Erotic Fun In Goa With A Cuckold Couple

Hello all, thank you for liking my earlier stories and as per the request of many, I am posting this incident that happened long ago, which was my first time as a Bull.

It happened 14 years ago when I was 19, I had just gotten my license to drive. I had traveled solo to Goa on a train and then hired a bullet to roam around Goa. I had planned to be there for at least a week, moreover, I had nothing else to do even after a week.

I spent the first evening exploring locally, mainly food and the local landscape. The next morning, I started early to explore forts and heritage architecture. I was all alone but it was a planned solitude, I wanted to spend as much time as I feel like at any place.

In the first location, I noticed a couple around 40-45, who had just parked their car beside my bike. I was checking the lady getting out of the car. She wore a red skirt and a transparent black stole, a cowboy hat, and large goggles over it. She was around 5’2″ with a medium-heavy body.

I was gauging her boobs and it was visible that she didn’t wear a bra. And she looked like an exhibitionist. She pushed her boobs out and checked if her nipples were visible. Looking at me, she gave a slight smile. With a smile, I said, “hello”.

“Lone rider?”, she asked noticing my helmet and a small backpack.
“Yeah”, I replied.

Showing thumbs up, she said, “cool”.

Her hubby was busy checking if the car was parked right and was slow to get out. She walked towards the front of the car looking at him. She raised her hands up, displaying the boobs. I guess it to be around 38C, but was quite firm for her age.

Her hubby with a salt and pepper hairstyle looked a gentleman in a holiday mood. T-shirt, cargo 3/4th shorts, SLR camera over the neck and a bag hung to shoulders. He didn’t notice me and joined his wife to start walking away.

Even I started walking just behind them but without any intentions. They walked talking naturally to each other.

After around 50 steps, he slowed down and asked me, “How are you young man?” casually.

“Uber cool and happy” was my reply.

He introduced himself, “Rajendra, call me Raj and this is my wife Amrutha.”

We walked together chit-chatting. I asked about his camera and lens. He asked me if I know photography and I told him that I was a member of the photography club at high school and college.

“Oh nice, I brought it new and still an amateur, why don’t you join us for the travel. You can help me take some good snaps of ours if you don’t mind.”

And I didn’t have anything else, hence agreed instantly.

While entering the fort, at the gate I saw that morning light was falling at a wonderful angle. I asked for his camera and clicked the fort entrance, and the prime lens gave a good blur background. Both appreciated the pic and Raj was happy that his camera can click good pics. Immediately Amrutha said, “I need one pic over there.”

I made her stand in such a way that the light to fall behind her head and it gave a glowing effect. Her red and black dress matched the shade of the location.

Amrutha went on posing in different angles and at different places. I clicked a few with both in the frame. All these activities made us communicate more and with more communication, there came a friendly air around.

We visited a few other places in our vehicles. While at lunch, Amrutha asked about my bike riding and told me that she liked to see the bike bend in curves. I asked her, “Do you want a ride?

“Oh, surely with a handsome boy”. She looked at her hubby and asked, “What do you say, Raj?”
“Yeah, the bike ride will be good,” he said.

After lunch, we headed to the interiors and Amrutha sat behind me. I had a Karizma then, she sat very comfortably and held me by the waist.

Then I discovered that she also had started to play. She pushed herself crushing her boobs. I could even feel her nipples sometimes over my cotton t-shirt. At times, she put her hands around my inner thighs all the time exclaiming how good she feels the wind oozing through her hair.

By the evening, I clicked a few of her pics at the beach and when I declared light was no more friendly, Raj asked about my accommodation. And without giving attention to my reply, he offered, “Why don’t you join us to our room. Let’s have some drinks and fun.”

“Fun?” my mind questioned but didn’t ask. I could sense there was something on cards but I had never been with such couples.

In the room, he asked me to be comfy and to change. I had shorts in my bag which I carried if I feel like drenching in the beach. As I came out after bath, I saw Raj ready with drinks. He had made one for me already. And before he could have, Amrutha had it and went for the shower.

He mixed another for himself and we had it. After having a peg, I heard Amrutha coming out and when I saw, she was clad in a towel which was just covering her ass at the back and cleavage in front. I couldn’t resist staring at the sexy Indian wife. She winked and went behind me saying, “don’t turn back, you boy.”

“But I don’t mind if you appreciate her”. It was the first jolt for me as it was the very first time. Noticing that I didn’t say anything, he asked, “we are into cuckolding lifestyle, and here to enjoy.”

