My Wife Enjoyed Being Fucked By Another Man

Hi guys, this is Amit again, from Kathmandu, Nepal. This is not a continuation of my previous stories, “Me, My Girlfriend and Her Friend,” but to know us better you could read these two stories. The link to the first story is here.

My wife Poonam and I keep open opinions about sex and enjoyed it a few times before our marriage. We finally got married around December of 2017 and went to Bangkok for our honeymoon, where we tried to get some girls in bed with us.

We were looking for some genuine fun-loving girls who would step out to have some extra fun, but not any prostitutes.

Despite our numerous efforts at bars and by the hotel pool, nothing went as planned and we came back without any extra fun. Anyway, we had amazing sex.

Because we live with my parents, it’s not that easy to have amazing sex at home. It is always in the bedroom and mostly in bed. So, when we are away we mostly try to fuck in the bathtub or against the hotel room window to make it more fun. You should try changing up the place for a better sexual experience.

Let’s get back to the story. During the summer of 2019, we had planned to visit Bali, Indonesia, which is where this new fun happens. We landed in Bali after a connecting flight from Malaysia to find that our luggage had not been loaded on the same flight and would arrive the next morning due to some mishandling on the airline’s side.

Our hotels were booked at the other end of the city, near Ubud, and it would take us about two hours to get there and then back again. We decided to cancel our booking for the night and find another hotel near the airport so that we could collect our baggage easily the next morning.

Our guide took us to a hotel near the airport. It was a nice hotel with good rooms and a swimming pool.

So we went to our room, tired after a long flight and hectic day due to the misplaced baggage. After a good shower, it was time for one great round of sex. We just had a minimum amount of clothes with us in our carryon baggage so we changed into those clothes and headed to the restaurant downstairs.

The restaurant was mostly empty. There was an old couple and a few other couples there. We sat down with our drinks and started enjoying our drinks.

I did not have a lighter with me, but there was a guy who was smoking beside the pool. I went to him for a lighter and offered him a cigarette. Then I sat with him and we chatted for a while.

This guy was from Singapore and was there on a business trip for a few days. I came back to Poonam after the cigarette and enjoyed the dinner, listening to some jazz music being played in the background. It was a nice hotel for such an instant booking.

I had already had a few bottles of beer, and so had Poonam, so we were both tipsy by now. After dinner, we were returning to our room and I met the guy I had smoked with earlier. I vaguely remembered that his name was Dong but I forgot his last name.

He was outside his room, smoking another cigarette and he offered me another cigarette too, and I asked Poonam if she wanted to have one as well. She said why not and he lit up a cigarette for her.

We were just talking about how expensive cigarettes were in Singapore and other random things when Poonam said she was heading back to our room. Dong and I stayed back just talking about random day to day stuff. He was a bit shorter than me, about the same height as Poonam, and he seemed to be around our age.

When he asked me if she was my girlfriend, I replied that she was my wife and that we got married a year and a half ago. He acknowledged my response and told me she was really beautiful. When I asked him if he was married he told me he was not.

I asked Dong if he knew any couple massages here in Bali, and he recommended a few places. When I asked him whether we could find any girls here in Bali, he was surprised that I was asking about girls despite being with my wife.

I told him we were cool with it and that she wouldn’t mind it at all. He seemed interested in our relationship and so I told him about how I ended up fucking her friend with her once. Since then we have been open about trying and bringing more girls into our bed.

He asked me if I had ever thought of doing the same for her, rather than just for myself. I didn’t understand what he was talking about until he clarified whether I had ever thought of bringing another guy to our bed, for her pleasure.

I had my threesome with Poonam’s friend, but I sometimes wanted to give her the taste of another dick as well. But it is not that easy to stay discrete in Nepal, so to do that at home was next to impossible.

So my mind was saying yes but I didn’t know how to say it to his face. Instead, I said, “Not really, but seems interesting.” He started convincing me that it was not that big a deal or a bad idea. He was straightforward as fuck and asked me whether I would let him fuck my wife with me.

I was really turned on by the idea of this guy, who was right here, talking with me, fucking my wife, who was just in the next room. While I was a bit nervous, I was really excited about it as well.

I said it would be a good idea but I didn’t know how I could tell her about it. He suggested that I surprise her, rather than ask for permission.

It wasn’t as though we had not talked about it with each other. Poonam had said she was not interested in finding another guy for sex, but sometimes she would get extremely horny at the idea of my allowing her to get fucked by another dick.

