovely dark pussy. It was oozing and dripping with her pre-cum. It was smelling awesome. I slowly started licking her creamy fat pussy with my tongue.

I parted her legs wide and placed my face on her pussy. She was going crazy and was squeezing her pillow wildly and was moaning loudly.

“Ooooh…… Aaaah…..Ummmmm……mmmmm…Fuck me….. Eat my pussy you bloody…..Aaaahh….. Fuck me don’t make me mad…”

I made her horny for about 30 minutes. Then again I gave my cock in her mouth. She was gulping and gagging on my fat cock in her mouth.

Aunty: Please fuck me please, I beg you!

Then I went in for a missionary position and started inserting my dick in my friend’s aunty’s pussy. It was a little bit tight and on the 2nd try, half of my dick was in her wet dripping pussy. She gave a loud moan as my whole cock was in her love hole in the 3rd go.

I was slowly thumping and she was going completely crazy and was moving her body together with my thumping action. Wow! She was a beauty!

After 10 minutes, I made her ride me on too.

She came on top position and started riding me wildly like a girl riding a horse. She was in heaven and after 15 to 20 minutes, she said that she was going to cum.

I too said, “I am also going to cum any moment.” It was a rare combination. We both reached our climax after 2 minutes at a time and she asked me to fill her warm juicy pussy with my load of cum.

Both our cums were dripping from her juicy pussy like a thick cream. My whole cock was dripping with my cum and her pussy juice. And like that, we slept hugging each other. Still, my cock was in her pussy for 5 minutes. It was an amazing feeling.

Then she took my cock out and she sucked it off and drank all the remaining drops of cum and tasted her own cum. I gave her a lip lock. I could feel the taste of my cum and her cum on her lips and tongue.

I fucked her 2 more times that night. We still have a great time fucking together whenever we get a chance.


That’s it, guys. I will come back soon with a new experience.

Please don’t forget to give your feedback. Any unsatisfied or pleasure-seeking girls, ladies even couples for group fuck can contact me on my email id at [email protected]

I assure you all for great sexual pleasure and a complete secret relationship. Thank you. Hope for the best.

Love you all.

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