Meeting My Lover Cum Classmate

I’m Sahil from Hyderabad. This story is about my classmate. Till the 10th standard, we studied together. I fell in love with her not because she has a good asset or beauty, but her attractive face. I don’t want to disclose her name but will use her name as rani. She loved when I called her ‘Meri Rani’.

The sad part is that she was married while studying in the 12th standard. I was heartbroken after knowing that she is getting married and shifted to Mumbai. Life moved on and I went to KSA for work. My marriage was fixed before returning from KSA.

At the same time, I got a friend request on Facebook of her. I was getting excited to talk to her and accepted her friend request. We started chatting about our lives and our partners. While the conversation is going on I told her that I was in love which was one-sided at that time.

She was shocked to know that I was in love. I’m a shy guy and didn’t talk to girls in school life. She told me that she returned from Mumbai for their kids’ future as her husband not supportive. Then I got to know that she was married forcibly because of her parents.

Her husband used to beat her. He didn’t respect her much or praised. He even didn’t care about her and her feelings. She told me that she has 3 kids, 1 boy, and 2 girls. We started chatting regularly and getting to know each other day by day. I don’t know if it was the love or lust that brought us close to each other.

I asked her to meet me as I wanted to see her face to face. I was getting bored by seeing her in photos. But she hesitated to meet me. She also felt fear as in our community we don’t meet with another guy outside after marriage. After a month, I convinced her to meet me.

We met in the mall and spoke hours by sitting side by side. I told her that I still have the same feelings of love for her. It’s growing by knowing that she also feels the same for me. That meeting made my day. I didn’t forget that day as I had met with my first girlfriend.

I told her that I want to know your statistics. She told me about her fig 36, 32, 38. I was overwhelmed and eagerly waiting to see and feel her. I started imagining her with me nude. My feelings also getting mixed with love and lust. I told her about my feelings. She told me that she has the same feelings too.

Some months later I told her that I want to meet her in private so that I can show her love. As on-call or messages, we didn’t cross our limits. But she didn’t agree to meet me in private. I convinced her after some days. I managed a flat which is my friend’s property. I was excited as the day of our meeting was coming. She feels fear as well as excited.

Finally, the day comes and we met. We entered the flat at 11 in the morning which was on the fourth floor. After closing the door, she just uncovered her face and I pulled her towards me. I hugged her tightly without removing her veil. What a feeling it was I can’t tell in words.

Her boobs were smashing with my chest. I was feeling her ass which was big and soft. I took her to the sofa and we both sat. I told her that I was waiting impatiently to hug you and feel you. She removed her veil. Oh my gosh! She was looking sexy and hot in blue color saree.

Sleeveless blouse for me. I had told her that I loved the sleeveless blouse while chatting a month before. I bought juice and snacks and we ate.

Rani: So what’s your intention?

Me: Ahhh, don’t ask. I will show you my intentions.

And I started feeling her face and smooch her passionately. She was responding with the same passion.

Rani: Let’s go to the bedroom, I’m feeling shy to remove clothes here.

Me: I don’t think so.

I started chewing her lips, sucking her tongue, exploring her body with hands and her response also the same. I went behind kissing her neck, sucking her earlobes and pressed my dick in her ass.

She moans slightly with a sound. Slowly I dropped her pallu and pressed her boobs. She moaned and I pressed hard again.

Rani: Sahil please let’s go to the bedroom, I’m feeling shy.

But I didn’t listen to her and pressing her boobs hard. After 10 minutes, I took her in my arms and entered the bedroom. The bed was full of roses as I decorated it in the early morning. She was very happy seeing the decorated bed. I made her lie on the bed and started kissing, sucking her lips.

Going down and pressing her boobs hard made her moan. She was moaning loudly. I started pressing her boobs hard as if her boobs didn’t get pressed well before. I made her sit and removed her blouse. The sight was making me horny. The pigeons were in red color net bra which made my dick harder than before.

I pinched her nipple on the bra and she moaned loudly. Again I did the same to her right boob which was making her mad. Then I removed her bra too. “Rani, your boobs are looking awesome, and you are looking hot half nude.” She hid her boobs with her hands.

I asked her what happened? She told me that she was feeling shy. Guys you know when a married woman gets touched or seen half nude by a husband only, she feels the same shyness. My lover just had been seen half nude by her husband.

And her husband didn’t pay much attention to her needs. Just fucked her under the blanket and cum inside and slept. I removed her hands and staring her boobs with lust and love. Again she hid her boobs with her hands. But I removed her hands and attacked on her boobs with hands, tongue, and teeth.

I was smashing her boobs with my both hands and sucking, licking her nipple, and biting hard. She started pulling my hair and moaning loudly. I was going down while kissing, licking and sucking her boobs, body. I moved down, I’m unable to see her navel as she wears saree that it hides inside.

I entered my left hand inside her petticoat for taking out her saree. She moaned as my hand touched her pussy (deliberately I touched). I started sucking and licking her navel which was making her go mad and she was making sexy sounds.

I removed my shirt and vest and felt her boobs on my chest by hugging her tightly. Then I removed her petticoat and kissed on her pussy without removing her net red panty. And she made a sound and asked me not to do this. She feels it’s a dirty thing.

I told her that I’m going to suck her pussy but she didn’t agree. And I’m a gentleman. If my Rani doesn’t like it I won’t do that thing. But I will try after some time as I love to suck pussy. But I just entered my finger in her pussy and started fucking her with, one, two fingers.

Rani: Sahil, I can’t bear now please enter my pussy. Don’t make me mad now.

I removed my jeans and underwear. She was staring hungrily at my dick like she never saw before hard dick. (I don’t think my dick is bigger as people mentions but can satisfy a lady needs). I lay on her and made a missionary position but didn’t enter her pussy.

I started kissing her and rubbing my dick on her pussy. She was biting my lips, shoulder and pulling my earlobes with her teeth. Then suddenly I enter her pussy and started fucking her slowly, kissing and sucking her lips, and increasing speed. She was moaning and digging her nails on my back.

I made her turn in the doggy style. She asked me how will I do that? I told her that from behind and this is the sex position which I liked. It will give you a lot of pleasure while fucking, just feel now. And after 25 minutes of fucking, she cum two times. At last we both cum at the same time.

I lay down beside her, kissing and sucking her lips. I fucked her 2 more times after that and made the day memorable for both of us.

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