I was pretty sure she would not resist the idea, but obviously it would be awkward for both of us for a few moments. I was in a dilemma about whether I should accept the offer or reject what Dong was saying.

“Okay, I am ready to surprise her. But if she doesn’t like what I am surprising her with, then you have to leave immediately,” I said. I asked him to enter my room, number 303, after about 15 minutes. He said, “Yeah, sure. I will take a shower and be there after 15 minutes.”

I told him the room’s door would not be locked but to enter as swiftly as possible.

When I reached my room, she was in bed, just back from a shower with wet hair and a hotel bathrobe around her body. She was looking amazingly sexy, as always. It was time for our next round of sex.

I told her that today I would cover her eyes for the entire duration of the sex. She seemed excited because we had not done that before. The sleep mask we had been given during the flight was still in my carryon baggage, so I took it out and asked her to put it over her eyes. She did as instructed and then I asked her to lie down on the bed.

Remember, I had left the door unlocked. I slowly untied her bathrobe and started sucking her amazing boobs for a while, before slowly moving down to her pussy. Once I started sucking her amazing pussy lips, I could see her enjoying and pressing my head down on her pussy.

She was moaning softly and making my tongue go deeper inside her love hole. The TV was on and playing some random Indonesian songs when someone tapped me on my back. I turned around and saw Dong. Now I was really scared and excited, wondering how I would take it from here.

I stopped for a while. She did not know what I was about to do, so she asked me what I was up to. I signaled Dong to start licking my wife’s pussy. She bent down at the edge of the bed and I moved out.

Dong started licking Poonam’s pussy now. She again started pressing his head down onto herself. I thought she might notice the difference between his hair and mine and be alarmed. But she didn’t notice the difference between our hair and kept on enjoying.

Surprisingly, I also enjoyed my wife being licked by someone else and was really hard looking at the sight of me being cuckolded. It was really an amazing sight, so I took out my phone and started recording my wife being licked by someone and enjoying it.

When I was licking her pussy she was simply enjoying it, but now that Dong was doing it, she asked me to finger and lick her at the same time. I signaled to him by tapping his shoulder and told him to lick and use his fingers as well.

He was doing it and now she was really into it. It was getting unbearable for me now. I put my fingers in my wife’s mouth with one hand and the other was massaging her boobs. She was clueless about the different touches but was just enjoying it, I guess.

Now, I was too turned on to just sit there and use my hands. I slowly went near her mouth and slowly pulled her up and I was on my knees. She was still spreading her pussy wide open. Dong stopped his tongue job for this change of position. Now, I guided her head to my dick she opened her mouth and started sucking my dick. Her legs were still wide open.

Dong again came back to my wife’s pussy; after about four or five seconds of Dong’s sucking, she might have recognized the impossibility of her sucking a dick and someone licking her pussy without being in 69.

She tried to push me away, but I didn’t let her go and continued to push my hard dick inside her mouth until she gagged on my dick. I did this for a while, but in between, somehow she managed to let go of her blindfold.

Now, she was totally in shock. My hard dick was on her face and some guy was digging her pussy with his tongue. She didn’t say anything, but she tried to close her legs and in doing so Dong had to raise his face. She finally knew who was licking her pussy, the same guy she had earlier smoked with.

Then, she looked at me with big wide-open eyes asking me what I had done. She tried to cover herself with the blanket on the bed. I told her this was a gift for her and asked her to try and enjoy it.

She eased up a bit after I spoke, but was still covering her body. I didn’t say much after that. I again took my hard dick in front of her mouth and asked her to start giving me a blowjob. She opened her mouth and started giving me a blowjob. It was a kind of hesitant blowjob that she was giving me.

I again put the blindfold back on her eyes that she had removed. She now started giving a slightly better blowjob. So I started speaking with words and told Dong, “You can start what you were doing again, Dong.”

He again went down on my wife’s pussy and started licking it. This continued for about a minute or two.

Dong: “Hey man, can I get a blowjob from her?”

Me: “Yeah, sure man. Let’s change positions.”

Poonam: “No, No…”

Me: “Don’t worry, babe, it will be fine. If you don’t like it, you can withdraw from it anytime.”

Poonam tried to remove the blindfold again, but I didn’t allow that. I pulled her blindfold back over her eyes. Then, Dong and I interchanged positions. I went down on my wife’s pussy while Dong started removing his pants.

By now, my wife had removed her blindfold again and could see Dong removing his pants and then his underwear. His dick was almost the same size as mine. He had a well-toned body with abs. I saw my wife looking at his body now.

