Losing My Virginity – Part 2

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Hello everyone Arya here. I am finally back with the second and final part of how I lost my virginity to Manish. But before that, I would like to thank all my readers for their lovely comments and feedback on my previous story.

So now, let me continue with the story. After the store boy left, we got into the car, and Manish began driving. I was a little angry but turned on by all the action that took place earlier. I coldly looked at Manish and asked, “What was all that about? Why did you involve the store guy? You are crazy.”

He just looked at me and smiled and then said, “Tell me the truth. Were you not turned on?” Honestly, I was turned on, and it was seen on my face. So even though I did not answer, he understood and smiled.

Soon we reached our destination. His flat was on the 2nd floor. Once we entered, I saw the place. It was quite decently arranged. There were 2 rooms one was his room, and the other was his friend’s. Luckily his friend was out for some work, so we had the place to ourselves.

He asked me to sit on the sofa in the living room and made me feel comfortable. We then talked a little and then planned to watch a movie while having the pizza. For quite some time, we did nothing and were enjoying the movie.

But throughout the movie, Manish was holding me by his side and rubbing my shoulder now and then. After a while, there was a kissing scene on the screen. That’s when I felt his fingers brushing across my cheek and then moving towards my chin.

I was already turned on due to all the previous events, and so I wanted him. He then looked at me while I looked at the screen. He put his head on my shoulder. Soon I could feel him bring his face closer to my neck, and I could feel his warm breath. Then he gave a kiss on my neck, and I still did not look at him.

He moved his body a little more closer and kissed me again on my neck a little more passionately. A soft moan escaped my mouth. He then held my chin and made me look at him. Now I could not resist, and we both broke into a passionate lip kiss.

We then began kissing deep. He started licking my tongue and biting my lips softly. This went on for around 5-10 minutes. Then he moved down to my neck and began kissing it. Then he also started licking my neck. I was now really turned on and began moaning softly.

Then I could feel his one hand grab my left boob, and he started pressing it. I loved the feeling of being kissed and played with at the same time. He then looked at me and smiled as he was happy to see that I enjoyed the moment. He then grabbed both my boobs and started pressing them.

I began moaning again. He then pulled down the sleeves of my dress from both ends, and immediately my boobs popped out. As I wasn’t wearing a bra, my nipples were already erect and hard. He then pushed me backward on the sofa. He bent himself on top of me and began sucking my boobs.

I was losing control and was moving my hands on his head and neck. He grabbed one boob while sucking the other. He started pulling the nipples with his fingers, and simultaneously he was biting the other nipple. I began moaning louder. I asked him to calm down, but he ignored me and continued enjoying.

He then told me that he could not control himself anymore. We should move to the bedroom. I agreed, but he asked me to go to the bedroom crawling. I got down on my knees and then bent a little and put both my hands forward. I then looked at him like a naughty bitch.

As my dress was short, my ass was slightly visible from behind. He came behind me and asked me to keep moving forward. He pulled the dress a little up so that my ass was now clearly visible. He was enjoying the show from behind while I began moving forward.

I just took a few steps when I felt a slap on my ass from behind. A slight scream escaped my mouth. I stopped, turned around to look at him. He was smiling and was looking at me hungrily. He asked me to keep moving. The room was around 10 steps.

Till then, with every crawl, I would get a slap on my ass. And each one would be harder than the previous one. By the time we entered the room, my ass had turned red. He then sat on the bed, opened his pant, and took out his dick. He then looked at me and asked me to come up and suck it.

As soon as I moved up, and bent forward to suck it, he pinched one of my nipples. I again moaned and then began licking his dick. I had made out a little in the past but wasn’t that good with giving a blowjob. He then asked me to take it in my mouth and suck it like a lollipop.

I did the same way, and I could hear him moan a little. I kept on sucking his dick while he kept pinching my nipples occasionally. The moan could never escape my mouth as I had a dick in it. He then pushed my head further to take it deep, but it was choking.

I could not take it anymore. He then stopped and looked at me with a wild look. He then pushed me on the bed and got on top of me. He began sucking my boobs and biting them. This time it was hard, and my moans were louder and mixed with screams due to the pain.

But I loved the feeling that it gave me. He went on with this for around 5 minutes. Then pulled up my dress and opened my legs apart. I had my vagina shaved and clean, and that’s how he liked it. He then bent forward, and I felt his wet tongue on my pussy.

A shiver passed my body, and it was an amazing sensation. He then began licking my pussy and pushed his tongue deeper into my vagina. He then licked my clit and also sucked my pussy lips. All this was driving me crazy, and I kept moaning harder and harder. I pushed his head deeper and wanted more of it.

I kept saying, “Go on, baby, I want more of it. Yeah yeah, just like that.” And he would go on licking faster with each word of mine. He then stopped, and I wanted more of it. So I told him not to stop, to which he just responded by pushing one of his fingers straight into my pussy.

