My boss unleashes the bitch in my wife

When my boss asked me in my office, I knew it was regarding my performance at work. He threatened me that I would be fired to which I started begging for forgiveness and said that this would not be repeated again. Everyone in the office knew that our boss was a cunning and lusty man.

My boss openly said he will give me a last chance if I let him fuck my wife! He then invited himself for dinner to my place and asked me to talk to my wife about it before he comes in.

I went home and told my wife the same. To my shock, my wife agreed to fuck my boss to help me keep my job as I was the only one working.

In the evening, my cunning boss came home and sat on the sofa and asked for my wife. She came out of her room in a very sexy dress! I was shocked to see that. My boss also got excited.

My wife sat next to my boss and my boss started to talk to her. He got comfortable and asked to get something to drink.

When I came with the drinks from the kitchen, my wife had his long and thick rod in her hands and my boss had his hands inside my wife’s skirt! They were laughing and looking at me.

I tried to ignore the scene and served the drink to my boss. I heard my wife telling my boss that he has a really big cock, much bigger than mine, to which they laughed out loud.

My boss asked my wife to sit down on all fours like a bitch. He took his belt out and put it around my wife’s neck. He asked her if she was okay with him being rough. My wife looked at me and shamelessly nodded “yes”.

My employer then put that cock in my slutty spouse’s mouth. My wife took the entire thing in her mouth and started blowing it like a pro. She was enjoying the big cock and I who couldn’t do anything was sitting and watching my wife suck my boss’s cock to save my job!

My boss then pulled my wife from his cock holding her hair and slapped her hard on her cheeks. I was about to get up when my wife smiled and opened her mouth again. I was shocked to see the bitch in my wife.

My boss knew he could do anything with her now. He then ripped her dress open and she kept sucking him. He was pressing her boobs hard and slapping them and I was just sitting there knowing that there is nothing I can do now.

Then my boss now stood up and took his pants off. He saw me and told me as those two were naked in the room why was I wearing clothes. I had to sit there naked to see my wife sucking my boss.

My boss then got up and slapped my wife again and asked what would she do to save her husband’s job. She said, “Not sure, but for this fat long dick, I can do anything!”

I was shocked to hear it. My boss smiled and turned out and asked her to lick his ass. I was sure she would not do that but to my shock, she started lapping up his ass like a honeypot. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

My boss looked at me and said, “Now you have to save your own job. So, while your wife is licking my ass, you better get down and suck my dick.”

I sat down on my knees without a choice, still shocked to see this dark side of my wife. Suddenly, my boss forced his big cock in my mouth. I am straight and have never been in such a situation before.

I was disgusted and wanted to throw him out of my house but now he had my job and my wife as his pet. He then laid down on the bed and asked my wife to be in 69 with him and raised his feet for me and asked me to save my job.

I started licking his ass and my wife was sucking his cock. She was so lost in the big cock that she did not notice that I was there. I then saw her mangalsutra entangled around my boss’s dick. I had no clue what was going on.

My boss then took my wife and told her to sit on his dick. She did the same like a good little bitch. As my boss entered my wife’s pussy, she smiled and looked at me. She started moving in to and fro motion to adjust to the big dick in her pussy. My slutty Indian wife kept smiling all the while and in no time, my boss’s dick disappeared in her pussy.

My wife started moving faster and came in no time. My boss slapped her ass and I could see his 5 fingers printed on my wife’s bare ass!

Then he called me closer. I went and knelt near the bed and he asked my wife how she felt. She smiled and said, “I have never felt like that ever.” At that point, I knew I would never be able to have my wife for me anymore.

Then my boss took out his still-hard cock from my wife’s wet pussy and came near my face. “This is how your wife’s cum smell like,” he said and started laughing. He told me to taste my wife’s cum from his dick. I knew there was no other option. My wife’s eyes were still glued on my boss’s dick like a hungry bitch.

I sucked my wife’s juices from his dick and then he pushed me away and turned to my wife. She jumped on that cock like a bitch waiting to be tamed.

After making the cock wet, she took her position on him and inserted the hard shaft in her pussy. While she was on top of my boss, he called me and told me that my wife was his bitch now and he wanted her to cum again. He told her to face him and start fucking. She was doing exactly as she was told like a fuck doll for my boss.

My boss then told me to lick my wife’s pussy while he tore her pussy apart. She was moaning very loudly and he started spanking her ass. She kept moaning and he kept hitting. I was licking her pussy and I was able to taste her juices running out like a river.

Suddenly, my wife got the penis out and started squirting on my face. My boss held my head near her pussy and she squirted on my face. Both of them started laughing and for the first time, I saw my wife’s legs shivering.

My wife brought her pussy near my face and I had to lick it clean.

Then my boss held my wife by her waist and threw her on the bed. He took his shaft and inserted it deep in her. As they started fucking again.

My wife asked my boss to take off the condom and fuck her, which he did. My wife’s moans grew louder and louder and I just kept standing there with my penis semi-erect to see my wife getting banged by my boss. As he came close to his climax, she wrapped her legs around his waist and my boss came deep inside her.

I was completely taken aback as I knew she was ovulating. My boss removed his penis from my wife’s pussy and I could see his cum flowing out mixed with my wife’s juices and cum. My wife said to me, “If you don’t want me to get pregnant with your boss’s kid, you will have to suck his cum out of me.”

Without thinking anything straight, I rushed towards her pussy and started lapping up the cum. I sucked every little drop from her pussy and they both laughed looking at me.

I was humiliated to the core. My boss pat me on my back and said that I can come to the office tomorrow and resume work.

I reached the office the next day and sometime later, I saw my wife coming with my tiffin in her hand. She was wearing a very short and sexy yellow dress.

I asked her what she was doing here. She gave me the lunch box and her panties. She told me that my boss called for her and told her that she has to take the panties off and give it to me before going to him.

The next episode is how she was contacted and further what were the instructions she was supposed to follow, leading to a huge and successful client meeting.

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