He was totally naked by now and he moved towards her face. I was sure she would look at me, so I didn’t look at her for a while and concentrated on satisfying her with my oral skills and fingering. I was well into her pussy and when I looked at her after about a minute, she was blowing him but not as she would blow me, with passion. But she was still blowing him.

Now, I moved out of her pussy. She was holding her back with her hand and I was licking her pussy. I asked to change our positions. I pulled my wife up and made her sit in a doggy position, making her face the end of the bed.

Dong was standing with a hard dick not on the bed but on the floor and I moved behind my wife. I started licking her again for a while, and she was giving a blowjob to Dong.

After some time, Dong said he was about to cum. He was probably so excited by fucking someone else’s wife with him. My wife removed his tool from her mouth and made his dick point towards the wall and gave him a handjob.

I moved below her into 69 position. She was sucking my dick while giving Dong a handjob and I was busy licking and rimming her pussy and her ass.

Dong had cum and his sperm was all over the place, so he went to the toilet to get cleaned up. When he came back, he started feeling my wife’s boobs she was still licking me.

Dong: “Hey, let’s try changing the position again.”

Me: “Yeah, sure.”

Poonam didn’t speak much. She was just letting everything happen and going with the flow.

Me: “Hey, man, I will fuck her. She will ride me with your dick in her mouth. How does that sound to you?”

Dong: “Sounds good.”

We changed the position, and I was at the bottom while she was riding me in a reverse cowgirl. The position was not practical as Poonam was moving up and down with my dick in her pussy and trying to suck another dick to and fro. This could not work, so we again changed the position.

I was fucking my wife in missionary while Dong was making her suck his dick kneeling near her face.

After a while, I asked him, “Hey, man, would you want to fuck her now? I think she is ready for your dick now.”

Dong: “Yeah, sure! Why Not?”

Poonam: “No, I am not letting him fuck me without a condom.”

Dong: “Oh! I have some with me.”

Dong fetched his pants and took out a condom and put it on his dick. We were still fucking in reverse cowgirl till now. Dong approached us and we changed the position.

Poonam went into doggy and asked me to bring my dick to her mouth. I did as I was told. She started blowing me and Dong licked and lubricated her already wet pussy. Then he inserted his cock inside my wife’s pussy.

This was amazing as well. It was a good experience to see my wife being fucked in doggy by an almost stranger while I was being blown by my wife.

When I asked my wife about our experience at a later time, she told me this was her favorite part.  She didn’t feel uncomfortable because she was sucking on my dick and being fucked by someone else without seeing his face. I too enjoyed this moment.

Dong fucked her hard. We kept on going in the same position for about five minutes or so. Then, I came and she took all of it in her mouth, unlike when she was blowing Dong. She made him cum on the wall.

I was not erect after I came, so I asked my wife to ride him because it was easiest for her to reach an orgasm when she is riding. I could sense that Dong would cum again at any time. So, they moved to the position where Dong was laying on the bed and my wife guided his erect dick inside her pussy and she was enjoying riding it.

While all of this was happening, I was recording them on my phone. My wife reached her orgasm and she could not ride anymore on her own. Dong then changed the position and fucked her on the bed in missionary. This is when he too came, with a condom on.

I was hard again by now, so I asked Dong to move aside. He moved aside and I kept fucking her again for a while. She was nearing her second orgasm so I again made her sit on me in cowgirl position and made her ride me. She came for the second time, and then I changed the position again to fuck her in doggy.

I fucked her and came in this position. I took out my dick and all my sperm was on her back. We had an amazing session. As we moved to the toilet to get ourselves cleaned up, Dong came out and said it was really amazing. He kissed my wife on the lips at the toilet door.

He admired my wife’s killer ass and spanked her and went to get dressed. By the time I came out, he was dressed and ready to leave. We shook hands and bid each other goodbye.

I was on our bed when Poonam came out of the toilet and said it was not that bad and that she really enjoyed it. But she admitted that it was more enjoyable doing it with her friend Rojina. She said she would prefer for it to be another girl next time. We kissed and slept.

We woke up the next morning and had breakfast, but didn’t see Dong. Our driver had arrived and we went to collect our baggage from the airport and headed to Ubud. We never looked for nor saw Dong again.

This was our wonderful experience abroad. I had not had time to write about this till now, but this lockdown is finally giving me some time. Maybe I will write some more of our stories in the future.

If you have any comments or suggestions about how I write and where I could improve, I can be reached at [email protected]


From Kathmandu, Nepal

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