A loud moan escaped my mouth immediately. And even before I could react, he began fingering me harder. Soon he insisted on two fingers in me, and it was really painful. I asked him to stop and told him that is hurting.

To which he replied, “If this is hurting, imagine how much my dick is going to hurt, baby. But don’t worry, you’ll enjoy each moment of it, go with the flow and let it hurt a little to experience the pleasure finally.” He then bent down and began licking my clit while continuing the fingering.

This was a relief, and I started feeling better. To be honest, it felt amazing. Soon I was begging him to give me more. The room was filled with my loud moans. He then stopped and looked up at me and said, “Baby, get ready. I want to fuck you. It’ll hurt a little, but you are going to enjoy it later.”

I was a little scared and looked at him with a worried look. He then took my face in his palm and kissed my lips. He looked at me again and said, “Trust me, it’ll be alright. Are you ready?” I just nodded, and he asked me to suck his dick and make it wet before he puts it in.

I did as I was told and sucked it and licked it completely to make it wet. He then moved between my legs and opened them wider. And licked my pussy once, and then he placed his dick on my pussy. I could feel the heat of his hard dick. It felt like a hard rod on my pussy.

I closed my eyes, and he slowly tried pushing it in. It hurt a lot, and I began screaming and asked him to stop. He stopped and said, “I told you, baby, it’s going to pain. Don’t worry. It’ll be gone immediately.” He then bent down and began kissing my thighs and also licked my pussy.

He then stretched my pussy lips with his fingers and spat his saliva into my pussy. It felt cold and wet, and I kept moaning all this while. He spat some more to make it wet. And then he again used both his hands to stretch my pussy a little more. He then again pushed his dick in me, and again it was hurting a lot.

But this time, Manish kept going in slowly and was holding both my legs wide apart and preventing me from closing them. I kept screaming while he kept pushing it in slowly. One-half of his dick was in me. He stopped to let it adjust, and I too soon calmed down.

He then bent down and kissed me on my lips and sucked my boobs. I was moaning again and was turned on. He took advantage of this opportunity and pushed his dick in me in one go. I was screaming loud and was begging him to take it out. He then put his hand on my mouth.

He said, “Relax, it’s going to end. I’m going to take it slow, don’t worry.” And then he slowly started moving it in and out. Drops of blood were on the bedsheet while he kept going in and out of my pussy. Initially, it kept hurting, but then slowly, the pain began to fade away.

He then slowly increased the speed a little. I was enjoying it now, even though I could still feel the pain. The room was filled with the sounds of my screaming and moaning. My pussy was tight, and so even he felt a little pain at the beginning. But then, soon, he fucked me passionately for around 20 minutes.

After which, he took out his dick, and I could see his cum filled in his condom. I then left to use the restroom and cleaned myself. I was really tired after the first round, and Manish and I dozed off for a little while.

After an hour, I was woken up when I felt Manish sucking my boobs and finger my pussy at the same time. I told him to stop as it was enough for the day. But Manish said that we still have time, so he would love to enjoy my body for some more time.

This time he got rough with me. He began kissing me wildly and then grabbed my boobs and sucked them hard. He kept pinching and biting them all the time. I couldn’t even breathe and kept moaning. He immediately, without warning me, just pushed his dick inside my pussy and screamed hard.

But this time, he kept going and kept fucking me. I kept screaming. All the while, he kept looking me in the eye hungrily and kept on fucking me. He then increased his speed and began fucking me faster. I grabbed the bedsheet with one hand while my other hand was trying to stop him from going so fast.

Soon I began enjoying it, and loud moans filled the entire room. He then asked me to turn around and get on all fours. I did it, and then he pushed my head and chest to the bed and lifted my ass. He then inserted his dick into my pussy from behind in a doggy style.

This way, the dick was much deeper in me. I again began moaning loudly. I begged him to slow down. But he ignored me and kept fucking me faster. It was rough and hard. After 15 minutes, I collapsed on the bed, but he wasn’t done. He again turned me around and began fucking him.

I was exhausted and was pleading with him to stop. He then told me, “Baby, I won’t stop until I cum. You are hot. I don’t want to cum. I want to keep fucking you and keep looking at the way your big boobs keep bouncing as I fuck you.” Saying this, he began fucking me harder and also began squeezing my boobs.

He then took his one hand and rubbed my clit while fucking me. And this was too much for me to handle. I began shivering. My legs felt numb. I was lifting my hips with every stroke. This went on for some more time. I was exhausted. Soon he came and pulled his dick out.

I could not move for a while and was lying there. Manish then took me to the washroom and helped me clean up. He then got me to bed, helped me to dress up, and then he hugged me and asked me to rest a little before we leave.

So this was my story of how I was deflowered. I hope you guys like it. Please let me know your feedback in the comment section below. Also, you can share your feedback via email at [email protected]

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