By then, Amrutha came in front of me wearing a translucent night dress not even covering her ass fully. I was frozen looking at her. She had perfectly round boobs which sagged only slightly and the nipples in pinkish-brown colour. She had a little bit of fat at the waist but didn’t have a big belly. And the shapely ass just perfected her figure.

“I can’t wait anymore”. Saying this, she spread her legs to sit over me on the chair. With both the palms, she held my face and smooched. I wasn’t new to sex per se and could sense that she was really horny when she started to suck my lips by pushing it in and out with her tongue.

In between, she broke the kiss to look at me eye to eye, smile and then again do the same. My dick first hit her lovely thighs and then escaped it to spring up.

I started to knead her boobs and in a couple of minutes, Amrutha broke the kiss and opened up her transparent nighty. I started circling my tongue around her nipples but she held my head from the back and pushed it to take her nipples completely into my mouth. Simultaneously, she kneaded her boobs and her head was bouncing to and forth.

She got up after this play for a while and only then I saw her husband eagerly watching with a drink in hand.

I was still on the chair and Amrutha got onto her knees and pulled my shorts looking at her hubby and saying, “let me see how my choice is” and then exclaimed, “, it is some real boner, honey”, looking at Raj. He winked at me asked, “how is she, young man?”

“Slutty” was the word that came out of my mouth without giving it a thought.

“And this slut is yours for the night, and she needs your best,” he said. These came as a slight surprise for me as I hadn’t seen any cuckold hubby until then.

She started her task on my cock. At first, she started to lick my balls and then slowly moved up her tongue licking every square inch of my shaft. Once the tip of her tongue reached my cock head, she took it all in in a single stroke. It was my first time where my woman took it all in.

Almost gagging, she blew me with the utmost speed. And then Raj stood up from his seat and bent behind her, going on his knees. He then started to suck her pussy, spreading her fair ass. This made her tighten her lips over my dick and also started a slight up and down movement of her ass.

The scene was really amazing and I wasn’t able to hold for long. I shot my load in her mouth. She continued to suck me and then with a smile, she showed me her mouth filled with my cum.

After me, she showed the same to Raj. To my surprise, he started to kiss her slowly and romantically, standing and hugging her as if they were dancing to a tune.

He then kissed her lips to suck all my cum from her mouth. He even licked around her lips so that he won’t waste even a tiny drop of my cum from her mouth.

I was looking awestruck at them. Raj was the first man to taste my cum. They kissed for a full 10 minutes. Meanwhile, I managed to prepare a drink for me and started to have a cigarette.

When they broke the kiss, she pushed him away to come near me. She took the cigarette from me and had a puff. Then she asked me to drag a puff. As soon as I did that, even before exhaling out, she locked our lips again and signalled me to push the smoke. I did it and then she broke the kiss saying, “mmmm.. wow..”

That was enough for my dick to get hard again. She felt that and sucked for a minute.

We then took off to the sofa and I made her spread. Sucking her boobs, I kept touching her labia with my dick for a while. Amrutha was still in full mood. She was pushing my head towards her boobs with the same intensity and moaning. She scolded me, “Idiot, don’t tease me much! Drill me.. Screw me, bloody fucker!”.

Her hubby was eagerly watching. He interrupted and asked me to leave her boobs while entering her pussy so that he can get a clear view of my cock entering his wife’s pussy.

“Oh, what a hubby!” I thought for myself but didn’t say anything.

While entering, she let out a slow moan, “Aaaaaaahhhhoooo” when my dick head entered her cunt and continued till it was completely in.

I then took it out fully and then did it again. I repeated it almost 6-7 times, every time when I took my dick out, she was getting ready for a bang but then I heard, “Bastard, don’t tease, bang me, my boy, bang me hard.” I too couldn’t resist anymore and banged with all my energy. Her moaning went on loudly with the rhythm of my strokes.

I turned her around and continued to fuck her in doggy and Raj with his eyes glued on us was busy stroking his tool. I was banging by holding her boobs from behind. She quenched her body and released her hot fluids, this made her pussy butter smooth. After a couple of minutes, I released my load.

Amrutha, still bending in doggy, looked at me with full of sluttiness in her eyes, “Lovely boy, let me taste your tool”. She opened her mouth.

As I was shifting to access her mouth, Raj jumped in behind her and started to lick her freshly worked out pussy. He kept licking her for full 10 minutes while Amrutha prepared my cock for the second round.

Holding my erect dick, she guided me to bed. I could still recall the way she spread her legs and stretched her arms wide to embrace me.

We had another round there and then under the shower. This way, my first ever coupleade experience became memorable for years to come.

Hope you enjoyed reading my past experience. If you did, hit me a mail [email protected]

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