My First Fuck With My Girlfriend

This is a real story of a young couple. Names used are changed for privacy purposes that took place over a year ago from now in the city of Mumbai. The couple in the story is me and Anamika. We both worked together in the same organization as colleagues.

I, being the manager, Anamika was an executive that I hired. I hired her purely based on her skill and the way she responded in the interview. I had no bad intentions at all back then over 1.5 years ago.

Now coming to Anamika. She is tall. Fit with a very beautiful face that is always glowing and amazing assets of 36-30-34. Now about myself. I am a 6ft lean muscular body slightly fair and 6.5 inches long and almost 3 inches thick.

We were in a relationship with each other for over 6 months now. Then later she quit the job and started her higher studies in Pune. Even I moved to Mumbai with a job change to be close to her. It was in December on a weekend she came to visit me on Saturday morning.

and we spent the day hanging around watching a movie having lunch etc and then going to a pub had some drinks and came back to my apartment late in the night and just dozed off beside each other.

We have kissed each other since we were in a relationship but never actually had sex. I wanted her to be comfortable about it before we do it and confident as well. I woke up early in the morning around 5 due to a dry throat from the whiskey I had.

I just happen to see her sleeping quietly on the bed beside me. She was an absolute beauty and an amazing girl which is why I was deeply in love with her. I just could not go back to sleep and kept watching her for an hour. Then small light rays entered the bedroom from the window and on her face waking her up.

It was almost 6.15 am. She woke up and saw me sitting beside her just staring at her and asked me what’s wrong. I just nodded and said nothing and then she signaled me to come near her. I just slid and went near her. She was still lying in the bed and extended her arms to hug me.

I did hug her and it kept getting tighter and tighter for a few minutes. Then I saw in her eyes and kissed her lips. She took a few moments and then reciprocated with another smooch. We started kissing each other for say 15 minutes.

I broke the kiss and saw her in the eyes for a minute. I saw she was hot and horny at the same time. I started kissing her back and she responded as well. The only difference was we were wild this time and smooching each other crazily and rolling over the bed from one side to another.

I moved my hand from the back to her left boob and give a slight press and then did the same once again and she left out a small moan in my mouth when kissing and then I started pressing her left and right boob alternatively very hard. I started kissing her cheeks and neck and ears and all of her face.

Liking it and kissing it while pressing her both boobs at the same time sometimes with both hands. She started moaning and I had to kiss her whenever she did so. My other roommates were sleeping outside in the living room. I did not want to wake them up with her noises.

I then moved down to her pant and started moving my hand over her pussy from above the pant. Then she caught my hand and broke the kiss and said, “Should we?” And I asked her, “Do you want to?” She just looked into my eyes for a minute kissed me and said nothing.

I got the answer to the question. I put my hand back on her pant over the pussy and the other on her boob. She pulled her top above and removed it. Now she was in her sports bra. I then just grabbed both her boobs from above the bra and pressed them hard.

I then removed the bra and was awestruck to see the beautiful 36 boobs with pink hard and erect nipples. And just like a hungry animal started sucking and licking them alternately while pressing them with both my hands. She was going crazy with this act of mine.

Within minutes she pushed me back stood on the bed and got naked and jumped on me and then pulled my shorts and underwear in one go and I removed the t-shirt in the meantime. Now we both were completely nude. The moment she pulled my shorts down my dick just sprang out.

She was shocked to see its size and thickness and said this is way too thick and she has seen such only in porn. I was happy about it and pulled her and started kissing and licking her. She slowly went down on me and took the dick in her hand and started to play with it teasingly.

Then after a few minutes of the play, she slowly started to kiss it and then lick only the top of it. Then eventually licking it and then taking it in the mouth. She was not able to fit it in her mouth. It was to thick and only half of it could go inside.

I did not want to gag her or force her as were doing it for the first time together. She kept sucking it and I came after some 10 minutes. Then we lay beside each other playing with each other’s bodies for some time. Then I went below and started kissing the area around her pussy and making her go crazy.

She was moaning and making noises. Then I slowly gave a kiss on her clitoris and started licking her pussy. It was all wet and salty with the juices flowing out from it. I keep licking and inserting my tongue inside her pink and clean-shaven pussy. It was a treat to see that pink pussy.

Moreover, it tasted amazing. She was enjoying all of it and making moaning sounds and lifting her back whenever I rolled my tongue inside her love hole she squirted a huge load which I had to clean with a towel but I still kept licking her pussy even after that for another 10 minutes and made her come again.

She was exhausted by now and looked very satisfied with her face. We took a break, drank water and just lay beside each other, cuddling each other for some time. Then it was time for action. She was playing with my cock and it was hard and ready for action.

I came in a missionary position spread her legs. I started playing with my cock around her pussy and arousing her more. She held my cock and said just put it in now. I obeyed the same and started inserting it inside. She screamed when I first put it inside her. Her pussy was hell tight like a virgin.

I was feeling it on my dick even when she was so wet down there. She did not have sex for over a year. She told me later which is why it was so tight. I kissed her and then made another push inside her and tears rolled down her eyes. I pulled out and said to her we will not do it if she is in so much pain.

She said she wants it back in again. This time fully and that she loves me and needs my cock inside her to satisfy her. I again gave a hard stroke and most of my dick was inside her. She was in pain so I took it easy. After around a minute gave another stroke. My dick was fully inside her.

I slowly started moving back and forth and she responded by lifting her bums and enjoying the action. I started getting aggressive and increased my speed. The bedroom was having only the noise of my balls hitting her pussy’s lower area and her moaning sounds.

I then stopped and asked her to come to the doggy style. Then inserted inside in one go from behind which made her scream. I had to hold her mouth to minimize the sound and not letting it go out of the bedroom. I kept going on for at least 15 minutes and was about to come.

We were not using any protection. I told her I am about to come and she asked me to come inside as she is on a safe period. Within minutes I came with a huge load inside her. She had already come once during the course. We both just collapsed on the bed and started cuddling each other.

We somehow fell asleep just like that naked over each other. When we woke up it was around 10 am and I was hard when I woke up. I looked at her and asked her to come to me. She did the same and took my cock inside and started riding me. She kept doing so for at least 20 minutes and then collapsed on me.

Then she came but I was not close to cumming. I took her to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I again inserted inside her and lifted and kept pumping her. I then came inside and we then had a long shower kissing and licking each other.

We then came out of the bedroom at around 1 pm, exhausted and hungry and stepped out for some food. Our adventures kept happening every weekend after this for over a year until we broke up. We fucked each other like crazy each weekend.

Please let me know how you like the story in the comments. If any ladies or girls in Bangalore want satisfaction with full privacy guaranteed please write to me at [email protected]

I belong to a very respected family and work for a big man and can be trusted by any ladies for privacy. I would be happy to satisfy any woman or girl with no strings attached relationship.

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