I Had Sex With Three Guys In A Single Day – Part 3

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Hi guys! This is your girl Keerthy here. This the 3rd incident of sex on that day.

Scene 3: Hooking up with a stranger in the pub.

It was 10 pm when I woke up with my stomach growling loud enough to disturb my sleep. I got up and ordered some food. After eating it I slept around 11 pm again. After an hour the doorbell rang. I picked my phone and there were 10 missed calls from my friend Shruthi and a message that she is at my door.

With a sigh of relief, I ran and opened the door. She was in a party outfit. I looked at her with a pale face and said, “What the hell are you doing here?” We had a long conversation with both of us arguing about picking up the phone and a lot of other stupid stuff.

Then I understood that she was inviting me to a party in a pub which was opened recently. It was of someone she knew so everything was free for her and her friends. She owed all of us a lot of parties so she decided to throw a party for every occasion combined.

I told her what happened the whole day and said that I was tired and will skip the party. But after another stupid argument, she convinced me and we both went to the pub again. It was almost 12:30 pm and she kept on blaming me for not picking up my phone. (That is the reason we were so late at the pub).

I was in a rose-colored skater skirt with a white halter top and to spice things up I put on a denim jacket. We went straight into the pub. Our friends were waiting and we had a fun conversation and enjoyed teasing and having a few shots of vodka.

After 2 hours, at 3:30 am, almost everyone got back to their houses. But I stayed back as Shruthi asked me to. She was testing her mixing skills with the bartender. I was sitting in the corner, almost sleeping. Someone tapped on my shoulder and I looked up.

I saw a handsome guy smiling at me and he sat beside me. I was looking at him but did not say a word. He nervously said, “Can I ask you something?” I said yes and I don’t know why I was smiling. He smiled too and said, “Are you an actress?” I looked at him suspiciously and said no, and I turned my face away.

He came and sat on the side where I turned my face and said, “Hey I am sorry if I am bothering you but I watch your videos daily.” I looked straight into his eyes and said, “I am not an actress and you can stop flirting with me. Please don’t waste your time.”

He looked at me confusingly and said, “Aren’t you the porn actress, Samantha?” I looked at him angrily and said what rubbish are you talking. He nervously said I am sorry and he played a video while I was still in shock. I laughed after watching that video.

She does not look like me but maybe we have some common features. He said, “Yeah I am sorry,” and he placed his hand on my hand and pressed it slowly. I pulled him into a hug and said, “No problem.” I got up and I was about to move away when he pulled me back.

“Can I get a selfie with you please, you are looking very hot?” I blushed and said ok. He grabbed my navel and pulled me closer for a selfie. His rough fingers slowly rubbed my smooth navel. His fingers went under my top and he was pressing my navel slowly while grabbing a selfie.

He came close to me and one of his fingers ran into my belly button and started doing circles around it. I thought of pushing him away. But he grabbed me harder and started taking some more selfies. I was slowly biting my lower lip unable to control myself. He looked at and I looked at him at the same time.

He gave me his phone and he grabbed me from the back and asked me to take a selfie. I was trying to take a selfie but my body was getting heated up. My breathing was heavy which made the phone shake. So he took my hand in his and guided me to a selfie.

He said he wants one selfie with me in his lap. He quickly sat down on the nearby sofa and pulled me onto him. I don’t know what happened to me but I did not utter a word and sat on him. He took a selfie and I barely managed to smile.

One of his hands slowly moved onto my thighs. He was slowly rubbing my thighs and he even pinched it a few times. I can feel his breath getting heavier on my shoulders. He did not take a selfie and he was holding me tightly and was seducing me bit by bit.

His hands ran all over my body rubbing my thighs navel and he also touched my boobs. I managed to ask him why he is not taking selfies. He whispered slowly, “I don’t know what is happening but it is fun. Are you enjoying it?” I did not know what to say.

But he took the next step. He slowly tucked my hair behind my ears and kissed my neck tenderly. I did not do anything. He took it as a yes and embraced me tightly and started kissing my neck and cheeks. He ran his hands on my boobs and pressed them. I let out a small moan and got up from his lap.

He got up and hugged me. I tried to push him away but he said you know the feeling is mutual. I could not argue that. Moreover, I was completely drunk. He grabbed my ass and kissed me on my lips. He was a great kisser. He pulled my lips tenderly enjoying every bit of my lips.

I wrapped my hands around him and his hands are still on my ass. Our lips were almost touching. I said this is not a private place I think we should go somewhere else. He said he has a car in the parking area. I asked him to pick me up. He kissed me on the lips and grabbed me by my ass.

We both went into his car. I was too drunk to know what he was doing. He removed my jacket first and kissed me everywhere for a while. He undressed me as I lay there doing nothing. He played with my boobs for a while and kissed my navel. He spanked my ass and kissed every inch of my ass.

All I remember was the time we had sex. He slept on my boobs and started pounding his dick in my pussy. I don’t know his size but the pleasure was unbelievable. I felt every thrust and the pleasure was ascending for every thrust. I was scratching the seats and he completed it with a cumshot inside my pussy.

He fell on my boobs and we both fell asleep. After some time I felt uneasy and opened mt eyes. I can feel his thrusts again. He started doing it again. He increased the speed this time. I hugged him tightly as he fucked me for the second time. He came inside me after some time.

I fell asleep in his arms and it was a blackout again. Next time I came to my senses I can feel his dick in my pussy again. But he was too tired and was rocking me slowly. I tried to help him too but the drowsiness did not allow me to do so. He somehow managed to cum inside me again.

He turned me around and he fell onto the seat with me on his chest and we cuddled and slept again. After some time he woke me up and planted a kiss on my forehead. I smiled at him and asked him what happened? He was surprised but said, “We had sex and I came inside you.”

I kissed him on the lips and said, “Yes I know that we had sex but I felt your dick in my pussy almost all night. How many times did you do that?” He said 4 times.

Then he dropped me at my house. We both exchanged numbers and he left. It was 6 in the morning. I went back into my room making it a successful sex spree in one day. I thought to myself I should be doing these sprees often.

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