My Friend’s Hot Stepmom – Part 1 (First Meeting)

Hello, my dear fellow readers and writers. This is Mahesh (name changed), a 25-year-old guy from Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh. I am 5’11, a fair, fit, and healthy guy.

I am too an avid reader of the XIS site, and I enjoy reading all the hot stories. I decided to write one of my fantasies about older women, a hot stepmom. I like mature women a lot.

I will narrate the story from my male lead’s perspective. So, without wasting any time, let’s enter into the fucking hot story.

Hello everyone, I’m Ranjit. I will narrate how Sandhya Aunty (my friend’s hot Stepmom), and I made it out in her mansion.

Vinay and I were childhood friends. We were inseparable till Class 10. We were the proverbial back-benchers. We ate together, played cricket together, whistled at girls, ogled at our teachers, and did pretty much everything together.

While Vinay was the son of an industrialist living in a huge mansion, I was the son of a lowly government clerk living with my parents in a small apartment.

After class 10, Vinay slowly started distancing himself from me out of embarrassment. At that time, his father got divorced and married a much younger woman. He couldn’t digest that his father left his mother for someone else.

Vinay decided that he had to leave home, so he started studying seriously. He did great in his boards and recently joined AIIMS in Delhi.

On the other hand, I was always bad at studies and had no interest in career and all. I wasted my time, did horrible in my exams, barely passing my boards. Today 4 years after my class 12, I was still roaming around endlessly.

I was under-qualified for any kind of job, and because of my poor scores, I could not enroll in any college. My only asset, if any, was my body.

I was close to 5 feet 11 inches. I regularly worked out at the gym for 2-3 hours. Consequently, I was muscular but not beefy, ripped, hard, and had perfect six-pack abs. Plus, I was quite fair and good looking.

I was no virgin. I had fucked quite a few young pussies. My first experience was with the maid’s daughter. Even today, I feel nostalgic and hard, recalling her virginal cunt getting rammed by my hard cock. This was while we were standing in the staircase landing.

Then there was a neighborhood girl Keerti. She was hot and curvy, and the harder I banged, the louder she screamed. And then there were so many after that.

But my ultimate romantic fantasy was always to have wild torrid sex with an older aunty or Bhabhi with a lot of experience. Someone who could give as good as they got.

My parents never got angry with me, as I was an only child. But, I, on the other hand, was a spoiled brat. My father is very upset, as I was not serious about my life.

One day, he asked me about my future plan and requested me to do any small job. His eyes and got wet, and I never saw my father crying. So, I decided to do any job and wanted to make him happy.

So here I was, standing in front of Chandra uncle’s huge mansion. Vinay’s father, Mr. Chandra, had many businesses. I had come here to request him for a job, any job.

I rang the bell, while there was no response. After 5 minutes, “Coming,” came a female voice from inside. I could hear footsteps, which became louder, and stopped just on the other side of the door.

“Who is it?” she asked in an accented voice. This was probably Mrs. Chandra, Vinay’s step-mother. I had never actually met her or ever seen her even once in the last 6 years. “I’m Ranjit, Vinay’s friend. Is Uncle home?” I replied.

The door opened, and I received a mega-jolt as all conscious thought escaped my mind. I saw the most beautiful, most exquisitely refined, Slavic woman, almost as tall as me. She was wearing a magenta bathrobe, which clung to her tight voluptuous body like a second skin.

She had a purple towel wrapped around her head. It was as if an angel had suddenly descended to earth in the midst of her bath. I inhaled the exotic scents of lavender, orange, and what else I don’t know, emanating from her.

My heartbeat skipped a bit as I stared at her deep black eyes, flawless facial features, and rosy skin complexion. A few droplets of water were visible on her forehead and neck. A trickle of water disappeared into the dark, enticing valley between her lush breasts.

“Hi, Ranjit. Come on in.” She said with a smile. “Vinay mentioned you quite a few times, but I don’t believe we have met.” I followed her inside. “No, this is the first time,” I said, smiling back.

“So follow me while we talk. Your Uncle is not in town at the moment. But you can tell me since I handle most of his business. I don’t have much time for chit-chat, though, as I have to prepare for a meeting. So you have to be quick.”

She explained all this in a no-nonsense voice. I observed her from behind while I walked and got an instant hard-on. She had a perfect hourglass figure with narrow hips and tight, round, curvaceous buttocks.

Her hips swayed from side to side as she walked, an epitome of grace, sensuality, and understated sexuality. My chest had started thumping really hard.

At that moment, I wanted nothing more than to push her against the table, hold her body down tight and flat against the tabletop and fuck her hard in the doggy style from behind.

“Dude, she is way out of your league,” my inner voice was right.

Mrs. Chandra oozed sex from every pore of her hot, curvaceous body. And boy, I was getting bombarded with lust bombs from all directions. I was sinking in a sea of turbulent salaciousness. My cock was already in attention mode, tenting against my jeans.

I had fucked, and given pleasure to so many girls. Yet now, I was behaving like an inexperienced adolescent. “Sure, Aunty,” I said evenly, trying to calm my nerves.

She abruptly stopped, and I bumped into her. My hard cock gently brushed against her butt. It was like an electric shock, and I shuddered at the intensity of the simple accidental touch of flesh against flesh through layers of clothing.

Heatwaves surged through my body as my early twenties male hardness brushed against her mature, velvety smooth rear. Blood was pounding against my ears, and I wondered if she also felt the same.

“I am not your aunty. Either address me as Mam or Mrs. Chandra. Even Sandhya, that’s my name, by the way, is perfectly fine.”

My hard cock was plastered against her awesome ass while she was talking. My cock twitched as if in response, and I am sure she would have felt it. Damn. I want to squeeze her butt.

But neither of us made a move. At that moment, she reminded me of a porn Dominatrix. I could easily visualize her with a toy whip spanking Chandra Uncle’s ass and making him divorce his wife and marry her instead.

“Sure, Sandhya,” I said as coolly as possible. She led me to what appeared to be a bedroom. I had never been to this part of the house before. The bedroom was huge. It was bigger than our entire flat in the government colony.

Sandhya pointed to the bed. It was a humongous affair, probably fit for royalty. “Sit there,” she said. I sat uncomfortably on the corner of the bed. It was no fault of the bed. It was exquisitely soft and bouncy.

I was uncomfortable with the intimacy of the situation, the semi-dark room, my raging hard-on, and the totally hot and sexy Mrs. Sandhya Chandra. The windows were shut. I could hear the gentle humming of the air conditioner.

Whatever illumination the room had was because of the sunlight streaming through the translucent windows. But the room was so fucking large that clearly, it was not enough.

She went and stood in front of the huge dressing table and switched on the overhead light of the dressing area. A soft light illuminated the place, and I noticed her reflection in the mirror looking at me. “You have a nice house, Mrs. Chandra…Sandhya,” I mumbled.

“Thanks,” she said with a knowing smile, well aware that I had been gawking at her body and devouring her figure with my eyes.

“Ranjit, I am a very friendly person, and I would love to chat with you sometime later,” she said in a throaty bedroom voice. “But I have an appointment in the next 20 minutes. So whatever you have to say, say it while I get dressed.”

All this while she was looking at me in the mirror. “Sure,” I said.

Enough for now, my dear fellow readers. What happened next with my friend’s hot stepmom, will be continued in the next part. Please give your feedback to my Mail ID: [email protected]

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